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10 Free Things To Enjoy When in Kotor

Who would thought that Kotor could offer so many free things as one of the most beautiful towns in Montenegro? Besides marvellous attractions you need to pay for, such as St. Giovanni fortress and St Tryphon’s Cathedral, Kotor provides its visitors with more than plenty of fun activities to enjoy for free.

To help you decide how to spend time in this marvellous city, we have compiled a list of the 10 best free things in Kotor to enjoy:

1. Stroll around Old Town

Kotor’s Old Town is one of the most mesmerizing places in the entire southern parts of Montenegrin. Astonishing architecture with centuries of history which still lives in the streets will captivate you. The walls of Old Town hide numerous small squares scattered around this incredible area, completing this enchanting atmosphere.

Old Town piazza

The entrance to the Old Town is free. Therefore, you can stroll around and enjoy this UNESCO World Heritage Site without disturbance. While there, make sure to admire numerous old palazzos that once belonged to the noble families in this area. These are now restored spaces used as museum premises and institutions. Among these, the most mesmerizing facades not to miss are the ones of Drago, Grubanja and Pima Palaces.

In this way, you will fully grasp all the charms that Kotor’s heritage has to offer.

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2. Walk around Kotor Promenade

Kotor Promenade is one of the best places to admire the mesmerising beauty and exquisite look of Boka Bay. Although the city does not have a proper beach, its pavement promenade allows you to enjoy in the beauty of the sea and admire the ruggedness of the mountains.

Promenade in Kotor –
Promenade in Kotor –

Some parts of the promenade are more accessible than others, but overall, all the spots around Kotor’s coast provide you with mesmerising views to enjoy. A local’s tip is to visit the promenade in the morning or in the evening hours so you can enjoy the very busy fishermen who come and go or soak in the incredible sunset over the horizon.

3. Visit the St Nichola’s Church

St. Nichola’s Church is one of the biggest religious objects in Kotor. Set in the heart of the Old Town, this Orthodox church represents a mastery of architecture and design. It stands out in the city’s skyline with its dominating towers. The incredible exterior is equally mesmerising, and it features elements of its turbulent history. These include numerous icons and sacral items on display.

St Nichola's Church
St Nichola’s Church

St. Nichola’s Church has been rebuilt and renovated on several occasions which makes it an intriguing spot to visit. The entrance is free, and all visitors are allowed to enter.

It is especially interesting to visit St. Nichola’s Church during Easter and Christmas or during the carnival season as the citizens embrace the true holiday spirit and ensure you feel it.

4. Walk the narrowest street in the world

“Let Me Pass” is considered to be one of the narrowest streets in the world. However, it is certainly the narrowest in Montenegro. With a width of only 80 cm, two people cannot pass each other from opposite sides. This is how the funny name of the street was born almost 100 years ago during the Austro-Hungarian empire.

"Let me pass" street -
“Let me pass” street –

Back in the day, this street served as a passage for women who washed the clothes to pass with big baskets, so it was quite crowded. Today, this is typically an overlooked gem in the Old Town of Kotor, which is unfortunate as the pass is free, and you can experience the magic of history.

Urban legend says that many loves were born here together with many quarrels over women’s hearts, which makes “Let Me Pass” definitely worth the trouble.

5. Hike through Kotor’s Serpentines

Kotor’s Seprentines are considered to be one of the greatest natural wonders in Montenegro. Once an old caravan road due to its dangerous curbs, today it serves as a hiking challenge and one of the best spots for mesmerising vistas of Kotor Bay. It rises to more than 3000ft above Kotor Bay and has a near-vertical drop, making you feel like you are in the air observing incredible nature.

Kotor's Serpentines
Kotor’s Serpentines

The access is free, and if you are an adventure enthusiast, then Serpentines should definitely be one of the places you visit during your time in Kotor.

This road is also accessible by car, which is suitable for rough roads, making it a great 2-hour fun adventure with your family or friends.

6. Admire the scenery from the walls of Old Town

If you are seeking a bit of a bird perspective on the charming Kotor, then walking on the walls of Old Town will be a thing for you. This is one of the best free things in Kotor, which allows you to observe the old rooftops and peek into the life of the inhabitants of this cosy town.

Walk on Kotor's Walls
Walk on Kotor’s Walls

Around the entire front side of the Old Town, overlooking the bay and water, you can walk small and very narrow paths on the top of the city walls. Here, there are also some coffee shops and bars so you can enhance your experience allowing you to grasp a different side of Kotor from above.

7. Take a picture of Gurdich Gate

Gudric Gate, or the South Gate, is one of Kotor’s most recognisable landmarks. Standing tall and overlooking the Kotor municipality, this gate carries a long history carved in its design.

Gurdich Gate
Gurdich Gate

The gate is one of the most significant entry points in the city because of its three-way automated entrance. It provides a fantastic view as you approach tall walls from across the bridge, allowing you to explore the area. You will be led by winding cobblestone lanes from the gate to the city’s piazzas. This is a pleasant way to approach the town and view several significant structures, as the gate was initially built to secure the key entrances to the strategically positioned old town.

Gudrich Gate is an often visited place for taking pictures or enjoying the astonishing architecture, making it one of the best free things in Kotor.

8. Visit the Kotor Bazar

Kotor’s Bazar is a typical traditional marketplace of southern cities across the Mediterranean. It is located on the front gate of the Old Town.

Kotor's Bazar
Kotor’s Bazar

You will be mesmerised by the harmony of colours and flavours while the chatty sellers will offer you their products. Here, you can find everything from kitchen supplies and flowers up to food such as cheese, fresh milk, vegetables, fruits, and homemade jams. Pay special attention to handcrafted items such as wool socks and traditional Montenegrin items.

The best is to visit it early in the morning when you can savour some of the fresh produce from local farmers. This will complete the colourful perspective of Kotor, and it will allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture.

9. Step into the Church of St. Luka

St. Luka’s church is one of the oldest religious objects for Orthodox Christians in Kotor. It dates back to 1195, and ever since, it has preserved its appearance. There is only one older structure in the same town, Kotor Cathedral.

Church of St.Luka

The incredible Church of St.Luka was once a Catholic century, which can still be seen today. It has two altars, a Catholic and an Orthodox one, both preserved impeccably until today.

The entrance to the church is free as visitors like to come in and savour century-old architecture and step into history. If you decide to visit, make sure to watch where you step as the floor in the church features tomb panels on joined graves of citizens of Kotor.

10. Enjoy Kampana tower

Kampana Tower is the last remaining fortification on the walls of Kotor’s old town. It is a magnificent architectural marvel that grew to become a symbol of Kotor.

Situated near the point where the River Scurda drains into the deepest arm of the Bay of Kotor. The majestic Kampana Tower dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries which is evident in its masterfull architecture.

Its strategic location allows you to have a broad perspective of the bay and the mountains from the top of its summit. From the tower, you can observe both the historical grandeur of Kotor and the striking natural setting around it.

Kampana tower - Luka Esenko
Kampana tower – Luka Esenko

Finally, Kampana Tower allows you to discover the delights of Kotor and the Bay of Kotor with a stroll along this portion of the city’s mediaeval wall. The sighting is especially marvellous during the night when the walls and the Tower are light making it a perfect spot to end a day in Kotor.

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