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Best Hiking Tours in Montenegro: Wild Beauty Live

Montenegrin’s untouched landscapes, besides mesmerising vistas, offer some of the best tracks for the best hiking tours. This Balkan gem, thanks to high mountains, astonishing peaks, enchanting forests, lakes, and unmatched blue Adriatic, represents an intriguing new destination where hiking enthusiasts strive to discover new areas.

In case you are interested in finding the new trail and learning more about Montenegro’s hiking spots, keep reading and discover what brings so many adventurists precisely to this tiny Mediterranean country.

Hiking in Montenegro

Montenegro is the ultimate destination for nature enthusiasts, set on the backdrop of the Adriatic Sea and at a crossroad of astonishing Dinaric mountains. The hiking culture in the country has been thriving, with numerous trails that wait to be discovered.

Best Hiking Tours in Montenegro
Best Hiking Tours in Montenegro

Here, you can do everything from a daily hike to a multiple-day adventure, during which you can also check out some of the additional amenities that make this experience even more special. From traditional cottages to luxurious glamping sites, the hiking experience in Montenegro is taken to the next level.

You can enjoy the bright night sky on Prokletije, fresh mountain air at Durmitor or explore the ancient sights around the scenic coast of Boka Bay. All these destinations are available for you as all the tracks are marked perfectly, which eliminates the chances of unfortunate events.

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If you, however, prefer to hike on a tour or with a guide, Montenegrin tourist agencies can offer some of the best immersive experiences. This way, you can also get to know the rich cultural heritage along your journey, making this physical adventure much more holistic.

Best Hiking Tours in Montenegro

Hiking Day Trip in Durmitor Massif & Dining

Durmitor is one of the ultimate hiking destinations in Montenegro, with 22 mountain trails and well-marked paths for different levels of preparedness. Therefore, the hiking day trip to the mountain is the best way to meet some of the trails scattered in the rugged landscapes and enjoy mesmerising nature.

Durmitor hiking trails
Durmitor Hiking Trails

Hiking Day Trip in Durmitor Massif & Dining is therefore the best choice for you. The guided tour starts in Kotor from where you go on an adventure to Dobri Do, where hiking begins. Along the way you will get a glimpse of famous mountain peaks and beautiful lakes of Durmitor.

After Dobri Do, the tour will take you to the Eco Village Camp where you can enjoy delicious breakfast and get ready for Prutaš. This is one of the most colossal peaks in this area, whose appearance is truly breathtaking. It got its name from the cliffs that resemble rods. On this location you will get a chance to have exciting hike, enjoy beautiful slopes and alpine panorama.

Besides these, Prutas is ideal location to take photos and also admire Bezimeni Vrh, Bobotov Kuk, and Djevojka/Soa (2440 m), the three highest peaks of Durmitor. From this vantage point, you can see the magnificent “SOA NEBESKA” (Altar of the Sky), the mountain’s main and highest crest. This is also the location above the Skrcka Lakes Valley, a glacial cirque and one of the most picturesque areas of the Durmitor range.

From here, the tour will take you to Organic Family Farm, where dinner will be served and then via transportation lead the journey back to Kotor.

Kotor Hiking Tour with Food Tasting

Kotor is a hiking paradise in the south of Montenegro with many great routes starting or intersecting at this coastal marvel. The breathtaking vistas, incredible landscapes, traditional village scenery, and culinary delights are just some of the experiences that await you if you decide to take the hiking journey from Kotor.

Kotor's Best Hiking Trail
Kotor’s Best Hiking Trail

Old Caravan Trail Guided Hike with Cheese Tasting is the greatest tour to experience all this. It takes you on a journey following the old caravan trails where adventurers can see entire Boka Bay. On top of this, you also get to enjoy traditional food of the region.

The first stop on the ascend is the Spiljari village, ancient spot which constantly tells visitors about the village’s illustrious past. Further on, this tracking route continues to the San Giovanni stronghold which is home to the incredible fortress. Here, you will witness the unmatching view of Kotor, guarded by breathtaking nature.  On your way down, you can also use the staircase of the fortification and end a day in one of Old Town’s alleys where the journey started.

View from Lovcen - Sarah Pavlovic
View from Lovcen – Sarah Pavlovic

Hiking to Lipa Cave

One of the unique spots that Montenegro takes pride in is Lipa Cave, a spectacular miracle of nature that is located close to Cetinje. The cave, with its beautiful and wild system of 2.5 km of passages and halls. It was discovered unintentionally during World War I, and ever since, it represents one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the region. Various explorers from the 19th century have writen a lot about the significance of the cave.

Lipa Cave the best hiking tours in Montenegro
Lipa Cave

Lipa Cave Entrance Ticket with Guided Tour is a great experience you shouldn’t miss. It starts at the parking area of the Lipa Cave. From here you ride in a small train to the entrance, where the tour guides will start the magic. They will take you through the incredible rooms that Lipa Cave hides. You will also hear anecdotes based on fascinating information about the cave and its environs. Lipa cave is the perfect place to cool off during hot summer months. However be tentive to bring a jacket as the average temperature inside is around 8 degree Celsius.

Once you’ve explored the 600-meter-long halls and galleries, you may return to the parking area by boarding the train.

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Perast Hike

Perast, the charming city in Boka Bay known for its picturesque shore and incredible architecture, is also a hidden hikers paradise. Here you can enjoy incredible sceneries and some of the best views of the Boka bay and surrounding mountains.

Perast hike is the best tour to experience it, as this is a private guided tour of the area. It is suitable for different ages and it takes around 5 hours to complete.

Perast hike
Perast hike

The tour starts in Kotor, from where you take a short ride to the area above Risan. Up there in village Ledenice is where the tour begins. It is a great location with mesmerising nature and architectural marvells. Here you will walk along an ancient Austro-Hungarian route from the late 1800s. The trail then continues through quaint woodlands, villages, and remains of old cities all up to the Sanik fortress. This spot has most amazing views of Montenegrin countryside.

From here, you go to St. Andrija Hill, where you will slowly approach designated areas with incredible panoramic views of the bay with historical buildings as a backdrop. You will notice enchanting Bay of Kotor, Mount Vrmac, and the Verige Strait which are trully memorable scenary.

Finally, you continue hiking down to Perast via centuries-old paths that will only complete your already spectacular experience.

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