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What to do Montenegro in October: A Journey of Taste, Nature, and History

Visiting Montenegro in October has a special charm as the natural landscapes and historic architecture take on an autumny appearance. During this time, the scenery becomes even more inviting, while the weather allows visitors to explore the country without trouble.

Since this season offers new and enriching experiences in Montenegro, we have decided to dedicate our new blog to it. Keep reading and learn about Montenegro and its adventure opportunities in October which are waiting for you!

Things to do in October

Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park is a natural beauty of Montenegro, famous for its breathtaking views observed from its peaks. This area is especially beautiful due to 18 stunning lakes which are particularly inviting in October’s mild temperatures.

Next to the Durmitor’s lakes, you can try some hiking routes on nature’s display, showing the essence of Montenegro’s landscapes. The paths pass through exceptional nature complemented by bright blue sky and wind of enchanting woods.

If you simply prefer to enjoy nature in a cozy atmosphere then you will love the restaurant “Jezero”. Set on the verge of Black Lake, the most famous Durmitor site, this restaurant offers a taste of traditional Montenegrin kacamak while still enjoying the outside environment in the warm October sun.

Tara River Canyon

If you are adventurous and like adrenalin-spiking experiences, you shouldn’t miss the Tara River Canyon. This rafter’s paradise is known for its challenging rapids and scenic views, which are especially alluring in October.

You can take one of the many different rafting tours and explore the spectacular Tara Canyon. The towering cliffs are decorated with fall foliage, providing a picturesque background for these mesmerizing rides.

Rafting on Canyon Tara
Rafting on Canyon Tara

What makes this place so special is the contrast between the raging and the calm expanses of the river. In the middle of the excitement, you may take a minute to relax and think about how magnificent nature is. Etno selo “Grab” on the verge of the river is a great place to do so. They offer splendid accommodations and, a stunning atmosphere near the river while their Kayak fest in October only complements the Tara exploration.

Biogradska Gora

Biogradska Gora is another gem in the North of Montenegro that has a special scenary throughout October. It is one of Europe’s last three remaining rainforests and a National Park that opens out as a serene wildlife refuge for its visitors.

Lake Biograd is this forest reserve’s focal point, and its incredibly versatile biodiversity will immerse you in a jungle. During warm autumn days, you can take a boat ride or enjoy a picnic in a few designated spots around the forest.

 Biogradska Gora, Montenegro in October - P. Stonelake
 Biogradska Gora – P. Stonelake

If you love to hike, tour the lake, or explore marked paths to view the variety of plants and animals that flourish here. Birdsong, wind through the trees, and the scent of flowers make Biogradska Gora a treasured spot for individuals who want to experience Montenegro’s incredible untouched nature.

Monastery Ostrog: A Spiritual Retreat

Located against a nearly vertical mountain cliff, Monastery Ostrog emerges as a spiritual sanctuary for all religions, offering peace for anyone who visits. The architectural marvel of this Monastery is what makes it unique.

Its edifice, carved into the mountain, stands as a testament to the devout faith and the rich historical legacy it embodies. The complex consists of Upper and Lower Monsters that are inviting visitors into a realm of spiritual solace. Here, you can explore the religious architecture and have lunch while observing a great scenic panorama spreading on the horizon.  

Monastery Ostrog

The view spreading from the upper terrace of Ostrog is exceptionally beautiful. It is truly one of the best sights to behold in Montenegro. Many believe that the experience of the Monastery Ostrog is not merely a visit but a peaceful and spiritual voyage that leaves a lasting imprint on the soul.

Wine Tours: Savoring Montenegro’s Vintage

Montenegro’s vineyards, flourishing in the mild Mediterranean environment, are a tribute to the country’s rich wine legacy. These uninterrupted landscapes are especially appealing throughout October when visitors can make a fascinating trip and explore a variety of delicious and distinctive local wineries.

The most famous wine company here is Plantaze 13. Jul. They have the biggest single-land vineyard in Europe. When visiting, don’t miss their Vranac, a hearty red wine that is considered the national pride as it is made with centuries-old techniques handed down from generation to generation.

Plantaze 13 jul
Plantaze 13. Jul

Besides Plantaze, other vineyards offer tours and wine-tasting where you can also feel the essence of genuine Montenegrin wine and experience the relaxing atmosphere of autumn. These include Sipcanik Wine Celler, Vinarija Masanovic, and Kekovic Estate.

By choosing one of these wineries, you will truly live the balance of taste and tradition Montenegro is proud of.  

Herceg Novi: A Coastal Respite

Herceg Novi is a picturesque port town that offers seaside relaxation to its guests with its fascinating history, eclectic architecture, and breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. Every step around the city offers a visually pleasing journey through time, as the town’s fortifications, churches, and other ancient structures tell tales of a rich culture.

Herceg Novi -
Herceg Novi –

Herceg Novi is especially charming in autumn, as the sun accentuates its historical architecture. At the same time, the surrounding botanical garden “Boka” makes the scenery even more beautiful. The gardens’ peaceful atmosphere results from the many kinds of plants and the designated spot for a quiet time.

Ultimately, the promenade, where you can feel Adriatic’s scent mingling with the air’s flowery scent, makes a perfect spot for a relaxing walk. At the same time, the Herceg Novi in the background completes the stunning atmosphere that makes the October in Montenegro magical.


October in Montenegro is a time of vivid fall colors, presenting various exciting, relaxing, and enlightening opportunities. This Balkan gem can offer both natural and historical riches in comfort thanks to the pleasant weather and ever-changing scenery.

Biogradska Gora, Durmitor National Park, and Tara River Canyon are just a few of the stunning natural areas that welcome visitors for various outdoor pursuits. Monastery Ostrog is a place of spiritual solitude and architectural splendor, and it makes for a wonderful getaway while at Plantaze, you can discover the robust red Vranac and its tales of traditional winemaking.

Lastly, Herceg Novi’s old buildings and beautiful gardens complete the story of a delightful beach retreat and close the circle of Montenegrin autumn adventure spots that confirm that this is a fascinating place to visit.

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