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Best Restaurants to Try in Montenegro (2024)

Choosing the best restaurant to try in 2024 is quite hard, considering Montenegrin’s fondness of food and incredibly versatile cuisine. The symphony of flavours and homemade delicious meals topped off with local wine make eating in Montenegro an adventure of a lifetime.

Starting with well-known prosciutto and cheeses, the culinary scene here includes meat specialties such as grilled lamb or meat-stuffed peppers, a variety of fish selections, and exquisite desserts. Regardless of the region you visit, you can count on culinary magic to be versatile. To enhance this experience even further, try different varieties of the same meal, which will tell the narrative of Montenegrin diversity.

Traditional cold platter in Montenegro -  Best restaurants
Traditional cold platter in Montenegro

Therefore, if you want to truly understand what is Montenegrin food culture all about and not make a mistake along the way, keep reading and discover our list of best places to try this year.

Best Restaurants in Montenegro

Catovica Mlini

Catovica Mlini, located on the coast of Montenegro in the small village of Morinj, is one of the best restaurants to visit in 2024. If you want to enjoy traditional food with a modern flare then look no further than this establishment. Owned by the Catovic family for more than 200 years this establishment has been known as incredible hospitality gem. Once an old mill that still stands as the symbol of the past and creates a rustic atmosphere, today, this is one of the best tavernas in Montenegro.  

Catovica Mlini

When it comes to food, Catovica Mlini serves a menu typical of the area, including famous shrimp and seafood salads. On top of this, their cold plates, which include handmade cheese and prosciutto, are a must, especially if you haven’t tasted them before. Besides this, the restaurant is ready to elevate your experience with exceptional both local and regional wines.

All this, together with the warm hospitality of the staff, makes the Catovica Mlini a place that is worth your time.

Location: E65, Morinj; Herceg Novi, Montenegro


Restoran Vodenica

The traditional allure of Montenegrin food and the warm hospitality, especially in Kolasin’s restaurant Vodenica. This family-owned business is one of the best restaurants to visit in 2024. It is set in a wooden establishment representing the best authentic northern food culture experience.

Vodenica restaurant
Vodenica restaurant

Proud on their preservation of tradition and authentic Montenegrin mountain vibe, charming owners and welcoming staff will ensure you have best experience. Here you will be trying items from their delicious menu that include everything from wood stove bread to homemade Turkish coffee and local rakija. Further on their menu features incredible cold platers, white cheese from Kolasin and the best kacamak in the country. To top it off make sure not to miss their delicious desserts, including authentic apple pie.

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With this in mind, Vodenica certainly seems like a great choice for embarking on a journey of the past and tradition in Montenegro.

Location: RGGF+85R, Kolašin, Montenegro

Verige 65

Ultimate modern experience on the verge of the sea can be the best experience at luxurious Verige 65. This incredible restaurant is set in the heart of Boka Bay, enabling its guests to enjoy mesmerising sights to look at while enjoying their meal.

Created to cater for all of your interests, Verige 65 is proud of their professional staff will make sure to suggest some of the incredible items on the menu. Here, you will experience the fusion of flavours, which include platters of homemade Montenegrin delights such as prosciutto and sausage, or the variety of sushi and seafood dishes and their famous mlinci (a thin dried flatbread prepared by pouring boiling salted water or soup) with salmon.

Verige 65
Verige 65

Besides the rich menu, Verige 65 is also known for its wine cellar and incredibly versatile offer of offers cocktails that will greatly accommodate any meal you choose. In this way, you will get the best of Montenegro, both landscape and culinary tradition vice.

Location: 19 E65, Kostanjica, Kotor, Montenegro

Gostiona 1928

Gostiona 1928 is a cosy and peaceful restaurant in the heart of Montenegrin capital, Podgorica. Located in the bustling Bokeska Street, it provides an environment of relaxation and comfort, serving some of the best dishes in the country.

Gostiona 1928
Gostiona 1928

In a modern yet rustic interior on two floors with a terrace reserved for intimate moments for 2 Gostiona is a well-known secret that locals jealously keep for themselves. Their menu is very versatile and caters to different needs with their vegetarian and meat menu. Guests’ favourites here include Sautéed Stroganoff, a Vegetarian plate and squid prepared in a Dalmatian way.

Besides great dishes, an excellent vine menu and a wide selection of soft drinks, the entire atmosphere of this rustic place has been elevated by ambient music. You can expect performances of different ensembles that play both modern and traditional music that make Gostiona 1928 a complete experience.

Konoba Santa Scala

The best restaurant to experience southern charm with a traditional interior and some of the best dishes on Adriatic is Konoba Santa Scala. This charming taverna style restaurant, located in Kotor, opened its doors in 1931. Ever since it has attracted both locals and tourists with its long tradition and impeccable quality of food. This family-owned restaurant tends to keep the authentic spirit of Kotor alive and defy the time that passes.

Konoba Santa Scala
Konoba Santa Scala

Their menu reflects their dedication to the authentic Montenegrin experience including their famous fish soup. Here you can also check out numerous seafood delicacies, as well as some delicious meat options.  

All this makes Scala Santa, a little square restaurant, a true experience focusing on food culture without fluff. It will provide you with one of the most enjoyable al fresco dinings with live music to complete the coastal bliss.


Montenegro has the richness of culture and tradition reflected in its cuisine. Therefore, regardless whether you are enjoying nature of Kolasin or the shores around Kotor, the incredible food waits for you on every corner.

However, if you want to try best of the best, especially in 2024, then we hope our top 5 best restaurants to try in 2024 helped you make your choice. In this way, we rest assure that you will fall in love with Montenegro even more.

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