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Best Choices for Fine Dining in Tivat

Tivat is one of the ultimate luxury destinations in Montenegro known for fine dining. This charming town, undeniably features vibrant nature, an incredible cultural heritage, and an alluring dining scene. Tivat’s recognizable lavish restaurants and their versatile menu are often synonyms with the city center and marvelous marina Porto Montenegro.

Restaurants in this area are dedicated to excellence, and they seek to provide visitors with an immersive experience. This is why guests, in general, feel drawn to Tivat’s fine dining, as they can truly enjoy the freshest local ingredients, innovative cooking techniques, and exquisite presentation.

Tivat panorama
Tivat panorama

The overall experience in the restaurant is elevated by the stunning views, whether overlooking the sparkling Adriatic Sea or sitting in charming historic buildings. All this, combined with exceptional service, really makes the fine dining in Tivat a memory to cherish.

If you are interested in exploring Tivat’s restaurants more, we have dedicated the next few lines to the top 5 finest dining establishments. These restaurants are famous, and you can truly experience the best fine dining in Tivat. So whether you are a foodie eager to explore new tastes or a traveler looking to indulge in a memorable meal, we have the ultimate list of restaurants that should be on your radar.

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Best Fine Dining Restaurants

Murano Restaurant

Murano is a synonym for luxury restaurants on the coast of Montenegro. It is one of the most spoken-about establishments, featuring exceptional dining experiences that reflect local heritage. Their menu is crafted around the very best seasonal produce. Meanwhile, Chef Marko Zivkovic draws inspiration from its position next to the glittering superyacht marina and Boka Bay.

Murano restaurant in Tivat
Murano restaurant in Tivat

Here, you can expect fresh seafood prepared with locally sourced and organic herbs. This approach ensures you are tasting a distinctive take on regional Adriatic cuisine. These flavors are served in an array of appetizers, soups, pasta, and a delicious selection of entrees and flame-grilled dishes.

Simultaneously, Murano’s excellent collection of wines, many derived from local Montenegrin vineyards, complements the dishes. Therefore, all these elements are the reason why the overall dining experience here is impeccable.

ONE Tivat

Since opening its doors in 2011, ONE Restaurant has been considered a premier dining destination in Porto Montenegro. As a hub for international visitors, One offers a unique blend of modern Adriatic cuisine and international favorites.

ONE Tivat - synonim for fine dining
ONE Tivat

As a fine dining location, One is often chosen by guests who want to experience stunning scenery. While enjoying the stunning atmosphere in ONE, you will be served an exceptional array of dishes. These represent the chef’s take on modern Adriatic cuisine.

Seafood and fresh fish, an array of salads, and meat dishes are topped by the broadest selection of rosé wines and high-end champagnes like Cristal. Therefore, the stylish brasserie in the heart of Porto Montenegro atmosphere is a perfect choice for the fine dining experience.

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Roberto’s Mare

Another premium dining destination in Tivat is Roberto’s Mare. The restaurant is inspired by the legacy of Roberto’s Dubai, the multi-award-winning Italian lifestyle venue.

Roberto's Mare
Roberto’s Mare

This is one of the favorite restaurants among visitors who seek the freshest, best-quality, and genuine ingredients in their dishes. The menu features a wide array of meticulously prepared Italian-style dishes with modern and Montenegrin takes on them.

The entire experience is elevated by the scenic indoor and outdoor seating right on the water. Another part of the experience here is an eclectic mixology bar and music lounge. Because of all this, Roberto’s Mare provides one of the best fine dining experiences in Tivat.

Forza Porto

Fine dining is the best way to describe the Forza Porto. It is a recognizable restaurant in the heart of the Tivat that mixes tradition and modernity. The owners are proud of their standards in hospitality while remaining deeply rooted in cultural heritage.

At Forza Porto, the locally inspired menu is prepared with dedication. With chefs working from an open kitchen, you can observe how they prepare local and seasonal ingredients, ensuring each dish is fresh and flavorful.

Forza Porto
Forza Porto

Here, you can enjoy a variety of seafood, including shellfish, scallops, lobsters, shrimp, and fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea. Part of the offer is also an extensive list of wines that will complement your already perfect meal.

This impeccable service, together with the enjoyable environment of the Forza Porto, makes it a perfect setting for any occasion.

Kiki’s at Luštica Bay

Kiki’s at Lustica Bay is a must-visit dining destination located at Promenade in Tivat. Kiki’s concept is specifically crafted by Federica Scolari, affectionately known as Kiki. She shared her culinary journey in Egypt, where she introduced the charms of Italian cuisine to the locals.

Kiki's interior
Kiki’s interior

This legacy continues as Kiki’s in Montenegro offers excellent service and a rich selection of Mediterranean and national dishes. In this charming trattoria, you can be sure that you are tasting truly fresh and homemade ingredients with a touch of chef’s signature methods.

They serve dishes from the menu with a variety of beverage options, including exquisite cocktails. Meanwhile, the pleasant interior and exterior ensure a well-rounded experience, evoking a sensation of eternity and peace.

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