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Best Souvenirs to Take From Montenegro

Finding the best souvenirs in Montenegro is an adventure in itself. As various items are available, you will have difficulty selecting only one thing to take home. When wandering the cobblestone streets of Kotor or enjoying the century-old scenery of Cetinje, you will be enchanted by traditional Montenegrin garments. Each item tells a story, reflecting the craftsmanship and heritage of the local folklore.

Montenegro offers souvenirs that cater to every taste and interest. Whether you’re drawn to traditional attire, handcrafted items, or exquisite unique creations, you will find something that resonates with you and captures the essence of your Montenegrin adventure.

While exploring Montenegro, don’t overlook the edible souvenirs that are a culinary delight. Montenegro is renowned for its delectable cheeses, cured meats, and excellent wines. Bringing back a taste of Montenegrin cuisine is a perfect way to savor your travel memories. Honey, olive oil, and rakija, a traditional fruit brandy, are also popular choices that offer an authentic taste of the region.

Choosing from this selection can be difficult, but don’t worry, we are here to help. Keep reading to discover the best souvenirs you can take when visiting Montenegro.

Discover the Best Souvenirs in Montenegro

So, as you explore Montenegro, look for these special souvenirs. They’re more than just items; they’re pieces of Montenegrin history and culture, ready to bring a piece of your travel adventure back home.

Handcrafted Jewellery

Montenegro is well known for its handcrafted jewelry, which can be found on every corner. Whether you walk down the promenade on the coast or explore the northern cities’ core, you can find different pieces to enjoy.

There is plenty to choose from, from sparkly bracelets with your name or symbols of Montenegro to hand-carved nametag necklaces. More special pieces include stunning pearls of Adriatic origin, which can be purchased as earrings or necklaces.

Street vendor
Street vendor

If you seek an original souvenir, we recommend purchasing Dobrota lace earrings. This lace is traditional for Boka Bay and Kotor and represents non-material cultural heritage. Therefore, it is often chosen as an exceptional souvenir.

Earrings with Dobrota lace - S. Vucelic
Earrings with Dobrota lace – S. Vucelic

However, don’t miss the traditional shops in Montenegro for a more expensive gift, especially in Podgorica. Jewellers Street is famous for numerous shops where you can buy typical gold or silver jewelry, which will be a priceless memory.

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Traditional Textiles

National clothes and motives

The national costume of Montenegro is one of the most exquisite traditional costumes in the world. Among the most popular items is the men’s cap, which features different local motives and writings. This is just one of many items such as footwear, scarves, Montenegrin folklore caps, and many others that can also be purchased.

Traditional clothes as souvenir - Crnogorski Stradivari
Traditional clothes as souvenirs – Crnogorski Stradivari

Besides the traditional costumes, numerous house items are made of textiles, such as tablecloths and similar items that can be used for various purposes. This is part of local folklore traditionally used in homes, which is why this is an authentic souvenir from Montenegro. The material can also be lace which makes it even more unique.

Besides the typically handcrafted textiles for women, the same motives can be found in jewelry, which is crafted to celebrate the masterfulness of Montenegro’s textile heritage. These are specially made in stores such as Simtex.

Simtex brooch - Simtex
Simtex brooch – Simtex

Wool attire

Sheep breeding is a significant industry in Montenegro, resulting in the extensive use of wool for various products. Both factory-made and traditional handcrafted items are very used and popular souvenirs. In this way, the country preserves age-old techniques that have been passed down through generations.

The most popular items are socks and vests deeply embedded in the country’s heritage. Recently, hand-made toys have become very popular, making them a healthy and authentic souvenir. High-quality handmade woolen products can be purchased across the country and speak to the core of local tradition and the Balkan spirit.

Handmade wool socks
Handmade wool socks

Local Delicacies

Food souvenirs are the most popular souvenirs among travelers who visit Montenegro. Local delicacies are also very often gifts given when visiting someone abroad. The local cuisine offers a variety of options.


Montenegro’s cheeses are among the most chosen souvenirs. Smoked cow or goat cheese, often in sealed packages, makes a practical and delightful gift. These cheeses are easy to transport and preserve the rich, smoky flavors characteristic of Montenegrin dairy products. The most popular ones are from Pljevlja and Kolasin, together with Cetinje’s Katunjanka, which has nettels and garlic. Therefore, whether enjoyed on their own or paired with bread and wine, these cheeses offer a true taste of Montenegro.

Cheese in Montenegro
Cheese in Montenegro


If you are staying in the northern part of the country, Montenegrin honey is a delightful souvenir that perfectly captures Montenegro’s natural beauty and rich biodiversity. Whether mountain or field honey, it is a perfectly healthy choice for a souvenier to take home.

One of the honey displays in the capital city
One of the honey displays in the capital city – Globarevic

Known for its purity and exquisite flavor, honey is often produced in the country’s picturesque regions. Honey from these areas is also very beneficial for your health, as it is crafted from various wildflowers and medicinal herbs.

The result is a golden, aromatic honey reflecting Montenegro’s pristine landscapes. So if you have a chance, don’t miss out on purchasing a jar.

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Rakija is a traditional fruit brandy that embodies the spirit and culture of Montenegro. You can try different flavors typically distilled from locally grown fruits throughout the country. You can find plums, grapes, or apricot-based rakija among the offerings.


In Montenegro, the grape rakija is believed to be the topical local heritage, along with the pear. This aromatic beverage has been savored for centuries and represents the authentic element of cultural heritage. Rakija is part of the welcoming costume; thus, bringing home a bottle is a souvenir and an invitation to share in the country’s cherished traditions.

Atypical Souvenirs


One not-so-typical but exciting and beautiful souvenir to take from Montenegro is lavender. As it is widespread across Montenegro, this flower has been traditionally used in remedies and beauty products.

Lavander souvenier shop - Lavanda Racic
Lavander souvenier shop – Lavanda Racic

Most famous as souvenirs are lavender bags packed with dried flowers. These have beautiful smells and incredibly calming effects. In the southern part of Montenegro, you can also find massage oils, fresh and dried plants, and some craft products from lavender, making it the perfect souvenir to take home.

Brojanica – Rosary

A distinctive and significant item that is contemplated for anyone with an interest in Orthodox religion is the Montenegrin brojanica – rosary. This is a huge part of the religious heritage, but it goes beyond it as people believe these items can provide peace and calm to anyone who owns them.

Traditional rosary
Traditional rosary

Brojanica is typically bought near monasteries and churches; among the most popular ones are those that are bought near Ostrog. Therefore, these items represent a typical souvenir to take home regardless of religious belief.


The traditional Montenegrin instrument, the gusle, is woven into the culture and local way of life and is the perfect souvenir. Although massive, gusles are atypical and unique items to place in your house that will always remind you of the time spent in Montenegro.


Gusle can be made in different styles with hand-carved wood, which increases its value as it typically features local symbols and traditional motives. Therefore, gusle is truly a great item to choose if you want something to cherish as a dear memory.

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