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The Linden Film Fest Returns to Cetinje: A Week of Cinematic Exploration (August 1-7)

For the second time, the streets of Cetinje will come alive with the sights and sounds of the Linden Film Fest from August 1 to 7. This eagerly anticipated event is a collaborative effort between Prijestonica, the Tourist Organization of Cetinje, and various cultural institutions within the city.

The festival will unfold at three significant locations that carry both cultural and historical weight within Cetinje: the open-air Summer Stage, the renowned Royal Theater Zetski dom, and the impressive building of the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro. These venues will host an array of film screenings that reflect the vibrancy of the festival.

But it’s not just about the films; the festival is complemented by an engaging side program. This includes exhibitions showcasing vintage photography equipment and intriguing film and theatre posters from different eras.

At its core, the Linden Film Fest is about more than entertainment. With seven comprehensive selections, the festival aims to support budding filmmakers and students, while also offering the chance to experience fresh regional productions. The event will even explore less familiar territories, shedding light on contemporary Asian cinema.

Above all, the festival is committed to nurturing and advancing domestic filmmaking and cinema education. It’s a unique cultural experience that resonates with the aspirations of creators and enthusiasts alike, aspiring to become a permanent fixture in the artistic landscape of Cetinje. Come be a part of this cinematic journey!

In addition, last night, the picturesque town of Žabljak set the stage for the electrifying opening ceremony of the ninth edition of the Green Montenegro International Film Festival (GMIFF). Fans, celebrities, and cinephiles gathered in celebration of the intertwining beauty of film art and nature.

GMIFF isn’t just any festival – it’s a beacon of education, non-commercial competition, and global recognition. Ranked among the 40 top ecological film festivals worldwide, it’s part of the prestigious “Green Film Network”.

Since its inception in 2015, GMIFF has grown into the very heartbeat of Montenegro’s ecological identity. It stands as a symbol not only in Montenegro but resonates across the globe, especially in the face of environmental disasters like floods and fires that have marked the past decade.

Blagota Marunović, the festival’s spirited director, beamed with pride: “Nine years of relentless passion, a decade on the horizon, and a commitment to life and environment protection. We select quality films, strengthen our program, and believe we’re on the right path. The audience’s enthusiasm tells us we’re right.”

This year’s festival is a cinematic feast, featuring 40 films from countries spanning Brazil to Georgia. Divided into four gripping categories – 1. Ecology, 2. Ecology of the soul, 3. Promotional tourism films, and 4. Student films, it promises a unique experience for all.

The opening buzzed with international filmmaking royalty, including German Oscar winner Pepe Danquart (film “The Black Rider” in 1994). His first-time presence in Montenegro was marked with a heartfelt realization: “Green Montenegro International Film Festival must be held right here. In times of climate distress, we need to act. I am honored to be here. Expect a lot of interesting films for children and adults alike,” declared Danquart.

This isn’t just a festival; it’s a call to action, an embrace of culture, and a celebration of our shared world. GMIFF is where cinema meets ecology, and you’re invited to be part of this extraordinary journey!

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