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Noa, Podgorica: Pizza Paradise

Podgorica, nestled in the rugged beauty of Montenegro, is a vibrant city full of energy and charm. Here, history whispers through the old cobbled streets, while modernity hums in the bustling cafés and lively markets. Surrounded by majestic mountains and lush greenery, Podgorica offers a picturesque backdrop for exploration and discovery. With its warm hospitality and captivating charm, this hidden gem of the Balkans promises an unforgettable experience at every turn.

According to recent estimates, more than 250,000 people live in Podgorica, whether they are registered there, just visiting, or coming from other parts of Montenegro in the hope of a better job or to study.

Leisure as a way of living

It is fair to say that people in Montenegro enjoy their free time. On every street corner in Podgorica, you will find small cafés and restaurants, which are usually very busy. Especially if you go for a walk on a sunny day, you will have trouble finding a free spot to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or a meal.

The positive aspect of more and more people living in the capital of Montenegro is the fact that new places are opening. New restaurants and cafés are opening almost daily. The newcomers bring in new ideas and open unconventional places, while the previous owners are constantly modernizing their establishments.

One of the biggest problems I have noticed over the years is that there have never been enough specialized places. Most bars, restaurants, and cafés are very broad with menus that are ten pages long and offer everything from Italian, and Chinese to traditional Montenegrin cuisine. My personal opinion has always been that places that are not specialized enough, especially in terms of restaurants, cannot offer exceptional quality when it comes to the authenticity of the food prepared.

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However, I have started to notice a change when it comes to this. In the past two years, there have been multiple places that opened up and specialize in a certain cuisine. Finally, we also have specialty coffee places where you can get one of the best coffees I have tried in my life, and this says a lot given that I am a huge coffee lover.  For more about coffee place recommendations in Podgorica, visit the blog Podgorica’s Coffee Scene: Top 5 Spots for Curated Sips

When it comes to food, I can say that I am a big foodie. I enjoy every single cuisine and am always eager to try new things. However, on the days when I do not feel like preparing food myself, I always crave the classics of the world. Pizza has always been my favorite food, and I crave it at least once a month. This craving has led me on a quest to find a restaurant in Podgorica that serves the best pizza in town.

Fresh Flavors Await Pizzeria “NOA”

After trying out multiple spots I stumbled upon a new pizzeria & cafe called “Noa”. It is located in the city center, in the street Hercegovacka number 15, right next to “Biro” – a small club loved by locals and internationals.

The first thing that immediately caught my attention was the exterior of the pizzeria. The exterior of the place is done in an almost industrial style and blends in with the rest of the buildings on the street. If you have been to Podgorica previously then you know the type of buildings that are in the Hercegovacka street. This is something of big aesthetic importance because the preservation of old buildings in the city center is what gives it its’ charm.

There is a large outdoor seating area with cozy arrangements as well as outdoor heating panels that are turned on once the sun goes down. There are also blankets in case you get cold in the evening hours.

As soon as I walked into the restaurant I was greeted by amazing staff. What makes a place stand out to me is always the staff. I was seated right next to the window which overlooks Hercegovacka Street and the waiter made sure I felt comfortable from the start. As soon as the menus were brought, the waiter gave me a small background story behind “Noa”.  This pizzeria specializes in Neapolitan pizza. Despite the various types of pizza existing today—such as Roman, Detroit, New York Style, Sicilian, classic, or Californian pizzas—differing in dough type, ingredients, and baking methods, only Neapolitan pizza holds a protected geographical indication certificate (since 2009). The recipe and the art of pizza-making were recognized by UNESCO in 2017 as a globally protected cultural heritage. “Noa” prides itself on using the finest fresh ingredients in their cooking process.

The Menu

When I opened up the menu, I was pleasantly surprised to see only Pizza, appetizers, salads, and lasagna on the menu. This was a good sign that I was at the right place that specializes in Italian cuisine.

I was extra hungry that day and I opted out for a Focaccia (sourdough bread with garlic, olive oil, and parsley) and a Quatro Formaggi pizza (Pizza with four types of cheese). While waiting for the pizza I observed the interior of the place. The interior matches the exterior and is designed in the same style with great attention to detail. What I liked best is that you can watch the pizza chef at work while you wait for your food. The place was not crowded, but there were a few tables (mostly families) and the atmosphere was great. People seemed to really enjoy the place and the food.

The food came quite quickly and I can tell you that the smell of freshness and delicious food is overwhelming. This is definitely one of the few places where you can actually taste the different cheeses used in the making of the Quatro Formaggi Pizza. I had a glass of wine to go with the pizza and the waiter made sure to let me help decide which wine goes the best with what I have ordered. The focaccia tasted amazing. The sourdough was the perfect thickness with just the right amount of everything added. It was warm, fresh, perfectly baked, and a good size for only 3.6e. I can certainly tell that I left the pizzeria stuffed with food and extremely satisfied.

When it comes to pricing, it starts from 7.5 for a classic Margherita, to 17.6 as the most expensive option. All of the pizzas come in the same size and you definitely have a variety of options, and I am sure everyone can find something they will like. In the future, I will definitely be trying out pizzas with different toppings, especially the Bresaola and Mortadella con Pistachio as they seem like interesting options to try out.


In conclusion, pizzeria “Noa” is a place I definitely recommend if you find yourself in Podgorica looking for an authentic pizza place that will not disappoint. With its location, interior & exterior, incredibly friendly staff, and fairly reasonable prices it is a place worth stopping by!

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