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Beer Fest kicks off

The second evening of the Montenegro Beer Fest was nothing short of a musical extravaganza, teeming with vibrant sounds and enthusiastic fans. Kicking off the night at 8 p.m. was The Grupa, whose one-of-a-kind performance ignited the crowd’s energy.

The stage then welcomed the legendary Croatian musician Neno Belan, celebrated for his influential work in rock music. His musical genius and lively presence enthralled the audience, filling the air with melodic nostalgia.

Following Belan’s captivating performance, the Serbian rock sensation Kiki Lesendrić and Piloti took over the stage. Known for their melodic rock sound since the 1980s, they continued to weave musical magic, with the crowd singing along to well-known tunes, cherishing every beat.

The evening’s surprise was the rising star in the trap scene, Nucci, who added a unique flair to the festival and pumped up the energy.

As the night drew closer to its end, the Sarajevo hip-hop group Helem Nejse left a lasting impression on all festival-goers. With their urban sound and charismatic stage presence, this dynamic group redefined what hip-hop means to the region, rounding off a spectacular night of music.

The organizers of the festival were thrilled with the amazing turnout and the top-notch quality of the performances. Montenegro Beer Fest wasn’t just another event; it was a celebration of music and beer, a unifying experience that continued to gather aficionados from all walks of life. They eagerly anticipated more surprises, more memories, and above all, more music, as they invited everyone to the unforgettable next evening.

With the backing of MNE Event, and the commendable support of sponsors including the Government of Montenegro, the Capital of Cetinje, and the Tourist Organization of the Capital of Cetinje, and not to forget the main sponsor VolcanoBet, the festival was truly a memorable event. The night was a testament to the love of music, the spirit of celebration, and the joy of being together in beautiful Montenegro.

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