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Montenegro: One of the World’s Loudest Countries?

Welcome to our exploration of a fascinating topic that has been buzzing around the internet recently! A map shared on Reddit has sparked quite the conversation, showing the loudest to quietest countries in the world. And guess what? Montenegro, our beautiful country, has been highlighted as one of the loudest! We appear to be less loud than the Italians and the Greeks – but still pretty loud.

Let’s dive into this intriguing subject and uncover what it means for Montenegro.

What Does It Mean to Be a “Loud” Country?

When we talk about a country being loud, we’re not just talking about the volume of noise people make. It’s also about the hustle and bustle of daily life, the vibrancy of cultural festivals, and how people express themselves in public spaces. So, being labeled as a “loud” country isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It reflects the lively spirit and dynamic culture of a nation.

Montenegro’s Place on the Map

The map that’s been circulating online categorizes countries based on their noise levels. And there, prominently featured, is Montenegro among the louder nations. But why is Montenegro considered loud? Let’s explore a few possible reasons:

Lively Public Spaces

Montenegro is known for its bustling markets, vibrant cafes, and lively streets. These are places where people gather, socialize, and enjoy life, often accompanied by music and lively conversation. This vibrant social scene is a hallmark of Montenegrin culture.

Budva and Kotor can be a lot busier in the summer – but still in our opinion quieter than some of the big European capitals.

Festivals and Celebrations

Montenegro has a rich tradition of festivals and public celebrations, where music, dance, and community spirit take center stage. These events are characterized by their high energy and joyous noise, contributing to the country’s “loud” reputation.

Expressive Communication

Montenegrins are known for their expressive way of communicating, which often involves animated speech and gestures. This expressiveness is a beautiful aspect of the culture, though it may contribute to the perception of the country as louder.

Embracing the Noise

While the label of a “loud” country might seem odd, it’s important to embrace and celebrate the unique characteristics that make Montenegro special. The noise level is just one facet of our rich cultural tapestry, reflecting the vitality and warmth of the Montenegrin people.

Celebrating Montenegro’s Vibrancy

Rather than seeing the noise as a negative, we can view it as a testament to the country’s lively spirit and strong sense of community. It’s what makes our public spaces inviting and our celebrations memorable.

The Quiet Side of Montenegro

It’s also worth noting that Montenegro has its serene and tranquil spots. From the peaceful shores of the Adriatic to the quiet beauty of the mountains, there are plenty of places where one can enjoy the quieter side of life.

To be honest, the national parks such as Lovcen and Durmitor are perfect examples of where you can experience the serene side of Montenegro.


Montenegro’s designation as one of the world’s loudest countries is a testament to its vibrant culture and spirited people. While the noise level is just one way to measure the atmosphere of a country, it’s clear that Montenegro’s liveliness is something to be celebrated. So, whether you’re enjoying the lively chatter in a café or seeking peace in a mountain retreat, Montenegro offers a dynamic blend of noise and quiet, each adding to the rich fabric of the country.

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