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The Ultimate Guide to Nikšić  (2024)

Welcome to the Ultimate guide to Nikšić.

You’ll find the city of Nikšić in the western part of Montenegro. The second largest city in the nation, about 70,000 people call this city home year-round. A major melting pot of different cultures from the region and also one of the most influential cities in Montenegro, it’s not hard to find something for every traveler to do when they visit here.

Nikisic – Photo by Appolinary Kalashnikova on Unsplash

If you’ve been thinking about making a trip to Nikšić, check out this guide before you plan your itinerary.

Where is Nikšić?

Niksic, Montenegro is located in the north-central part of the country, about halfway between the cities of Podgorica and Bijelo Polje. It is surrounded by mountains and is close to Lake Skadar and the Tara River.

Nikšić: Know before you go

✈️ Airport: Tivat (code: TIV) is approximately 44km away

⏰ Time Zone: Central European Standard Time (GMT+1)

 Currency: Euro

 Language: The official language of Montenegro is Montenegrin. Other languages commonly spoken in Podgorica include Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian and Croatian.

 Visa: Those with passports from Australia, Canada, the EU, UK and US can travel to Montenegro without a visa and remain there for up to 90 days. Please click here for more details about your own country

 Electricity Socket: The most common type of electricity socket used in Montenegro is the standard two-pin European socket, which uses 220-240 volts at a 50Hz frequency.

 SIM Card: Wondering, Do I need a SIM card for Montenegro? The answer is yes, and read our blog post on what the best way is for tourists.

History of Nikšić

The guide to Niksic can only touch the surface of the local history. Nikšić has a very long and storied past, with history dating all the way back to the ancient Roman empire. One of the more important cities strategically in the area, Nikšić was positioned smartly on the road between the Adriatic coast and the Balkans.

A major part of trade and commerce in the region since the Ottoman Empire, Nikšić continues today to have a big part in the financial, commerce, and manufacturing power of Montenegro.

What is the best time to visit Nikšić?

Travelers looking to enjoy a more Mediterranean climate when they visit Montenegro are going to fall in love with the weather in Nikšić.

Summers here are hot and dry, winters are mild and rainy, and the perfect time of year to visit is anywhere between the months of May and September. Truth be told, though, you can visit all year round and still have a great time – and great weather!

If you are here for a longer time, feel free to read our Ultimate 7 day Itinerary for Montenegro and experience the best that Montenegro has to offer.

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Nikšić Attractions

There’s a lot to offer global travelers visiting Nikšić, from ancient history to natural splendor and everything in between.

Visit the Niksic Lake

Niksic Lake – Credit VV Nincic

No guide to Niksic would be complete without a visit. This stunning lake is located just a few kilometers from the city center and offers a perfect spot for a picnic, a swim, or a boat ride. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Entry to the lake is free.

Further away, the Magnik Mountain is a must see place for all fans of nature – and the amazing rock formations are a unique sight.

Explore the City Museum

This museum offers a fascinating insight into the history of Niksic and the surrounding area. Exhibits include ancient artifacts, traditional costumes, and photographs of the city through the ages. The museum is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and the entry fee is 3 euros.

Onogost Lake

A gorgeous natural lake just outside the city proper, it allows outdoor adventurers looking to do a bit of swimming, fishing, or other water sports to spend hours – and maybe even days – here.

Trebjesa Hill

One of the most frequently photographed spots in the city, this hill overlooks Nikšić and offers panoramic 360° views you won’t find anywhere else. Overlooks the city and is a great spot for hiking and enjoying the beautiful views. It also includes the great Monument to the Partisans which is a must-see.

Monastery Ostrog

This is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Montenegro, and it is not hard to see why. Located atop a cliff, the monastery offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The monastery is open to visitors from 6 am to 5 pm from May to September and 5 am to 4 pm the rest of the year and there is no entry fee. Read our great article on Ostrog Monastery and what you need to know about this spectacle.

Nikšić Brewery

An ancient brewery that has been producing incredible beer continuously since 1896 this is (understandably) one of the most popular spots in Nikšić for locals and tourists alike.

Why Nikšić is a Great Destination for Global Travelers

Nikšić delivers a ton for global travelers, especially those that want to enjoy a perfect blend of natural beauty and rich cultural history in Montenegro. On top of all of that, Nikšić remains one of the more accessible and affordable tourist destinations in all of Europe.

Places to stay Nikšić

If you are booking a trip to Nikšić you’re probably going to be flying into Podgorica Airport, located about 50 kilometers (or about one hour by car) away. As the second largest city in Montenegro, you’ll have an almost unlimited amount of accommodations to pick and choose from, from more budget-focused options to more luxury accommodations and everything in between.

As always, remember that prices for any of the accommodations in Nikšić can vary depending on a range of different factors. Double check prices before you reserve your rooms.

Best for Families

Hotel Royal Garden

Mokra Njiva 34, 81400 Nikšić, Montenegro

+382 60 000 080

For travelers who enjoy a resort vibe without the noise, Hotel Royal Garden is a family-friendly, clean, and spacious accommodation with a variety of room options for families of different sizes. Rooms are bright and fitted with modern and simple furniture.

Holiday Village Ostrog

Povija bb, Oštrog, 81410 Nikšić, Montenegro

+382 68 590 004

Families can appreciate a relaxing getaway in the mountains of Niksic at this stone and wood accommodation that captures the ambiance of a cabin. Rooms are simple and quiet, and the facility offers amenities such as a large terrace, an eatery, and an area for barbequing. 

Aparthotel Koliba

Koliba bb, Ostrog, 81400 Nikšić, Montenegro

+382 69 012 448

Koliba has a series of beautiful cabins throughout the expansive property that sits nestled in the mountainside. Options for accommodations range in size and amenities, making them ideal for families of all sizes. On the property, guests also have access to a restaurant, a bar, a garden, and outdoor seating. 

Best for Couples

Apartmani MG

Partizanski put bb Rastoci, 81400 Nikšić, Montenegro

+382 68 614 000

This quaint apartment hotel is a big hit with couples looking for accommodations that are clean and spacious. A few rooms also include balcony access. The atmosphere is friendly and owners provide an excellent atmosphere with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay and delicious breakfast options. 

Mark’s Palace

Kočani-Jezerska 30, 81400 Nikšić, Montenegro

Mark’s Palace is both couple friendly and family friendly and offers comfortable rooms overlooking a scenic view. The small accommodation sits right by the water so you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning while gazing out at the water on the terrace. 

Hotel Trebjesa

Trebjesa bb, 81 400 Nikšić, Montenegro

+382 77 200 060

Hotel Trebjesa is a charming hotel that has all of the natural beauty around it that you could want. The building itself is also a great testament to classic European architecture. Some of the features of this accommodation include various vantage points for overlooking the scenery, a restaurant, a bar, and plenty of outdoor seating. 

Off the Beaten Path 

Grandma’s Hut

Ducice bb, 81418 Nikšić, Montenegro

Grandma’s Hut is a small stone chalet that’s ideal for a couple or small family. The chalet offers a stunning view of the mountainside, a terrace and a garden for you to enjoy all to yourself. You also get all the amenities to enjoy some time to yourselves without having to leave the accommodation. 

Ostroske Grede

Bogetici road, 81400 Nikšić, Montenegro

Those who don’t a traditional hotel will appreciate the seclusion of the Ostroske Grede property. The charming stone home is situated on a mountainside cliff and offers a true definition of a room with a view. It’s the perfect getaway for a couple looking for some secluded romance with the most picturesque surroundings.


We hope you liked our guide to Niksic. All in all, if you’re going to visit Montenegro for any amount of time you should make sure that Nikšić has a couple of days on your itinerary.

Home to incredible culture and history, fantastic food and beer, and some of the most beautiful natural spots in the country – and in the Balkans, for that matter – you don’t want to miss out on everything Nikšić has to offer.

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