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Lake Fest: Rock Spectacle at the heart of Niksic

One of the biggest symbols of the city at the bottom of the hill Trebjesa is its rock festival, Lake Fest. Occurring each year in August on a brick of Krupac Lake, this incredible spectacle gathers some of the biggest names in the music industry from all around the Balkans and the world.

This is one of the iconic festivities in Montenegro, which invites you to immerse yourself in nature while enjoying incredible beats. The festival offers something new each year, but one of its most popular features is the camp, where numerous individuals come together and enjoy their time in the open.

Lake Fest is much more than a festival; it is the core of Niksic’s spirit. Therefore, keep reading and discover why you should visit this enchanting manifestation.

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Niksic: City of Beer and Rock & Roll

Niksic is the second-largest city in Montenegro. Set in the central area, in a valley surrounded by numerous mountains and hills from each side, it represents a serene retreat to enjoy.

The bustling hub of activity in this old industrial city resonates with plenty of history, evident in its authentic old center. Here, you can find a place to grab coffee, enjoy a delicious meal, and experience local culture.

Niksic City Centre - Tuisticka organizacija opstine Niksic
Niksic City Centre – Tuisticka organizacija opstine Niksic

Not far from the city’s core are the local amenities, including Trebjesa Hill and the Cathedral of St. Basil of Ostrog Nikšić, set right next to the old royal castle of King Nikola I Petrovic, which also serves as a museum today. A short walk from here is also Bedem, a historical fortification dating back to the Roman period. Today, it is a tourist attraction and a locality for numerous cultural events, including Bedem Fest, a music festival.

Niksic is also home to numerous lakes. Among the two most important are Krupac, where you can take a dip in the summer and refresh yourself, and Slano, which has a mesmerizing landscape. On top of this, there are numerous other hiking trails, natural paths, and charming spots to explore, which will make your stay in this city feel complete.

Lake Fest: The Symbol of the System

Lake Fest is a music festival with a tradition dating back twelve years, and so far, it has hosted more than 220.000 visitors. It is held in the forest next to Krupac Lake, which is why the festival bears this name. It typically lasts for three days, set from the 11th to the 14th of August each year, with a multiple-hour program.

However, this marvelous atmosphere right at the end of summer includes coming prepared, as one of the distinct features of the festival is rain! It is almost always the case that there will be a bit of a summer shower on one day of the festival, but don’t let this discourage you. Even during the heaviest rains, the festival’s electric atmosphere, vibrant visitors, and the contagious good vibes of musicians guarantee a great time regardless of the weather conditions.

The Music Program

The music selection is essentially the most important part of the festival. Organizations try to bring new and popular names to the Krupac stage each year. Therefore, visitors always have high expectations in this regard.

 main stage
The main stage

The main feature of the lineup for Lake Fest is the variety of genres that are included and the versitility of popular names that take part in the musical program. Therefore, it is no surprise that some of the biggest and most famous names from Montenegro and the region have already taken the stage and come back for more, emphasizing the incredible atmosphere of the festival.

Besides well-known names such as Van Gogh, Zoster, and Brkovi, the festival proudly hosted some of the world’s most famous stars, including Manu Chao, Guano Apes, Dog Eat Dog, and many others.

DJ set
DJ set

In recent years, the festival has embraced global trends, expanding its offerings to include designated DJ booth areas tailored for electronic music lovers. One of the biggest stars from last year’s edition of the Lake Fest was Mahmut Orhan, a well-known Turkish DJ.

Camping Opportunities

Lake Fest is well known for its great entertainment programs that last throughout the day. One of its most beloved features is the designated camping space. Here, you only need to bring a great tent and sleeping bag, sit back, and enjoy the amazing company and incredible atmosphere.

Camping area of Lake Fest - Marko Ristic
Camping area of Lake Fest – Marko Ristic

Every year, hundreds of individuals from all around the world come to spend time in the camp, enjoy a new environment, and create one of the most cherished memories that will last forever.

This setting is particularly favorable, as the high trees and proximity to the water make the warm August days feel refreshing. Therefore, you can take advantage of the space to enjoy the charms of Krupac Lake.

It is an artificial lake made for the production of electricity, but it is also one of the favorite spots for citizens to cool themselves in the summer heat. Here, you can enjoy watersports or cruise around the lake and admire nature.

Spirit of the Festival

The reason why this festival is so popular is the atmosphere that the citizens of Niksic create. Known for their admiration of good-quality music and refined sense of musical style, the city has always nurtured a very inspiring musical scene. Additionally, it has always recognized the need for a versatile cultural offering that includes genres such as rock and roll.

Promoting urban culture, music, performance, and a healthy mind are all goals of Lake Fest. The festival also aims to promote tourism and highlight the value of both industry and ecology. Niksicko Pivo, a well-liked beer produced in Niksic, is one of the main sponsors of the festival. Each year, they take social responsibility seriously and often work to clean up the environment, recycle, and foster this spirit among the visitors.

Fun at the camp of Lake Fest
Fun at the camp of Lake Fest

The organizers also attempt to encourage a culture in its broadest sense and spark the creative energy of many young Montenegrins by bringing popular musicians, artists, authors, painters, etc.

Technical details

The festival has been created to host large crowds and expand its premises so everyone can have a fun time. A ticket usually costs 15 euros for all three days of the festival. Camping here is complimentary; however, foreign visitors need to pay a residence tax for their stay in the municipality, which is only 0.60 cents per day per person.

Therefore, the location of the Lake Fest in the forest next to Krupac is excellent, and thanks to the great infrastructure at the city entry and the approach to the camp, you can easily access all stages.

Designated map with all amenities throughout the concert

The venue for the event boasts numerous benefits, including ample parking, a variety of small shops offering everything from burgers and sandwiches to pizzas, and a well-planned layout featuring a versatile array of drinks strategically arranged around the camp and stage.

The entire premise is secured with a fence and has one main entrance followed by extensive security personnel, making you feel safe and protected throughout the entire festival.


Because of the incredible idea behind the festival and the masterful atmosphere that brings out the crowds each year to Krupac Lake, the Lake Fest is truly one of the most important events in Montenegro.

Its magical atmosphere and urban character are something you shouldn’t miss if you visit the incredible Niksic and Montenegro.

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