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Galerija Pizana


Nestled in the heart of Podgorica, Montenegro’s capital city, Galerija Pizana ( is a contemporary art gallery bursting with life and energy. Founded in the 1990s by the Pizana family, the gallery is a celebration of contemporary art, both local and international.

ROMAN ĐURANOVIĆ, Credit Galerija Pizana


The location is C7R7+VR2, Hercegovačka, Podgorica.


Ms. Ljiljana Milošević founded Pizana, Montenegro’s first private gallery, in October 1989, and it has since become a popular cultural destination. She has established a unique and true area where numerous artists, writers, actors, and musicians happily and frequently congregate, guided solely by personal enthusiasm and affinity for great arts. This gallery is a must-see for anyone really interested in the art scene. The gallery’s founder, Ljiljana Milošević, envisioned Pizana as a hub for creative material, exhibitions, music and literary evenings, art auctions, and social events, creating a vibrant cultural venue.

Art Collection

As you enter the gallery, you are met by a stunning collection of contemporary art pieces. The collection is a visual feast, featuring vibrant paintings, fascinating sculptures, compelling installations, and avant-garde multimedia and performance art. Each piece exemplifies the Pizana family’s unwavering passion for contemporary art and commitment to encouraging artistic expression in Montenegro.

Local Artists

One of the gallery’s standout features is its unwavering support for local artists. Galerija Pizana is more than just a space for art – it’s a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work and reach a wider audience. The gallery has also exhibited the work of internationally renowned artists, making it a true melting pot of contemporary art in Montenegro.

Recent Exhibitions

Recent exhibitions at Galerija Pizana have showcased the works of some of the world’s most renowned artists, including Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. These exhibitions have drawn visitors from around the world, highlighting the gallery’s growing reputation as a hub for contemporary art in Montenegro.

Tadija Janicic

Alongside these exhibitions, the gallery has continued to support and showcase the works of local artists such as Tadija Janičić and Nina Vukčević – Izložba. These exhibitions are a testament to the gallery’s commitment to fostering artistic talent in Montenegro and the surrounding regions and promoting a diverse range of contemporary art.

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Sister Gallery

In addition to its flagship location in Podgorica, Galerija Pizana also has a sister gallery located within the Marina Portonovi in Kumbor. This exhibition space is a gathering place for members, art lovers, and collaborators, offering a beautiful setting in which to appreciate contemporary art.

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Gallery Staff

The staff members at Galerija Pizana are a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about contemporary art. They bring their knowledge, expertise, and love for art to the gallery, providing visitors with a warm welcome and a wealth of information about the art pieces on display. The staff also collaborates with artists, curators, and art institutions to bring new and exciting exhibitions to the gallery.

Momčilo Macanović


In conclusion, Galerija Pizana is a beacon of contemporary art in Montenegro, a vibrant and dynamic space that celebrates artistic expression in all its forms. Whether you’re an art lover, a collector, or simply curious about the world of contemporary art, a visit to Galerija Pizana is an absolute must. With its diverse collection, engaging exhibitions, knowledgeable staff, and beautiful sister gallery, the gallery offers a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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