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Best Priganice in Montenegro: A Tasty Guide

Priganice are one of the most traditional and cherished dishes in Montenegro. It is very popular all across the country, and it represents a dish that showcases a true taste of the Montenegrin culinary scene.

Although it is a very simple dish, its deep roots in tradition make it a synonym for Montenegrin hospitality. Nowadays, everywhere from the north to the south of the country, you can taste a version of this delicious treat.

Thanks to its special taste and great importance, we bring you the best places in Montenegro to taste priganice. Keep reading and get to know more about this stunning breakfast specialty.

Priganice: Traditional Montenegrin Breakfast

Priganice are a typical dish served in Montenegro for breakfast. You can also take it as a starter dish if you are having an early lunch. It is one of the most popular choices among citizens, especially since many citizens are emotionally tied to it due to childhood memories.

Priganice - Ukusi Crne Gore
Priganice – Ukusi Crne Gore

You will rarely find a kid in Montenegro who doesn’t have a tradition of Sunday with home-made priganice. They are a sort of dough balls made from water, flour, and yeast with spices. We have shared some of the best recipes in our past blog.

What is worth noting is that organic differs a bit based on the region of the country. On the north, they might be bigger and fluffier, while on the south, they are smaller and crispier.

This dish is typically served with a variety of toppings, including honey, jam, and cacao spreads, which are kids’ favorites.

Best Places to Eat Priganice in Montenegro

Hotel Ivanov Konak, Cetinje

Hotel Ivanov Konak is one of the most famous spots in the historically alluring royal capital, Cetinje. It is a traditional-style hotel with a restaurant that attracts tourists as it is set in a mesmerizing setting. Here, you can enjoy the best priganice that the country provides.

Restaurant of the Hotel Ivanova Konak
Restaurant of the Hotel Ivanova Konak

The hotel’s incredible restaurant has established its reputation as a must-visit place in Cetinje. It serves some of the best organic food in this region. The kind staff serves a generous portion of freshly made priganice, the steam rising as it arrives at your table. The typical choice for guests is to eat it with homemade organic cheese. You can add the famous prosciutto, which is Cetinje’s signature dish.

By selecting Ivanov Konak Hotel and its offerings, you ensure your day commences in the best possible way before venturing onto nearby iconic hiking trails.

Location: Ivanova Korita Lovcen, Cetinje, Montenegro

Vodenica Restaurant, Kolasin

Vodenica Restaurant is one of the most famous establishments in Kolasin. It is known for its versatile offer of traditional food, all made on the spot with home-grown ingredients. All items come from the farm also owned by the same family as the restaurant itself.

Vodenica Restaurant
Vodenica Restaurant

The hotel boasts its most renowned dish, priganice, crafted with a unique twist while honoring the traditional recipe. Namely, the chief cook always adds a bit of rakija to the dough. Families have passed down this renowned Montenegrin recipe through generations, preserving its legacy. It is essentially the secret ingredient that makes the dough rise more.

Here, priganice is best enjoyed with Kolasinski sir, another delicacy of this region. There is also honey topping collected by numerous producers from nearby localities. With this offer, you are certain that you will be eating organic and delicious items that will captivate your taste buds.

Location: RGGF+85R, Kolašin, Montenegro

National Restaurant Crno Jezero, Zabljak

On the brick of mesmerizing Crno Jezero (Black Lake), one of the most famous tourist places in Zabljak, and on Durmitor Mountain, lies Crno Jezero Restaurant. This is a traditional-style restaurant that also offers some contemporary dishes. However, this is one of the best places where you can enjoy some of priganice while overlooking an incredible landscape marked by deep, dark forests.

Restaurant Jezero - Portal Analitika
Restaurant Jezero – Portal Analitika

The kitchen consistently prepares fresh dishes, ensuring you receive a generous, steaming portion of priganice, captivating you with its fluffy and incredibly flavorful texture, elevated further by your choice of toppings. We suggest you try honey dip, or if you prefer a salty version, then with home-dried pork or beef meat.

With the dark blue lake and the smoking smell of the priganice, you will truly enjoy all that centuries of tradition in the heart of the mountain region of Montenegro have to offer.

Location: 43WW+XXP, Zabljak, Montenegro

Jezero Restaurant, Virpazar

Another gem of the culinary scene in Montenegro, right on the shores of the biggest Balkan lake, Skadarsko, is Jezero Restaurant in Virpazar. This restaurant is a typical stop for tourists on the way to the coastal area of the county.

Restaurant Jezero

Although it is famed for its fresh fish and dishes made from the products of the lake, their hidden gem is priganice. Made with special care and a bit smaller than the ones in the central and northern areas. However, the priganice in this area is equally tasty, although a bit crispier, which adds a special layer of delight when enjoying them. This incredible dish is the perfect starter or a side item while enjoying a cup of coffee in the early morning.

In restaurant Jezero, the priganice are typically served with honey or cacao spread, which are also the most often chosen toppings. Therefore, make sure not to miss this incredible dish while overlooking the serene lake landscape.

Location: E65, Virpazar, Montenegro

Restoran Djedovina, Podgorica

Djedovina is a newly opened restaurant in close proximity to Podgorica, Montenegro’s capital. Known for its picturesque landscape, being very close to the river, and rustic design, it is the best spot to enjoy some delicious meals.

Restaurant Djedovina
Restaurant Djedovina

One of the items on their menu is priganice, a very soft and aromatic dish served in large portions, which will be a true gift to your taste buds. They are made according to the traditional recipe and are freshly made on the spot. The restaurant’s incredible staff will be at your disposal to present you with a variety of toppings. Out of many options, the most popular include meze for those who love a salty breakfast. But if you have a sweet tooth, don’t worry; their organic honey topping will satisfy your craving and make your experience in Djedovina enjoyable.

Location: F6QH+XXR, Podgorica, Montenegro


Montenegro is very proud of its culinary heritage, which is witnessed in numerous restaurants that offer priganice as their signature dish. Regardless of the region or the topping you choose, these restaurants will make sure you are in for a delicious adventure that will truly present you with the core of the country’s long-cherished tradition.

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