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Your No 1 Guide to Mogren Beach

Is it possible for a beach to be popular and secret, isolated and accessible, out of the way but in the heart of everything, simultaneously? Without spoiling the story, such things are impossible, but Mogren Beach comes closer than most.

Mogren isn’t just one of the most famous beaches in Budva; it is one of the most popular and beloved in all of Montenegro, yet its relatively hidden position means it retains a certain sense of seclusion amongst the excitement. You are unlikely to have Mogren Beach to yourself, but you won’t be sharing it with everyone. If all that sounds somewhat contradictory, don’t worry; Montenegro and contradictions go together beautifully. 

Mogren Beach
Mogren Beach

Read any review, overview, or celebration of Mogren Beach, and you’ll likely read that it is located 2km from the centre of Budva. Is this true? It isn’t untrue, although it entirely depends on what you consider the centre of Budva. Sure, Mogren is 1.8km from the municipality building and 1.7km from the central bus station, but saying Mogren Beach is 2km from the town centre doesn’t tell the whole story.

Stunning Mogren
Stunning Mogren

For most visitors, the centre of Budva is the Stari Grad, the old town, the narrow streets and winding lanes of Budva’s old fortress area. Budva’s old town isn’t 2km from Mogren Beach, quite the opposite; the old town is next door. The main gate is 550 metres from Mogren Beach, while Richard’s Head Beach and Avala Beach Bar are 400 metres away, a scenic walk along the waters with just a rickety barrier between explorers and the sea. Mogren Beach might be 2km from the administrative centre of Budva, but it is much closer to its heart.

Beautiful waters of Mogren Beach
Beautiful waters of Mogren Beach

But nobody thinks of administration when at Mogren Beach. Nobody thinks of distance unless they are trying to determine how much space lies between them and the horizon. Montenegro has plenty of beaches on its 183 miles of coastline, but few come close to Mogren. 

Well, Mogren comes close to Mogren. The beach is split into two portions, creatively named Mogren I and Mogren II, connected by a haphazard wooden bridge and a small tunnel. Many visitors come as far as Mogren I and set up shop, claiming a piece of territory on the sand and committing to a day of sun worship. You can’t blame them. The cerulean sea stretches as far as the eye can see, and the towering rocks provide a stunning backdrop to the experience. A day at Mogren I is sunbathing as it is in a dream. 

Perfect Day at Mogren
Perfect Day at Mogren

Mogren I is perfect, but Mogren II is perfecter. Yes, that doesn’t entirely make sense, but we’re not here to discuss the intricacies of the English language; we are here to lay down, to slow down. The contradictions continue because it is difficult to call Mogren II ‘secluded’ when you see the restaurant (creatively named Mogren Beach Bar and Restaurant), but we aren’t about to complain about coffee in such a setting. The menu at the restaurant ticks many of the usual boxes with standard international cuisine and a drinks list ranging from coffee to cocktails, but Mogren Beach Bar and Restaurant is in a lucky position, both literally and figuratively. The setting is everything. Budva’s chefs can produce magic in the kitchen, but none serve food in a setting as picturesque as Mogren Beach Bar and Restaurant. An espresso here in the morning sun is one of the great Budva travel experiences.

mogren beach bar and restaurant
Mogren Bach Bar Restaurant

There hasn’t always been a restaurant here. Once upon a time, according to legend, there was a church. The Church of St Anthony of Padua, to be exact, a small chapel constructed by a shipwrecked Spanish sailor. Nothing remains of the church, but its legacy lives on in every grain of sand celebrated here. The beach’s name derives from the sailor (Mogren or Mogrini, depending on who you ask), a man who found faith and hope when all seemed lost. St. Anthony of Padua’s feast day is celebrated on June 13, and many locals resist the urge to bathe in the waters until mass on that beloved day. The Spanish sailor is long gone, but his name rings loud in the town, given to the beach and emblazoned on the menus in Mogren Beach Bar and Restaurant.

Stunning Views at Mogren Beach
Stunning Views at Mogren Beach

But again, and it pains us to labour the point, but we aren’t here to discuss coffee, restaurants and kitchens. Mogren II is a must-visit because of the sun, sea and sand, that tremendously tangible combination that encapsulates everything that makes travel so spectacular. A day at the beach is where travellers and tourists find common ground. Whether you are splashing the cash on a luxury vacation or scrimping the cents with a backpack in tow, we all find parity on the beach. The beach is a great leveller. The sun shines the same for everyone here.

The route to Mogren is every bit as scenic as the beaches themselves. The beach is directly accessible from Richard’s Head Beach, as a small path winds from the old town along the sea. The path takes you by the elegant Ballerina statue, another famous piece of Budva lore that might be the most photographed landmark in the city. As with most statues based on myths, there is no happy ending with this one. Sculpted by Gradimir Aleksić, the ballerina depicted was engaged to a sailor, a man who headed out to sea to earn money for their future. Of course, he did not return, and the Budva ballerina waited on this spot every day until her heart could take no more. 

Budva Ballerina
Budva Ballerina

Today, Mogren Beach isn’t a place of lost love and heartache. Budva’s most beautiful beach (okay, beaches) is a triumph of sand, gravel, pebbles and rocks, backed by lush scenery and imbued with a magical sense of secluded grandeur. A contradiction? Sure, but we warned you about those at the beginning. Budva has many beaches, but none are as magnetic as Mogren. The family-friendly beach has basic facilities, but the only real facilities it needs are the sun, sea and sand. Okay, the espressos mentioned earlier, and also the toilets and wi-fi at the restaurant, but you get the point. Mogren Beach is magnificent, a stone’s throw from the old town, and a brilliant way to spend time in Budva. Just don’t forget the sunscreen. The sun shines the same for everyone, as we said…

How to reach Mogren beach

Mogren Beach is easily reached on foot from Budva Old Town, and the walk is a delightful experience with scenic views of the Adriatic Sea. The path to the beach is quite steep, with a number of steps sculpted into the rocky cliffs. However, the breathtaking views of the sea and the old town make the journey worthwhile.

There are also numerous taxi drivers that can take you to the beach for a fraction of the price.

If you are planning on exploring Budva before heading to Mogren Beach, please take a look at our blog The Ultimate Guide to Budva.

Natural beauty in front of you

When visitors arrive at the beach, they are greeted by a peaceful atmosphere, the sound of the waves, and a refreshing breeze, providing the perfect ambiance for relaxation. The sea is warm and inviting, and the sand is soft and golden. A variety of rugged cliffs also encircle the beach, adding to the area’s beauty and providing a dramatic background. The beach is well-maintained and clean, with sun loungers and parasols available for rent. The sand is soft and golden, and the water is turquoise and clear, making it ideal for swimming and water activities. The beach is also great for sunbathing, and visitors can enjoy soaking up the sun while reading a book or sipping a drink.

The pristine nature of Mogren Beach is one of its key attractions. In contrast to many other beaches in Montenegro, Mogren has maintained its allure and natural beauty. There are no high-rise structures or large throngs of people to detract from the beauty of the beach, which is surrounded by rich greenery. Hence, Mogren is the perfect location to get away from the busyness of contemporary life and unwind in a peaceful setting.

Natural Beauty at Mogren
Natural Beauty at Mogren

Mogren Beach is a great vacation spot for families because there are many fun things for kids to do there, such as making sandcastles or playing in the shallow water. Together with other amenities, the beach has sun loungers, showers, and dressing rooms.

Mogren beach can become quite crowded during the summer season, particularly in July and August, and finding a spot at the beach may be difficult at times. This is one of the downsides of visiting the beach. But don’t let this stop you from visiting Budva, as there are numerous beaches such as Jaz, Azzuro, Red beach, Royal beach, and many more that could be your getaway spot if you’re looking for something more peaceful.

Activities and amenities at Mogren Beach

Mogren Beach offers a variety of services and activities in addition to its natural beauty. Along the coastline, there are numerous cafes and restaurants that serve a variety of delectable local fare and refreshments.

Furthermore, Mogren Beach is well-known for having a thriving nightlife that attracts tourists from all over the world. During the summer months, pubs, nightclubs, and beach parties create a vibrant and lively atmosphere that is sure to leave an impression.

mogren beach
Mogren Beach, credit benic_danijela

Mogren Beach comes alive in the summer with a plethora of beach clubs and bars that provide a wide range of entertainment alternatives. Guests may take in the stunning Adriatic Sea environment while listening to live music, dancing, and sipping on beverages. Waikiki Beach Club, Mogren Fort Beach Club, and Top Hill Beach Club are a few of Mogren’s busiest beach clubs.

The town of Budva features a large number of taverns and nightclubs that are open late into the night in addition to the beach clubs. People especially enjoy Budva’s Old Town neighborhood because its winding lanes are lined with pubs and eateries. Top Hill, Club Hacienda, and Casper Nightclub are a few of the area’s well-known nightclubs.

Aside from its natural beauty and nightlife, Mogren Beach is also a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The surrounding hills and mountains offer a range of hiking and cycling trails, while the nearby Adriatic Sea is a paradise for divers and snorkelers.

The simple act of relaxing on the sand and soaking up the sun is one of the most well-liked activities at Mogren Beach. Rentable sun loungers and umbrellas make it possible for guests to unwind comfortably while taking in the breathtaking sea views.


The region surrounding Mogren Beach has a number of hiking routes that pass through gorgeous scenery and provide spectacular views of the shore. The Ladder of Cattaro, which departs from Kotor and ascends to the top of the mountains with views of the bay, is a well-known hiking route.

Water sports

Mogren Beach is an excellent location for activities like windsurfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Rental businesses that hire out equipment line the beach.

Scuba diving: This is a great place for scuba diving because the seas are clear and rich with marine life. For both novice and expert divers, a number of diving facilities in Budva offer guided diving experiences.

Boat tours

A terrific way to discover the area is to take a boat tour along the shoreline. There are many different tours available, ranging from quick sightseeing outings to all-day excursions with swimming and snorkeling.


For adventurers, paragliding is a thrilling way to take in breathtaking coastal vistas. For both novice and expert paragliders, a number of businesses in Budva provide tandem flights.

Mogren Beach offers a variety of additional activities for those who would rather stay on dry land. Several volleyball nets are located on the beach, and a number of tennis courts are close by. Guests can either bring their own towels and enjoy the sand or rent sun loungers and umbrellas.

Enjoy your meal with a view

Along the coastline, there are a lot of eateries and cafes that serve delectable regional cuisine and energizing drinks. These locations are ideal for relaxing and admiring nature because many of them have breathtaking views of the sea and the rocks that surround it.

One of the unique features of Mogren Beach is that it is located between two rugged cliffs, which create a natural barrier from the winds and waves of the sea. This means that the water is usually calm and ideal for swimming, even on days when the sea is choppy elsewhere.

Finally, it’s important to note that Mogren Beach is only one of Montenegro’s breathtaking beaches. The nation is home to an abundance of breathtaking natural features, including imposing mountain ranges, beautiful lakes, and unspoiled woods. Mogren Beach visitors should definitely take the time to visit some of Montenegro’s other natural attractions.

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