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Saudi Arabian Low Cost Carrier Flynas to Launch Seasonal Flights to Montenegro’s Tivat

Flynas, a low-cost carrier based in Saudi Arabia, is set to launch its second destination in Montenegro during the summer of 2023. The airline will commence seasonal operations between Riyadh and Tivat, complementing its summer flights between the Saudi capital and Podgorica. The new service will be inaugurated on June 1 and run three times per week with the Airbus A320neo aircraft until August 31. Earlier this year, the Montenegrin government announced the new route.


Tivat beckons

Flynas, one of the leading low-cost carriers in Saudi Arabia, has announced that it will be launching a new seasonal route between Riyadh and Tivat in Montenegro, starting on June 1, 2023. This new service will operate three times per week, using the Airbus A320neo aircraft, and will run until August 31. This move comes as part of Flynas’ continued efforts to expand its route network and provide affordable travel options to its customers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the new Flynas route and what it means for travelers.

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Flynas’ New Route to Montenegro

Route Details

The new Flynas route will connect Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, with Tivat, a coastal town in Montenegro. The route will operate three times per week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from June 1 to August 31, 2023. The flights will be operated using the Airbus A320neo aircraft, which is known for its fuel efficiency and comfort.

Benefits for Travelers

The launch of this new route will provide travelers with more options when it comes to traveling between Saudi Arabia and Montenegro. It will also help to boost tourism in both countries, as well as strengthen business ties between them. The new route will offer travelers affordable air travel options, which is especially important given the current economic climate.


Flynas will face competition on this route from other airlines, including Air Arabia, which already operates flights between Sharjah and Tivat. However, Flynas’ reputation as a reliable and affordable carrier is likely to make it a popular choice among travelers.

Future Plans

Flynas is constantly expanding its route network and has plans to launch new routes in the future. The airline is committed to providing travelers with affordable air travel options and is always looking for new destinations to add to its network.

Things to Do in Tivat

Tivat is a charming coastal town in Montenegro, known for its beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, and stunning mountain views. If you’re planning a trip to Tivat, here are some things you can do while you’re there:

Visit Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is a luxurious marina complex in Tivat, featuring designer boutiques, fine dining restaurants, and a range of entertainment options. The marina is home to some of the most impressive yachts in the world, and it’s a great place to people-watch while enjoying a drink or a meal.

Explore the Town

Tivat is a small town with plenty of charm. You can explore the town on foot, taking in the historic architecture, quaint streets, and local markets. Make sure to visit the town’s main square, where you’ll find a beautiful church and plenty of cafes and restaurants.

Relax on the Beach

beach montenegro
Beaches with crystal clear water

Tivat is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro. One of the most popular is Plavi Horizonti, a picturesque beach with crystal clear waters and soft sand. There are also plenty of smaller, quieter beaches dotted along the coastline, where you can relax and soak up the sun.

Take a Boat Trip

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Tivat is from the water. There are plenty of boat trips available, which will take you to some of the most scenic spots along the coastline. You can also take a trip to the nearby island of Sveti Nikola, which is home to some of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the area.

Visit the Maritime Heritage Museum

The Maritime Heritage Museum in Tivat is a fascinating place to visit, offering an insight into the town’s rich maritime history. The museum features a range of exhibits, including old ship models, nautical charts, and photographs.

Go Hiking in the Mountains

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can head into the mountains surrounding Tivat for some hiking or mountain biking. The trails offer stunning views of the coastline and the surrounding countryside, and there are plenty of options for all levels of experience.

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Tivat is a wonderful destination for anyone looking for a relaxing beach vacation with plenty of things to see and do. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone in Tivat. When planning your trip to Montenegro, make sure to consider FlyNas for your travel needs and add Tivat to your itinerary!


  1. When does the new Flynas route to Tivat, Montenegro start? The new Flynas route between Riyadh and Tivat will commence on June 1, 2023.
  2. How many times per week will the new Flynas route operate? A: The new Flynas route will operate three times per week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  3. What type of aircraft will Flynas use on the new route? A: Flynas will use the Airbus A320neo aircraft on the new route.
  4. How long will the new Flynas route operate for? A: The new Flynas route will operate from June 1 to August 31.
  5. What are some popular things to do in Tivat? A: Some popular things to do in Tivat include visiting Porto Montenegro, exploring the town, relaxing on the beach, taking a boat trip, visiting the Maritime Heritage Museum, and going hiking in the mountains.
  6. What is the official language spoken in Montenegro?
    • Montenegrin is the official language of Montenegro. However, many people also speak English, especially in tourist areas.
  7. Do I need a visa to travel to Montenegro from Saudi Arabia?
    • Yes, as a citizen of Saudi Arabia, you will need a visa to travel to Montenegro. You can obtain a visa through the Montenegrin embassy in Riyadh or through the online visa application system.
  8. What is the currency used in Montenegro?
    • The Euro is the official currency used in Montenegro.
  9. What is the time difference between Saudi Arabia and Montenegro?
    • Montenegro is 2 hours behind Saudi Arabia.
  10. What are the must-visit tourist attractions in Montenegro?
  11. Is Montenegro a safe country to visit?
    • Montenegro is generally considered a safe country for tourists. However, visitors should exercise normal safety precautions, such as not leaving valuables unattended and avoiding unlit or isolated areas at night.
  12. What is the weather like in Montenegro?
    • Montenegro has a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The best time to visit is during the summer months of June to September.
  13. Can I use my Saudi Arabian driver’s license in Montenegro?
    • No, you cannot use your Saudi Arabian driver’s license in Montenegro. You will need to obtain an international driver’s license or a Montenegrin driver’s license to drive legally in Montenegro.
  14. What is the voltage used in Montenegro?
    • The voltage used in Montenegro is 220-240V, with a frequency of 50 Hz. Make sure to bring the appropriate power adapters for your electronic devices.
  15. Are there any cultural or religious customs that I should be aware of in Montenegro?
    • Montenegro is predominantly Orthodox Christian, but there is also a significant Muslim minority. Visitors should dress modestly and respectfully when visiting religious sites and observe local customs and traditions.
  16. How much should I budget for my trip to Montenegro?
    • The cost of living in Montenegro is generally lower than in Saudi Arabia. However, prices can vary depending on the location and time of year.
  17. What is the country code for Montenegro?
    • The country code for Montenegro is +382. Make sure to add this code before dialing a phone number in Montenegro from Saudi Arabia.
  18. Can I use my Saudi Arabian mobile phone in Montenegro?
    • Yes, you can use your Saudi Arabian mobile phone in Montenegro, but you may incur roaming charges. It may be more cost-effective to purchase a local SIM card or use a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.
  19. What is the emergency number in Montenegro?
    • The emergency number in Montenegro is 112. This number can be used to contact emergency services, such as police, fire, and medical assistance.
  20. Are there mosques in Montenegro?
    • Yes, there are mosques in Montenegro

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