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Portonovi: Your Must-See Destination for an Unforgettable Yachting Adventure

Montenegro, the jewel of the Adriatic, has captivated the yachting world with its breathtaking beauty and world-class marinas. Among them, Portonovi stands out in Montenegro. This exclusive luxury marina and resort combines high-end living with stunning natural surroundings, creating an unparalleled yachting experience.

Portonovi: Credit tapasakiportonovi

A Luxurious Home Away From Home

Experience the epitome of luxury at One&Only Portonovi, nestled in picturesque Boka Bay. With rates ranging from $500 to $2,000 per night, the meticulously designed suites blend Montenegrin tradition with contemporary comfort, offering high-end furnishings, private balconies boasting stunning sea or mountain views, and access to world-class amenities.

Prepare to be awestruck by the Penthouse Suites, the pinnacle of opulence at Portonovi. With expansive living spaces, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, private plunge pools, and panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea and Boka Bay, staying here is an unparalleled experience in itself.

As the first European venture of One&Only, renowned for captivating and glamorous resorts worldwide, One&Only Portonovi in Montenegro sets a new standard in sophisticated luxury. The €650 million investment ensures that every aspect of the resort exudes extravagance and meticulous attention to detail.


Indulge in sumptuous suites and exquisite villas that redefine luxury living. The dining experiences at One&Only Portonovi are extraordinary, featuring celebrity-endorsed options that tantalize the taste buds and create unforgettable culinary memories. The resort also houses innovative Chenot Espace wellness facilities, offering a holistic experience that revolutionizes well-being.

Beyond the resort’s enchanting walls, guests can explore Montenegro’s dramatic coastline. Rent a superyacht, try sailboarding, or relax on a private white-sand beach. Within the resort, a variety of restaurants, cafés, and cocktail bars await, serving mouthwatering delights.

The culinary scene at One&Only Portonovi is nothing short of exceptional. Sabia by Giorgio Locatelli, led by the renowned Michelin-starred chef from London’s Locanda Locatelli, presents Southern Italian-influenced dishes with a focus on fresh seafood. The poolside Tapasake Club offers tantalizing pan-Asian cuisine in a tapas-style format, accompanied by a sake bar and regular DJ sets. La Veranda showcases the flavors of Montenegro with an open kitchen concept and live cooking stations. And for a delightful pre-dinner experience with stunning sea views, the Caminetti Bar in the lobby serves exquisite cocktails, afternoon tea, and a caviar menu.

One&Only Portonovi is not just a resort; it’s a destination that delivers an unparalleled luxury experience to its discerning guests. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of luxury, comfort, and scenic beauty that sets this 5-star resort apart, just 400 meters from Denovici Beach in Herceg-Novi.

Fancy buying a property

Purchasing property in Portonovi presents a unique investment opportunity for individuals seeking a blend of luxury and tranquility. As one of the most sought-after resort destinations, Portonovi offers a variety of high-end residences ranging from compact, stylish studios to expansive villas. Not only do these homes come with superior construction and design, many also offer stunning views of the Portonovi Marina or feature private infinity pools. Investors will also appreciate the inclusion of ten exclusive homes crafted by the prestigious One&Only hotelier. With a price range that caters to different budget levels, from $563,000 up to $15.8 million, Portonovi extends an invitation to experience and own a piece of this exquisite Adriatic jewel.

Must-Visit Destination

So why is Portonovi a must-visit destination for your next yachting adventure? Firstly, its location at the entrance to Boka Bay makes it a perfect gateway to the Adriatic Sea. Additionally, its commitment to high-end luxury and top-notch service creates an environment where every need is catered to.

Portonovi also offers a gastronomical adventure, with diverse dining options ranging from local Montenegrin cuisine to international delicacies. Furthermore, the wellness center provides a place to relax and rejuvenate with an array of wellness and beauty treatments.

The resort’s local area is ripe for exploration. The nearby historic town of Herceg Novi offers vibrant squares, winding streets, and the ancient Forte Mare fortress. For nature lovers, the stunning Orjen mountains provide opportunities for hiking and panoramic views of the Adriatic.


Lastly, Portonovi, Montenegro is a marina with a conscience. Its commitment to sustainability ensures the preservation of Boka Bay’s beauty for future generations of sailors, making your visit not just enjoyable, but also respectful of the environment.

With a remarkable blend of luxury, service, sustainability, and natural beauty, Portonovi isn’t just a destination—it’s an experience. This lavish marina resort will undoubtedly be a highlight of your Adriatic yachting adventure.

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