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Kolašin Winter Art Festival: A Celebration of Guitar Music in Montenegro

The picturesque town of Kolašin is gearing up for the third edition of its much-anticipated Winter Art Festival, a celebration of guitar music set to enchant music lovers from January 12th to January 27th. This year’s festival, organized by a local NGO with support from the Tourist Organization, Municipality, and Cultural Center, promises an array of performances from some of Montenegro’s finest musicians.

Festival Highlights

  • Opening Act: The festival kicks off with a performance by “Trio Fatal” on January 12th at 7 PM.
  • Young Talent: A special concert showcasing a school for talented individuals is scheduled for January 19th.
  • Star Performance: “Trio Vlatko Stefanovski”, led by the renowned Vlatko Stefanovski, takes the stage on January 20th.
  • Emerging Artists: Nađa Grdinić, a young and talented guitarist from Kolašin, will perform on January 26th.
  • Festival Finale: The event concludes with a performance by “Duo Gitako”.

A Platform for Talent

The Kolašin Winter Art Festival is more than just a series of concerts; it’s a platform that brings together established and emerging talents. It’s an opportunity for local artists to showcase their skills alongside renowned musicians, promoting cultural exchange and musical diversity.

Cultural Enrichment

This annual event enriches Kolašin’s cultural landscape, drawing visitors and locals alike into the world of guitar music. It reflects the town’s commitment to nurturing the arts and supporting young talents, making Kolašin a hub of cultural activity in Montenegro.

For more information on the Kolašin Winter Art Festival, including ticket details and the full schedule, visit the local Tourist Organization’s website or contact the Cultural Center in Kolašin.

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