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Best On-Budget Places to Eat in Kotor

Finding on budget places to eat in Kotor can often be hard. As it is one of the most touristic cities in Montenegro, it is packed with fancy restaurants and versatile offers of delicious dishes. However, if you are a budget traveler, don’t worry, we got you.

Keep reading and discover the best on-budget places to eat in Kotor.

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Kotor – Tourist Hub of Montenegro

Kotor is truly a mesmerizing city that has captivated visitors for centuries and has plenty of things to offer. Set in the heart of Boka Bay, with its historic walls and fortifications, it represents a true medieval fairy tale setting.

Its old town is packed with activity that revolves around scattered town squares filled with monumental buildings, among which is the iconic Saint Tryphon Cathedral. Besides these sights, Kotor is also known for its vibrant atmosphere, great restaurants, and an incredible variety of stores where you can grab a homemade souvenir.

aerial view of Kotor near body of water during daytime
Kotor, Montenegro

In addition to exploring the historic district, visitors can relax on a promenade that stretches around the picturesque marina. Here, you can soak in the serene Adriatic as you watch cruise ships fade into the distance. Additionally, as an adventure lover, you can ascend to the peak of Saint Giovanni fortress and enjoy one of Montenegro’s most famous sunset views.

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Best On-Budget Places in Kotor

Throughout your stay in Kotor and while exploring the city’s charms, make sure you take a break and discover some of the budget-friendly options to eat and taste Montenegrin cuisine. We recommend you try the following:

BBQ Tanjga

Set just a few minutes away from the Old Town of Kotor, BBQ Tanjga is a prized restaurant that locals often choose for their incredibly delicious meat dishes and as a great on-budget place to enjoy.

If you love eating meat, don’t miss out on their mixed meat platter, which will tantalize your taste buds. This is also the best way to experience typical Montenegrin cuisine, which is based a lot on these kind of products, especially chicken, pork, and beef. They are made in the traditional BBQ style of the Balkans and are typically served with side dishes such as salad.

BBQ Tanjga
BBQ Tanjga Kotor

Besides the seating area, the restaurant also offers a takeaway option or booking in advance if you are a large group or you desire a large portion of food. Therefore, their dedication to BBQ experience will make you come back for more.

Location: Suranj Bb, Kotor, Montenegro

Pizzeria Pronto

Pizzeria Pronto is a typical Montenegrin-style pizzeria that offers something for everyone’s taste. It is located outside the bustling Kotor center, in a calm alley, which provides a peaceful and quiet atmosphere while you enjoy a delicious meal. On top of this, it is a great on-budget place to explore.

Pizzeria Pronto Kotor, best on budget places to eat in Kotor
Pizzeria Pronto Kotor

Their menu is quite versatile, but also very much focused on pizza. Here, you can find anything from Montenegrin pizza with prosciutto and rucola to vegetarian-style pizza. The visitor cherishes the pizza with fresh mozzarella and panzerotti, a closed pizza dough dish featuring an array of toppings, among these Italian-style dishes.

While here, feel free to customize your order, add or remove toppings on your pizza, or simply ask for recommendations. Also, don’t forget to order a glass of cold beer, preferably Niksicko, a local favorite, to complete this meal experience and elevate the taste of your order.

Location: Dobrota, Kotor, Montenegro

Resto Bar Taraca

With a stunning view of the Kotor, and walls enjoyed from the restaurant’s terrace, Taraca is one of the gems of gastronomy very close to the city centre. They take pride in the dishes that are served at budget-friendly prices, which will make them feel even more delicious.

Resto Bar Taraca, best on-budget places to eat in Kotor
Resto Bar Taraca

Situated outside the walls of the Old Town of Kotor and beside the river Škurda, the restaurant Taraca has plenty to offer. In addition to a European menu, featuring pizzas, tortillas, and many more, there are also a few dishes from exotic Asian and international cuisines.  

If you are vegan or vegetarian, then you will love this, please. Therefore, make sure you take advantage of a broad range of vegan and vegetarian alternatives, such as burgers with complimentary potato wedges. Their pottages and soups are also hit among visitors, completing the offer of this incredible place that shouldn’t be missed.

La Catedral Pasta Bar

Right in the center of Old Town, La Catedral Past Bar provides an incredible dash of Italian cuisine at a very affordable price. It is local but also a tourist favorite for dinner or lunch as its pasta selection is very versatile.

La Catedral Pasta Bar, best on-budget places to eat in Kotor
La Catedral Pasta Bar

The locals favor the seafood pasta or the freshly made salmon pasta among the many available options. On top of these delicious choices, there are also other items on the menu, such as cold platters with local cheese and prosciutto, distinct seafood dishes such as fried squid, and incredibly tasty risottos and salads.

La Catedral Pasta Bar is a vegetarian-friendly spot that also offers gluten-free pasta, so you can fully enjoy your meal. Kind and attentive staff will make sure you feel appreciated, so all you can do is relax and immerse yourself in incredible tastes at this on-budget place in Kotor.

Location: Stari grad 340, Kotor, Montenegro

Konoba Marinaio

Konoba Marinaio is one of the traditional-style restaurants in Kotor, set in the middle of Old Town, and it represents one of the rare on-budget gems in the town. Serving a menu that reflects the typical offer of the Montenegrin restaurant, this konoba will fulfill all your requirements.

Konoba Marinaio, on-budget places in Kotor
Konoba Marinaio

Besides typical meze served with organic cheese and prosciutto, you can also enjoy numerous pizza options, among which we recommend Montenegro and Napoletana pizza. This is also a snack bar, so you can choose a sandwich and grab a fresh pint of beer while admiring the stunning surroundings.

What makes Marinaio special is also the staff that is at your disposal, always keen to chat and make you feel welcome. Make sure you ask about the history of this konoba and, therefore, complete your experience in this great and affordable restaurant.


As visible from our budget-friendly selection of restaurants where you can grab a bite, Kotor has a lot of affordable options to offer. In this way, you can really taste the true Montenegrin cuisine without breaking the bank, while still getting a chance to enjoy the splendid environment of lively Kotor.

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