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Montenegro Film Festival: A Cinematic Journey in Herceg Novi

The 36th consecutive Montenegro Film Festival is set to captivate audiences from August 22 to 28 in the scenic city of Herceg Novi. The festival, announced by the organizers, Herceg Fest, promises a diverse collection of documentaries.

Hosted at the historical abode of Nobel laureate Ivo Andrić, audiences are in for a treat with five nights of hand-picked documentary films by the renowned director, Sead Šabotić.

Šabotić curates a selection that’s “vibrant, spontaneous, and liberating,” with 25 diverse films that echo a collective thirst for novelty and distinctiveness. Shedding light on the significance of short documentaries, Šabotić emphasizes their unique ability to bridge cultures and offer insights into lesser-known narratives.

Documentary Film Selection

23 August

1. “Procenti života” — Vladimir Perović

2. “It’s all about geography” — Juan Francisco Riumalló

3. “The Secret Garden” — Nour Ouayda

4. “Subtotals” — Mohammadreza Farzad

5. “Calling Cabral”— Welket Bungué

24 August

1. “Lepotica” — Marija Apčevska

2. “Lopte” — Gorana Jovanović

3. “Boy” — Vladimir Loginov

4. “Horror Vacui” — Boris Poljak

5. “The Birds Have Left Beirut” — Khalil Dreyfus Zaarour

25 August

1. “Ramboy” — Matthias Joulaud, Lucien Roux

2. “Summer nights” — Virgile Ratelle

3. “Ardent Other” — Alice Brygo

4. “Palma nostra” — Jana Radan / Vesna Kujović

5. “Promised Land” — Salvador Miranda, Gijs van der Meer

6. “Flyby Kathy” — Pedro Bastos

26 August

1. “Dragi dida za tebe od Mie pismo” — Mia Martinović

2. “Pacific club” — Valentin Noujaïm

3. “About Living” — Sezer Salihi

4. “Me & Her” —Ahmed Fouad Ragab, Eldar Basmanov

5. “Dipped in Black” — Matthew Thorne & Derik Lynch

6. “Scare” — Gabriela Gaia Meirelles, Clara Anastácia

27 August

1. “Buđenje u tišini” — Mila Zhluktenko, Daniel Asadi Faezi

2. “And me, I’m dancing too” — Mohammad Valizadegan

3. “Šejla” — Velibor Čović

4. “Retreat” — Anabela Angelovska

5. “Memories from the Eastern” — Radu Jude, Adrian Cioflâncă

The cinematic feast isn’t confined to Ivo Andrić’s house alone. Movie enthusiasts can also expect screenings at the historic fortresses of Kanli Kula and Forte Mare in Herzegovina. Other venues include the “Park” hall amphitheater and the renowned House of Nobel laureate Ivo Andrić.

Recommended Day Itinerary for Herceg Novi News Readers


  • Begin with a breakfast at a local café overlooking the Adriatic Sea.
  • Visit the Kanli Kula fortress and discover its rich history.


  • Take a stroll through the Old Town and explore the numerous churches and squares.
  • Relax and have lunch at a seafront restaurant, savoring local Montenegrin dishes.


  • Attend the Montenegro Film Festival. Choose a documentary or two from the aforementioned list and immerse in the world of stories.
  • Wrap up the day with dinner at a rooftop restaurant, soaking in the panoramic views of Herceg Novi by night.

Whether you’re a film aficionado or just looking for an enriching cultural experience, the Montenegro Film Festival in Herceg Novi is the place to be this August. Don’t miss out!

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