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Podgorica’s Coffee Scene: Top 5 Spots for Curated Sips

Where is it better to grab a cup of coffee than in a coffee shop in Podgorica, the capital of a country whose citizens love to drink it? Drinking coffee is part of the Montenegrin culture and has been a means of socialization for centuries. Coffee has connected people for centuries in this region. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are plenty of places where you can enjoy a freshly brewed beverage that many of us adore.

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Because of this, our blog will offer a selection of unmissable coffee spots where freshly ground beans’ aroma is just the beginning of the story. Whether you’re seeking a quiet corner to sip a meticulously crafted cappuccino or a lively terrace to enjoy an energetic espresso, Podgorica‘s coffee shops are waiting to be discovered.

Join us as we unveil the top spots in Podgorica, where coffee is served with a view, a story, and a heartwarming dash of Montenegrin charm.

Montenegro and its love for coffee

In the heart of the Balkans, Montenegro’s coffee culture is a testament to its rich history. It become a cherished ritual passed down through generations. It’s a legacy of the Ottoman Empire, which left behind the ‘Turkish coffee’ tradition when their reign ended.

Turkish coffee
Turkish coffee

The Montenegrin take on Turkish coffee, affectionately termed ‘homemade coffee,’ boasts a typically potent aroma. Crafted from finely ground beans, it’s distinguished by a frothy cap and is traditionally brewed in a ‘dzezva,’ a long-handled copper pot emblematic of the region’s coffee culture. Served according to preference, with or without sugar, it offers a nod to tradition with every sip.

Thanks to this drink, locals would get together and often spend hours in homes or coffee shops. By sipping coffee, people would discuss everything from politics to simple life pleasures.

In this way, the iconic drink becomes part of the everyday lives of many, as it is much more than a morning ritual—it’s a social cornerstone, an excuse to pause and connect. Therefore, we have crafted a list of the best places to have great coffee scattered around the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica.

Coffee shops in Podgorica

Caffeine Coffee Shop

Caffeine Coffee Shop is one of the most popular chain coffee shops in Podgorica and all across Montenegro. This locally owned brand gained popularity thanks to its high-quality coffee. They also offer a variety of items on the menu that add a modern twist to Montenegro’s storied coffee tradition.

Caffeine Coffee Shop in Podgorica
Caffeine Coffee Shop

The ambiance of their shops strikes a rare balance between trendy and cozy, making it an ideal spot for both digital nomads seeking inspiration and friends sharing heartfelt conversations.

Make sure not to miss their Barista on cold days, which serves as medicine. Besides the coffee menu, you can also indulge in different pastries, cookies, and freshly squeezed juices while the professional staff makes you feel at home.

Fabrika coffee shops

Another locally owned coffee shop in Podgorica is Fabrika, a cozy spot in Podgorica’s heart. It belongs to an incredible coffee shop chain in the making. It soon became one of the favorites for youngsters and business professionals as a meeting spot or hub for enjoying a sunny day.

Fabrika coffee shop in Podgorica
Fabrika coffee shop

At Fabrika, the quality of their handpicked and roasted beans gave life to a diverse menu. From the robust intensity of our espressos to the smooth subtlety of our cold brews and lattes, we curate a coffee experience that caters to a spectrum of preferences. However, this shop offers more than just coffee, as you can buy packages of our premium beans or choose something from their selection of delectable pastries, hearty sandwiches, fresh salads, and tempting desserts.

In this way, they complete the offer and ensure their guests have a great time in each of their stores.

Address: 27 Moskovska, Podgorica, Montenegro


Zrno, located in Podgorica’s business area, is well-known among coffee connoisseurs, providing an unrivaled coffee experience. This coffee establishment has made a special focus on a versatile assortment of coffee options, showcasing unique brews and beans obtained from the furthest parts of the world in their two handy locations.

Zrno coffee shop
Zrno coffee shop

At Zrno, they cherish the heritage of Turkish coffee, but our offerings extend far beyond that. You’ll find a plethora of coffee choices, with the much-loved Mocha standing out as a favorite among our regulars. Our skilled baristas handcraft each cup with care, ensuring that the staff can recommend the perfect coffee to suit your individual taste.

At the same time, as a guest, you enjoy sunny terraces and cozy indoors, which is a great environment for both fun times with friends and a business-designated part of the day.

Address: 2 Rimski Trg, and Serdara Jola Piletića, Podgorica, Montenegro


Itaka is the cultural hub of Podgorica and a vibrant spot next to the river where guests can enjoy the true atmosphere of Montenegrin coffee culture. This unique place opens its doors to those who seek leisure or want to do business work in a charming environment.

Itaka has a versatile menu, with numerous coffee options that can also be purchased on the spot. Besides favorite items such as espresso and iced coffee, you can enjoy one of the best local favorites, “dojc”, a long espresso in a large cup of cold milk.

The rustic, almost industrial surroundings of Itaka add to its special allure, while nature creates an atmosphere suitable for a great day outside.

Address: C7Q8+4FC, Podgorica, Montenegro


The city that loves drinking coffee truly has dedicated spots that keep this culture alive and open its doors to those seeking new flavors. From the artisanal Fabrika and Coffein to the globally inspired Zrno and the culturally rich Itaka, all shops reveal a simple truth: coffee here is more than a beverage – it is a cultural heritage.

Each cup at these cherished spots is steeped in tradition and served with a spirit of genuine hospitality, urban atmosphere, and charm. Therefore, if you want to meet the Montenegrin soul, pause, grab a sip of freshly brewed coffee, and enjoy your surroundings.

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