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The Statue Ballerina in Budva, Montenegro

The Statue Ballerina in Budva, Montenegro, is a stunning work of art that celebrates the beauty and grace of ballet. The statue has become a beloved symbol of the town and a must-see attraction for visitors to Montenegro. However, beyond its beauty, the statue has an emotional story behind it that adds to its allure.


Ballerina – Credit StalkERR

The Statue Ballerina is a bronze sculpture of a ballerina in mid-dance, with one leg lifted high in the air and arms extended in a graceful pose. The statue is approximately 1.7 meters tall and rests on a stone pedestal, surrounded by lush greenery.

It’s known as the “Dancer from Budva” or “Gymnast from Budva”, and some people even call it “The Ballerina from Budva”. But, let me tell you, that’s not entirely accurate. This girl doesn’t have the main attribute of a ballerina – a special skirt called a “pack”. And if you take a closer look at the sculpture, you’ll notice that she doesn’t have any clothes at all! That’s why some tourists jokingly refer to this stunning sculpture as “The Girl Who Lost the Swimsuit”. Let’s dive into the beauty and stories behind this breathtaking piece of art!

Location of statue ballerina and How to Find It

The Statue Ballerina is located on the promenade in Budva, Montenegro. It is situated in the heart of the town, just a short walk from the old town and the marina – near Mogren Beach.

To find the statue, visitors can walk along the promenade and look for the large stone pedestal surrounded by greenery. The statue is located at the intersection of the promenade and the street that leads to the old town, making it easy to find.

Visitors to Budva can also ask for directions from locals or their hotel concierge, as the Statue Ballerina is a popular attraction in the town.

The Legend of the Budva Ballerina

The story behind the Budva Ballerina statue lies in a lost love between a ballerina and a sailor from Budva. According to legend, every day the ballerina came to the shore, waiting for her lover’s return, and watched the waves in the hope that they would bring him back. However, her lover did not return from his voyage, and the young bride died of a broken heart, still holding on to her faith and love for him.

Inspiration and Legacy

The inspiration of sculptor Gradimir Aleksić to create such a beautiful monument for Budva was the emotional story of this lost love. The Budva Ballerina Dancer is now considered the main symbol of the city, a testament to the power of love and the beauty of art.

Very instagrammable – Credit Mr Sebb

Despite the many important, historical buildings and monuments in the Old City of Budva, the Budva Ballerina statue has won the romantic side of Montenegrins and has become the most cherished monument. The statue is a beautiful work of art that serves as a source of inspiration for visitors and locals alike, and the story of the lost love behind it only adds to its emotional impact.

Its beauty and significance make it an instantly instagrammable spot and a must-visit for anyone in Budva. Don’t miss out on the chance to capture a stunning photo with this iconic statue during your visit to this picturesque Montenegrin town.

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