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Best Glamping in Montenegro: Top 5 Spots to Explore

Welcome to Montenegro, the enchanting coastal country in the Balkans known for its natural landscapes with a touch of luxurious charm. A combination of stunning mountains that rise above forests followed by crashing waves best describes how it feels to stay in Montenegrin nature.

This picturesque setting sets the stage for an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Imagine surrounding yourself with nature, fully disconnecting from modern everyday life, and sleeping under the stars. Seems like a perfect vacation with camping involved. However, there are even better options than traditional camping, which helps you avoid all the bad sides of it and provides you with comfort and luxury.

Try out glamping, a trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years, and Montenegro is no exception. By choosing glamping, you are experiencing nature to the fullest while still having the comforts of modern hotels.

Therefore, we bring you a story about glamping and what you can expect while sharing with you a list of the best places to stay in Montenegro. Keep reading and find your next destination that will make your holiday memorable.

What is Glamping?

As we mentioned, glamping is the latest holiday trend worldwide. This revolutionary idea brought together two distinctive things, “glamour” and “camping”, now providing outdoor enthusiasts with the luxury and comfort of five-star hotels.

It’s all about combining the immersive experience of traditional camping without having to compromise on comfort and modern amenities. Glamping typically includes luxury tents and treehouses that are set in nature and can contain either a common pool, an outdoor area, places for barbeque, and many other things you can wish for.


Typically, glamping spots include on-site restaurants as well as continental breakfast, while some creative owners will go to great lengths to organize tours such as hiking, horseback riding, or even snorkeling.

Imagine sleeping in a comfortable bed under the stars and listening to the sounds of nature. This is precisely how people experience glumping, as it really brings the best of both worlds and becomes easily the favorite activity of adventurers around the world.

Best Glamping Places in Montenegro

Glamping has taken a unique turn in Montenegro, with sites offering a blend of local culture, breathtaking landscapes, and comfortable facilities you can enjoy. Let’s dive deep into some of Montenegro’s most popular glamping spots, each offering its own unique charm and experience.

Bigova Glamping

Set against the picturesque coast of the Adriatic Sea, Bigova Glamping promises an experience like no other. Located in the quiet bay of Bigova in Kotor, you can enjoy spectacular panoramic sea views from your treehouses.

Bigova Glamping
Bigova Glamping

While offering the feel of camping, these accommodations are furnished with private kitchens and bathrooms as well as very comfortable furniture. Beyond the cabins, Bigova has access to a private beach, perfect for sunbathing or a refreshing swim.

Another important element of this glamping site is the restaurant, which is part of the offer, so you don’t have to worry about food. It specializes in local Montenegrin dishes, ensuring a gastronomic journey while you are enjoying the spectacular nature around you.

Ultimately, Bigova glamping is a perfect example of an ecological and sustainable spot where you can enjoy warm days on the Montenegrin coast.

Location: Bigova BB., Kotor, Montenegro

Tramontana Glamping

Tramontana Glamping is the place to be if you seek to wake up with a sea view and spectacular nature around you. These glamping premises are located in a designated area just outside the Bar municipality. This spectacular place offers you a deep dive into the country’s rich biodiversity. The cabins are immersed in nature and echo it with their design while still maintaining a dash of luxury.

Tramontana Glamping
Tramontana Glamping

The amenities at Tramontana Glamping include everything you can wish for, from poolside outdoor bonfires to closed cabins with designated kitchens. Besides on-site services, you can also take guided nature walks, which are a highlight here, and offer insights into the local flora and fauna.

At night, the Tramontana Glamping grounds can be used for socializing with other guests or spending quiet time on the terrace of your cabin while enjoying the shining moon’s reflection on the horizon.

Location: Vitici, Bar, Montenegro

Camp Oaza

A rustic charm combined with the splendid nature of the Lovcen makes Camp Oaza in Lipa a truly one-of-a-kind location for your stay. Situated near Cetinje, among olive groves, the cabins use natural materials and offer a unique blend of traditional Montenegrin aesthetics and contemporary comforts.

Camp Oaza
Camp Oaza

Beyond the luxurious accommodations and a la carte breakfast, you can enjoy other offers by Camp Oaza, such as olive harvesting and enjoying the fruits. The camp frequently hosts cultural events, providing a window into Montenegro’s rich traditions and heritage.

Besides these amenities, in Camp Oaza, you can rent a bike and visit the national park or spend a day having a picnic and relaxing on the property. However you choose to spend your day, you will certainly have a memorable time at Camp Oaza.

Location: Lipa dobrska Cetinje, Montenegro;

Tara Resort – Camp Rabrenovic

Tara Resort – Camp Rabrenovic offers a truly traditional experience of spending time in the mountains, surrounded only by nature. Perched near the roaring Tara River in Mojkovac, this glamping place is your hotspot if you seek a private and relaxing atmosphere.

Tara Resort - Camp Rabrenovic
Tara Resort – Camp Rabrenovic

Cabins are on a field surrounded by mountains, so your morning coffee and continental breakfast will be exceptional and in line with nature. Besides this, the premises are fully equipped with everything you need, including an on-site restaurant and spacious patios to soak up the mountain air.

However, Tara Resort glamping also features several interesting activities outside the resort, from white-water rafting to zip-lining. At Tara Resort, you will experience breathtaking natural beauty every day, and you will cherish the memories of a restful night’s sleep and the sounds of the river in the morning.

Location: Polja bb Mojkovac, Mojkovac, Montenegro

Holiday Park Olive Tree

A harmonious blend of tradition and modernity defines the Holiday Park Olive Tree glamping site. Located in Ulcinj, near one of Montenegro’s most beautiful beaches, Holiday Park feels like the ultimate getaway spot. The serene olive trees that frame spectacular sea views will make you enchanted.

Holiday Park Olive Tree
Holiday Park Olive Tree

The modern-looking cabins have everything you wish for, including an outdoor pool and common areas where you can chill and socialize. Some units feature a dining area and balcony. You can also eat at the glamping site and sample some of the owners’ splendid cuisine.

On top of that, the Holiday Park also offers guided tours such as horseback riding. The park is also a family favorite, with a dedicated play area ensuring fun for all ages. Because of its incredible location and superb service, Holiday Park will become one of your favorite glamping spots in Montenegro.

Location: Ymer Prizreni bb, Ulcinj, Montenegro


As glamping continues to gain popularity, Montenegro stands out as a destination that offers a perfect blend of luxury and wilderness. Glamping sites in the country are more than just places to stay as they can be considered full experiences waiting to be lived. Each site’s unique offer ensures you return home full of memories filled with adventure, relaxation, and a deeper appreciation for nature.

Whether you spend time in the sea and enjoy stunning summer days in Bigova, Tramontana, and Holiday Park glamping or prefer the mountain serenity of Tara Resort and Camp Oaza, we are sure you will have the holiday of your dreams.

So, the next time you plan a trip, consider glamping in Montenegro for a new and fun experience.

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