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5 Most beautiful beaches in Montenegro

Set between rocky mountains and a deep blue sea, Montenegro offers tremendous natural wonders, among which its beautiful beaches stand out. The country’s coastline stretches for miles, providing plenty of sun-soaked relaxation and exploration opportunities. Numerous beautiful beaches are scattered around, each offering a unique allure and incredible charm. The terrain varies and offers visitors anything from long strips of golden sand to secluded coves and rocky beaches. Even the concrete pontoons in Boka Bay provide a fantastic experience.

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Natural elements on Montenegrin beaches are also combined with great modern amenities at your disposal. This way, Montenegro offers diverse coastal experiences catering to every traveller’s taste.

To help you choose from this versatile offer, we have selected a list of the five most beautiful beaches in Montenegro.

Most Beautiful Beaches in Montenegro

Long Beach – Ulcinj

Long Beach in Ulcinj is one of the most outstanding beaches on the Montenegrin coast. It stretches 13 km from Djerane Cape to Ada Bojana at the country’s south border. It is known for its majestic size but also its natural features, as it features one of the finest sands in the country and the region. Besides its appealing looks, the sand is known for its healing features. It is rich in minerals and suitable for those suffering from rheumatism and other illnesses.

Long Beach in Ulcinj  - best beaches in Montenegro
Long Beach in Ulcinj

Due to its masterful location and incredible size, it is estimated that Long Beach in Ulcinj has 15,000 people. The area is crossed by numerous small beaches owned by locals, which offer unforgettable times. Enjoy sun beds and other beach amenities, sip cocktails at bars, or immerse yourself in a tremendous daytime summer party.

In addition to the already rich offer, Long Beach stands out because of its perfect location for kite surfing. The beach’s position allows the wind to blow almost every day during the summer, making it an ideal place for this sports activity. These conditions also allow you to enjoy other water sports, such as windsurfing.

Therefore, Long Beach deserves to be on the list of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro due to its natural beauty and impeccable amenities.

Beach Lučice – Petrovac

Lucice Beach is considered to be the best on the Montenegrin coast. Although small, at only 220m long, it is a natural gem to explore. It belongs to the city beaches of Petrovac, therefore, half of the beach is covered in sunbeds, while the second part is free for everyone.

Lucice beach
Lucice beach

Regarding natural features, Lucice stands out as it has the shape of a small bay. It is also well known for its sand, which has several types and sizes of grains, so it satisfies different tastes. The natural pine forest is also nearby, where you can find cover from the intense midday sun, and children can have some fun on the playground.

What makes this beach very attractive is its favourable location, where strong currents of the Adriatic Sea are less frequent. Therefore, swimmers of all skills will have fun in Lucice. Besides this, the beach offers other amenities, including several beach bars and a promenade across from it, where you can find excellent restaurants with seafood, grilled pizzas, and local cuisine.

Thanks to all this, travellers often choose Beach Lucice as the best beach in Montenegro, which should be noticed.

Mogren Beach – Budva

Mogren Beach, located at the core of Budva, is a secluded gem that will mesmerise you with its natural beauty. Within minutes of Old Town Budva, you will find two rocky beaches, Mogren I and Mogren II, connected by a haphazard wooden bridge and a small tunnel.

Mogren Beach

While enjoying the sun and crystal clear water, you will be mesmerised by the incredible horizon stretching in front and the high rocky red cliffs, which add a unique charm to this beautiful place. This is also a family-friendly beach with plenty of space for kids to run and enjoy summer bliss. On top of this, parents can supervise them from the cosiness of the local restaurant, which is the perfect spot to savour espresso and enjoy the view.

Budva Mogren

In addition, Mogren Beach is widely renowned for its vibrant nightlife, which draws visitors worldwide. Pubs, clubs, and beach parties provide a colourful and energetic scene throughout the summer that is guaranteed to make an impact. This completes the image of why people consider Mogren one of the best beaches in Montenegro.

Kamenovo Beach – Montenegro

Near Budva, Kamenovo Beach stands out as one of the best on the Montenegrin coast. It is perfect for a long summer day with 330 meters of clear water and a mix of sand and rocks.

Kamenovo Beach

Besides the typical summer activities such as swimming and snorkelling, this is the perfect location for deep diving, which is why many adventurers visit Kamenovo. The beach management also offers stand-up paddle boarding, allowing you to explore the coast of Budva from another perspective. Besides this, Kamenovo is also great for ski jet tours. The beach also has volleyball and sand soccer courts, while there is also a designated area for throwing freebies.

However, absolute pleasure comes from savouring the spectacular natural environment and its incredible amenities. It features a great restaurant and local bar with great food and an even better atmosphere. Plenty of day and night parties are organised during the summer, completing the offer. All this speaks to why Kamenovo is the best beach in Montenegro.

Jaz Beach

Jaz Beach is located 2.5 km from central Budva and represents one of the longest beaches on the Montenegrin coast. It is known for its beautiful landscapes with deep blue see and nice hills surrounding it. What makes it so unique is its pebbles, which are a rare find in Montenegro.

Jaz Beach

The beach itself is divided into two halves. The first section is more developed and has a variety of amenities, including restaurants, beach bars, umbrellas, and sun loungers. Jaz Beach’s second section is more isolated and provides a more natural environment. It is emersed in vegetation, making it perfect for a quiet, private beach experience. Families with small children would benefit more from this beach area because it provides a quiet and secure atmosphere.

Visitors here can enjoy swimming, tanning, and engaging in water sports like kayaking, jet skiing, and parasailing. Jaz is also a popular spot for sunbathing and camping and has become famous for hosting major musical concerts. Therefore, it is worth exploring this incredible beach in the centre of Montenegrin coast.

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