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Perast: A Charming Coastal Town with a Rich History

a boat in a body of water near a town
Perast – Credit Evgeny Matveev

Perast is a picturesque coastal town located on the shores of the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. With its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and peaceful atmosphere, Perast is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Montenegro. The town’s history dates back to the 14th century when it was ruled by the Republic of Venice and became a thriving center of maritime trade. Over the centuries, it has been shaped by its Venetian, Byzantine, and Ottoman influences, and today it boasts a unique cultural and architectural heritage.

Reasons to Visit Perast

  1. Historical and Cultural Sites: Perast is home to many historical and cultural sites that reflect its rich history. You can explore the town’s numerous palaces, churches, and other historical buildings, such as the Bujovic Palace and the St. Nicholas Church, or visit the Our Lady of the Rocks, a beautiful island with a church and museum that can be accessed by boat from Perast.
  2. Stunning Natural Beauty: Perast is located in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the Bay of Kotor. Surrounded by mountains and crystal-clear waters, the town offers breathtaking views that are perfect for relaxation and taking in the natural beauty of Montenegro.
  3. Outdoor Activities: This is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. You can take a boat tour of the bay, go swimming or kayaking in the sea, hike the nearby hills for breathtaking views, or explore the neighboring towns of Kotor, Tivat, and Budva.
brown and white concrete house beside body of water during daytime
Catholic monastery of Saint George

How to Get to Perast

Perast is easily accessible from both Tivat and Podgorica airports. The distance from Tivat airport is around 20 km, and it takes approximately 30 minutes by car. From Podgorica, it takes about 2 hours to get to Perast by car, and the distance is approximately 90 km. Additionally, there are bus services available from Kotor, which is about 12 km away from Perast.

yacht perast
Get on a boat – Credit Arlinda


Perast offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. Here are three places we recommend:

  1. Hotel Conte: A luxurious hotel with elegant rooms and a beautiful seafront location, the Hotel Conte is an excellent choice for those seeking comfort and convenience.
  2. Apartments Villa Perast: This family-owned apartment complex offers comfortable accommodations and breathtaking sea views. Each apartment is equipped with a kitchenette and a private balcony.
  3. Hotel Per Astra: Nestled in the hills above Perast, this hotel offers stunning views of the bay and the surrounding mountains. The hotel features a beautiful infinity pool, a restaurant serving local and international cuisine, and spacious rooms with modern amenities.

5 Activities to Do in Perast

  1. Visit Our Lady of the Rocks: Take a boat tour to this beautiful island and explore the church and museum.
  2. Walk along the Seafront: Take a leisurely stroll along the town’s beautiful seafront promenade and enjoy the fresh sea air.
  3. Visit the Bujovic Palace: This beautiful 17th-century palace houses a museum with collections of old weapons, traditional costumes, and art.
  4. Climb the Hill of St. Ilija: Hike up to the top of the hill for stunning panoramic views of the bay and the surrounding mountains.
  5. Take a Boat Tour of the Bay: Book a boat tour and explore the beautiful Bay of Kotor from a different perspective.

Perast is a hidden gem in Montenegro that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, historical landmarks, and outdoor activities. The town’s rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture reflect its Venetian and Mediterranean influences, and there is much to discover for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts. Meanwhile, the beautiful surroundings, including the Bay of Kotor and nearby mountains, offer numerous opportunities for outdoor adventures and relaxation.

white buildings near body of water at daytime
Perast – Credit John Vincent

Whether you’re interested in exploring historical sites, enjoying outdoor activities, or simply relaxing in a beautiful setting, Perast has something to offer for everyone. With easy access from both Tivat and Podgorica airports, Perast is an ideal destination for a day trip or a longer stay. We hope this blog has provided you with some useful insights and inspiration for your next trip to Montenegro.

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