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Exploring Montenegro’s Scenic Wonders by Rail: A Guide to Montenegro Railways

I. Introduction

And today we are discussing the wonderful railways of Montenegro – a brilliant way to see the whole country at a very reasonable price.

“Whistle up, baby, whistle up, high, Clank of the wheel and the rail. Peep-toe, get ready to fly, Give her the coal, give her the steam, Gaze at the hills as they go streaming by, That is the wonder of rail!”.

serbian border crossing
Serbian border crossing, Credit jbdodane

These words from the poet William Bliss Carman capture the exhilaration and adventure of train travel. There’s something special about the rhythmic chug of a locomotive and the view of the passing scenery that captures the imagination and inspires wanderlust. Montenegro Railways offers travelers the chance to experience this excitement firsthand, with its scenic routes and convenient access to some of the country’s top tourist destinations.

II. The history and development of the railway network in Montenegro

Montenegro Railways, the national railway company of Montenegro, has been an integral part of the country’s transportation infrastructure since the late 19th century. The railway network covers over 250 kilometers of track, connecting major cities and towns across the country.

The inaugural railway in Montenegro was established in 1908, connecting Bar and Virpazar over a span of approximately 20km. This route marked the initial segment of a line extending to Belgrade in Serbia.

III. Scenic train routes in Montenegro

If you’re planning to explore Montenegro by train, there are several scenic Montenegro train journeys to choose from, including the popular Bar-Belgrade line that stretches from the Adriatic coast to Serbia’s capital city. This route takes passengers on a breathtaking journey through the Durmitor and Bjelasica mountain ranges and crosses the famous Mala Rijeka viaduct. Another stunning Montenegro train route is the Niksic-Podgorica line, which passes through lush forests and mountains, providing passengers with unparalleled views of Montenegro’s natural beauty.

Mala Rijeka viaduct, Credit Vicuna

For a unique Montenegro train journey, the Podgorica train station is the starting point for the Podgorica-Shkoder line, which takes passengers through the picturesque Montenegrin countryside, showcasing the rolling hills, vast fields, and small towns along the way. Additionally, the Bijelo Polje-Mojkovac line is a must-see for nature lovers and adventure seekers, as it is a scenic Montenegro train route that passes through the Tara River Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in Europe, offering breathtaking views of the river and surrounding mountains.

Another noteworthy Montenegro train route is the Plavnica-Tuzi line, which takes passengers through the wild and rugged scenery of the Prokletije mountain range, also known as the “Accursed Mountains.” This route is less well-known but offers a unique opportunity to experience the rugged and untamed landscapes of Montenegro.

IV. Tourist attractions accessible by train

Traveling by train also provides easy access to some of Montenegro’s most popular tourist destinations. For example, the coastal towns of Kotor and Budva can be reached by train, as can Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its rugged peaks, glacial lakes, and diverse wildlife.

V. Benefits of traveling by train in Montenegro

There are many benefits to using Montenegro Railways for tourism. Train travel is often more affordable than other forms of transportation, and the seats are comfortable and spacious, making for a relaxed journey. Additionally, trains emit significantly less carbon than cars or planes, making them a more environmentally-friendly choice for travelers.

VI. Tips for using Montenegro Railways

To use Montenegro Railways, tourists can purchase tickets at the train station or online. Schedules and connections can be found on the Montenegro Railways website or through a travel agent.

The website for Montenegro Railways is This website has information on train schedules, ticket prices, and other services offered by the railway company. It is available in both the Montenegrin and English languages.

Montenegro Railways offers various discounts on train tickets. Here are some of the ways to get a discount:

Early Booking Discount: Montenegro Railways offers discounts for passengers who book their tickets in advance, usually 7 or 14 days prior to the departure date.

Group Discount: If you’re traveling with a group of 6 or more people, you can get a discount on your train tickets. The discount amount depends on the size of the group and the route.

Children’s Discount: Children between the ages of 4 and 12 are eligible for a discount on train tickets. The amount of the discount varies depending on the distance of the trip.

Senior Citizen Discount: Montenegro Railways offers a discount for passengers who are 60 years or older.

Student Discount: Students who have a valid student ID card can get a discount on train tickets.

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To avail of these discounts, you can purchase your tickets directly at the train station or through the Montenegro Railways website. Some discounts may require additional documentation, such as a valid ID card or proof of group membership, so be sure to check the requirements beforehand.

There are also onboard amenities available, such as dining options and different seating arrangements to suit a variety of preferences.

VII. Future plans for Montenegro Railways

Montenegro Railways has plans for expansion and modernization to further enhance the tourism experience. These include upgrades to the existing infrastructure and new routes that will allow travelers to explore more of Montenegro’s natural beauty and cultural offerings.

Bijelo Polje Station, Credit jbdodane

VIII. Conclusion

In conclusion, Montenegro Railways plays an essential role in the country’s tourism industry, providing scenic routes and easy access to popular destinations. Train travel offers an affordable, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly way to explore Montenegro’s natural and cultural treasures. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, Montenegro Railways is a fun and exciting way to discover the beauty of this fascinating country.

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