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Nikšić Guitar Fest Debuts “Balkan Soul”

October 8-18: A Musical Evolution Awaits.

Nikšić’s Musical Evolution
The iconic Nikšić Guitar Festival is back with a twist! Celebrating its 18th year, it’s not just about classical strings anymore. Enter the “Balkan Soul Festival” – a fresh, vibrant segment that promises to redefine musical boundaries.

From “Festival Plus” to “Balkan Soul”
The festival’s evolution is evident. The “Balkan Soul” festival, an offshoot of the acclaimed “Festival Plus” segment, aims to be a game-changer. It’s a melting pot of global and regional musical talents, transcending the classical guitar realm.

Star-Studded Evening at Nikšić Theater
October 6, 8 p.m.
Get ready for an electrifying evening! The lineup boasts:

  • Vlatko Stefanovski: Renowned Guitar Virtuoso
  • Damir Imamovic: Balkan Music Maestro
  • Al Dina: Singer-Songwriter Sensation
  • Bisernica Boka: Female Ensemble Magic
  • Nena Munitić & Intime Duo Guitar: Classical Guitar Wonders
  • Special Appearance: Acclaimed actor Andrija Milosevic

More Than Just Music
The festival’s heart remains its commitment to culture and art. This year, the “Zahumlje” stage is set to dazzle with international performances. Plus, enriching workshops and lectures on October 7 and 8 offer budding artists a platform to shine.

Support & Collaboration
This musical extravaganza is brought to life with support from key pillars: the Municipality of Nikšić, the Ministry of Culture and Media of Montenegro, and esteemed institutions like the Nikšić Theatre and the University of Montenegro’s Music Academy.

Join us for a musical journey that promises to be unforgettable!

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