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Budget-friendly European cities for romantic getaways, revealed by experts

Looking for a budget-friendly European city to visit with your significant other? Consider Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro! According to travel industry experts, you can enjoy a two-day trip for two people in Podgorica, including flights, accommodation, and a three-course dinner, for as little as £222.

A romantic destination for both partners

While popular destinations like Zurich and Zug in Switzerland can cost over £1,000 for a two-day holiday, exploring lesser-known cities like Podgorica can provide a unique and romantic experience without breaking the bank. As a travel professional at Jersey Island Holidays advises, “exploring cities that might not be the most popular options can be a great way to get the most bang for your buck while also providing new romantic and cultural experiences for you and your significant other.”

Podgorica cathedral

Podgorica has a mix of ancient ruins and modern architecture, as well as beautiful views and winding streets, making it an ideal destination for couples seeking an intimate and affordable vacation. So why not consider Podgorica for your next romantic getaway?

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At, we are obviously biased but Podgorica provides a good value option if you are looking to take a break. It also provides a great base to explore all that Montenegro has to offer.

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