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Ćetković’s “Horizons” Unveiled at Besac Fortress

Artist Background

Goran Ćetković, born in Kolašin, Montenegro in 1975, is a renowned academic painter. His journey into the world of fine arts began at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, graduating under Professor Nikola Gvozdenović in 2000. Since then, Ćetković has participated in numerous group exhibitions and art colonies, both locally and internationally. He’s been recognized with significant awards for his works. The exhibition at Besac Fortress marks his 39th solo show.

About the Exhibition

“Horizons”, the latest solo exhibition by Ćetković, has been unveiled at the historic Besac Fortress near Virpazar. The exhibition, which will be open for the next 15 days weather permitting, showcases 16 of the artist’s latest paintings from this particular series. The works were revealed to the public in an opening ceremony led by Mirko Bujišić, the deputy director of the Cultural Center from Bar.

Inspirations and Artistic Style

Ćetković’s paintings in this series draw heavily from the landscapes of Montenegro. Lake Skadar prominently features as a recurring motif in many of the pieces. Ćetković’s treatment of light and contrast in his landscapes captures the atmospheric beauty of these scenes, bordering on abstract, yet retaining elements of fantastical realism. His works often evoke a sense of mysticism, partly due to his distinctive style of enshrouding his landscapes in mist.

Exhibition and Its Location

Housing these works within the historic Besac fortress offers an intriguing blend of art and environment. The scenery surrounding the fortress and the landscapes within the paintings create a harmony that enhances the viewing experience. Visitors are offered the unique opportunity to appreciate Ćetković’s latest works amidst the very landscapes that inspired them.

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