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Guide to the Best Ice Cream in Kotor: 5 Places You Must-Visit


It’s a hot summer day and you’re walking around the magnificent old streets of the medieval city, making a stop and cooling down with an ice cream seems like the best idea. Then don’t worry! Kotor is indeed a perfect location with many shops open at any time of the year.

Guide to the Best Ice Creams in Kotor: 5 Places You Must-Visit

This small coastal town in Boka Bay has numerous ice cream places that sell everything you can wish for. If you desire a traditional Italian gelato or one-of-a-kind flavors made before you, it is all there. To help you a bit with so many choices, we have selected the top 5 ice cream stores you must visit in Kotor. Everyone will find something for themselves, from basic stracciatella flavor to the organic Thai ice cream many adore.

Continue reading to embark on a delicious journey seeking your next favorite place for a cool treat. You’ll be glad you did!

Kotor: A Montenegrin Gem in Boka Bay

Kotor is a historic seaside town that strives to amaze travelers with its gorgeous Old Town. Even more so, visitors enjoy a mesmerizing combination of high mountain peaks and deep blue water. Kotor is located in the scenic Boka Bay in Montenegro. Thus, it soon became a very famous port for luxurious yachts and cruise ships.

gray bricked building
St Tryphon’s Cathedral

In addition to this, Kotor’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site draws visitors from countries all over the world. This coastal city is also proud of its impeccable cuisine which has flourished immensely in the last couple of years. This also becomes another reason why tourists choose Kotor.

Top 5 Best Places to Eat Ice Cream in Kotor:

To satisfy your sweet tooth, but also introduce the culinary delights of Kotor, in the following paragraph, we have selected the best of the best places to have delicious ice cream:


Cattarisimo ice cream Kotor

Cattarisimo is considered to be one of the ultimate ice cream spots in Kotor! With a very high rating on all platforms, this small gelateria offers a delightful experience for ice cream enthusiasts. Both locals and travelers emphasize Cattarisimo as a go-to place to satisfy their sugar rush.

They are proud of their authentic formula which then develops into a wide array of flavors to choose from. These include all from traditional classics to some very authentic and original creations. Our personal favorites are their signature flavors made from domestically grown fruits.

Whether you enjoy your cone by the scenic waterfront or stroll through the ancient streets, Cattarisimo is definitely a place worth visiting to complete that unforgettable experience of Kotor.

Contact Information: 367, Kotor Montenegro; Phone number: +38269665005

Marshall’s Gelato

Marshall’s Gelato is one of the premium ice cream shops located in Kotor. In the heart of the Old Town, this charming shop gained popularity thanks to the craftsmanship with which all of its flavors are made.

Marshall’s Gelato Kotor
Marshall’s Gelato

This is a true heaven for ice cream enthusiasts that are keen on trying new authentic flavors. Their selection is inspired both by traditional Montenegrin ingredients as well as popular flavors around the world. Marshall’s Gelato owners made sure that this is the place for everyone, so they offer gluten-free artisan-style gelato. From their wide array of flavors, people seem to mostly enjoy Kinderlada as an homage to Yugoslav heritage as well as Marshall’s Special which is an almond and hazelnut cream combination.

Due to their exceptional quality, Marshall’s creations are definitely a must-try while spending a hot summer day or night in the charming Kotor.

Contact Information: Stari Grad/Old Town, Kotor, Montenegro; Phone number: +38269521871

Moritz Eis

Another shop worth visiting on your ice cream journey in Kotor is the Moritz Eis shop. This Serbian-owned producer has a variety of stores around Europe. It is highly praised because all of the ingredients used are organically produced.

Moritz Eis ice cream
Moritz Eis

Moritz Eis is particularly proud to bring world flavors into the cozy atmosphere of charming coastal cities such as Kotor. Some of their most famous flavors include Dulce de leche from Chile and Argentina, Green Tea & Yuzu from Japan, and Elderflower from Bosnia.

Considering their care for high-quality ingredients and mastery in producing this delicious treat, Moritz Eis is definitely a stop worth making.

Contact Information: Piaca od Salate and Stari Grad/Old Town, Kotor, Montenegro; Phone number: +38267209388

Ice Lab

Ice Lab is one of the pioneers of beloved Thai ice cream in Montenegro. These unique rolls freshly made before you will catch your attention and make your tastebuds extremely happy.

Ice Lab ice cream
Ice Lab – by Mārtiņš Belte

Ice Lab offers a wide range of ice cream rolls made especially for you. More importantly, it is opening the door to creating your own flavor combination on the spot. Besides this style of ice cream that made them famous, the Ice Lab also offers a variety of other options. You can choose everything from the classical on-stick treat that many kids love and which is organic.

Thanks to their recognizable and quite different approach to ice cream making, Ice Lab soon gained extreme popularity and became a must-try place for locals and tourists in Kotor.

Contact Information: Ulica 1, Kotor, Montenegro

Gelateria Sol

Gelateria Sol ice cream
Gelateria Sol

Gelateria Sol, is our ultimate place to visit close to the Old Town in Dobrota. It is also locals’ recommendation for truly homemade ice cream. This charming shop is located next to the main road and attracts visitors with its wide choice of ice cream flavors and many other treats they have on the menu. Whether you love cones or ice cream in a cup, Gelateria Sol has you covered.

This incredible gelateria keeps its recipes very traditional and in the spirit of true Italian gelato-making. Gelateria Sol focuses on universal flavors that simply cannot be resisted. All of their products are made from local Montenegrin fruits, so you always receive a fresh product.

Therefore if you are looking for an authentic and never disappointing ice cream experience, have a stroll to Dobrota and make sure you visit Gelateria Sol.

Contact Information: Stari Grad/Old Town, Kotor, Montenegro; Phone number: +38267561791


As you could conclude, Kotor is indeed a paradise for ice cream enthusiasts. From the delicious ice cream options at Cattarisimo to the artisanal creations at Marshall’s Gelato, this Montenegrin town offers the perfect backdrop to indulge in frozen delights.

Whether you choose to visit the renowned Moritz Eis or opt for the unique ice cream rolls at Ice Lab, each place offers a different and delightful delight. Ultimately for a true Kotor experience make sure to take advantage of the traditional flavors and fresh ingredients at Gelateria Sol.

Therefore make sure to put Kotor on your map. This town is indeed an ice cream heaven where you’ll find a world of ice cream flavors waiting for you to enjoy.

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