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Budva’s Finest in a Flash: Your One-Day Adventure Guide!

Montenegrin Miami, Montenegrin Hawaii – these are just some of the names that describe the metropolitan city of Budva. Montenegrin pearl Budva proudly holds the title of the most visited city in Montenegro. It welcomes visitors with excellent food, beautiful beaches, historical monuments, a fabulous Old Town and lively, vibrant nightlife. We present you with an ultimate one-day itinerary to explore this magnificent town.

A photo of bird perspective of Budva
Bird Perspective of Budva

Eat a wealthy Montenegrin breakfast.

A good breakfast is the best way to start the day! We advise you to go to the Old Town and order a coffee and some delicious pastry. You can choose from any local bakery or cafe bar, which usually serves breakfast. You will not want to miss out on trying Montenegrin dishes such as prosciutto combined with olive-oil cheese or priganice. Neighbouring countries influenced Budva’s gastronomic traditions, so everyone can find something to their taste. One of the best options is Garden Cafe, which has delicious breakfast options. There is also Pan Expert, which has a wide offer of mouth-watering pastries. In fact, most of the cafe bars and restaurants in Budva offer breakfast, so you won’t have much trouble in eating wealthy.

Sightseeing in the Old Town of Budva.

After a rich breakfast, it’s time for some exploring and adventure. Begin your Budva itinerary by passing through the city’s main west-facing gate, the Porta di terra Ferma or Great Gate. Follow Njegoševa Street until you reach the southernmost part of the city. Here, you will find some of the most famous landmarks.  The Old Town is fairly small, so it doesn’t take more than an hour to get around. 

A photo of Old Town  Budva
Old Town of Budva

The main attraction in the Old Town is the Citadel, i.e. the Fortress of Saint Mary. The fortress was named after the church of the same name. The citadel was built in case of an attack from the sea, and everything the locals would need in case of a long siege was stored in it. This fortress is connected to the city walls surrounding the entire Old Town and is about 1 kilometre long.  There is not much to do in the Citadel itself, but seeing the city from a different perspective is nice. You can also take a walk along the ramparts).  

A photo of Citadela Budva, Montenegro
Citadela Budva Photo Credit: BokaWeb

Local love story legend 

When you enter the Citadel, you will notice a relief with two fish, representing a couple in love who jumped from the citadel into the sea because their parents forbade them to be together. According to legend, after the boy and girl jumped into the water, they became fish and lived happily ever after.

Visit one of the old churches.

Apart from the Citadel, several churches are in the Old Town of Budva. The Church of St. John the Baptist, the Church of the Holy Trinity and the Church of St. Sava stand out. Of these three churches, the most famous is the Roman Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist, whose bell tower is the tallest building in the Old Town. The bell tower was built in the 19th century on the site of an older bell tower that was destroyed in the 1667 earthquake.

By the way, the towers that were located on the city ramparts were also damaged in this earthquake. Older readers may remember another devastating earthquake in 1979 when a good part of the Old Town was destroyed, and some houses and buildings were demolished to the ground. 

Don’t miss out on the various beaches. 

What better place to spend an afternoon than on the beach? You can choose from 35 beaches in Budva, and here are a few of the best. Only 150 meters from the Old Town is the Mogren beach, one of the most popular beaches in Montenegro. In 2004, it was awarded the Blue Flag qualification, which is given to beaches meeting criteria for high quality of water, maintenance and service. The unique thing about this beach is that it consists of two parts that are connected by a small promontory. The beach is best for families with children and couples. The prices start at 15 euros for a sunbed with an umbrella.  

A photo of Mogren Beach Budva
Mogren Beach, Budva Photo Credit:

Richard’s Head is also right next to the Old Town walls. It is one of Budva’s most visited beaches due to its proximity to the Old Town. If you tire of walking around the city streets, it’s a great beach to visit to take a break. This moderately priced beach is great for afternoon coffee or a quick bite, providing a stunning view. Regardless of the season, this a beach you go to when you want to have a good time.

A photo of Ricardova glava beach
Ricardova Glava Beach

if you plan to spend more time sunbathing and swimming, there are other beaches on the outskirts of the town. Some of the most popular ones are Bečićii Beach, Rafailovići Beach, Jaz Beach, etc.

Becici Beach
Becici Beach

See the the symbol of the city – Ballerina (Ballet Dancer)

And if you head towards Mogren, you will come across the famous sculpture of the Budva Dancer or Ballerina. The Budva dancer (the work of the Belgrade sculptor Gradimir Aleksić) has become a symbol of the city of Budva. That is why you will see her on most souvenirs. A love story inspires this sculpture. A girl visited this place daily to wait for her lover to return from sailing. He never returned, and she kept coming here, hoping to glimpse his ship until she was found dead one day.

The City’s Symbol – BALLERINA

Visit Saint Nichola’s Island – Budva’s Gem.

Visiting Saint Nichola’s island is indispensable to your Budva one-day itinerary. If you look up the top attractions of Budva, maybe Saint Stefan will come up as the main attraction. Yes, Sveti Stefan is one of the most luxurious resorts in the country. It is known as a place with obscenely high prices, where many celebrities come to spend their vacations. So, if you don’t plan to go on a guided island tour, you don’t even need to go down. It’s quite enough to see it from the lookout point, from which you can get the best view of this island. 

Instead, go to Saint Nicholas Island, which is closer to the city centre and easily accessible. Covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation, it will be a true rest for your soul. Three magnificent pebble-sand beaches, with a total length of 840m, are located on the island. On the island itself, restaurant Hawaii is located, where you can try some of the best local specialities.

A photo of the Saint Nicholas Island
The Island of Saint Nicholas, Budva.

Have lunch at a local restaurant or cafe bar.

You’ll surely be hungry from all the walking, swimming, and sightseeing. Now it’s time to eat well. If you’re a fan of fish and wine, choose one of the restaurants located alongside the coast, and you won’t go wrong. But if you’ve had enough of fish and wine, head to The Old Fisherman’s Pub and treat yourself to some delicious burgers or chicken. While enjoying the view from the terrace, be sure to try the most famous local beer, Nikšićko beer,

If you don’t want to spend much money, visit Grape Cafe or Restaurant Verde. Some of the other most popular places are Forsage Gastro Lounge, where they serve local and international dishes. Try some traditional drinks, such as Montenegrin brandy (rakija), Vranac (red wine) and Krstac (white wine). We recommend Caper Bar, with a wide range of wine selections.  

Dance the night away in the Metropole of nightlife.

If there’s something Budva’s known for, it’s the tireless nightlife. Sleepless summer nights are best when you can choose from numerous nightclubs and beach bars. There is something for everyone, from Top Hill overlooking Budva and Trocadero on Slovenska beach to the Emporio club located inside the city walls.

A photo of Top Hill Club, Budva
Top Hill Budva Photo Credit:

If you’re not the type to dance, head back to the Old Town to enjoy the Budva City Theatre cultural event during the summer months. During the summer, the entire city becomes an open stage with various events such as poetry readings, theatre performances and exhibitions. Finally, end your evening with a long and peaceful walk on the promenade.


Budva is a city that attracts tourists from all over the world, both old and young, and those who prefer to have a good time and those who want to visit tourist attractions. Regardless of whether you come in summer or winter, you will always admire its beauty and have the most amazing time.  

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