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Kolasin: The Best Rentals for Your Next Vacation

The north of Montenegro is full of picturesque mountain towns, among which the best rentals can be found in Kolasin. This city is an ideal destination for those searching for peace and adventure in spectacular nature, while its long history and friendly locals will make your stay unforgetable.

To ensure you have a pleasant time while experiencing Montenegro’s culture and natural beauty, we have compiled a selection of best rentals in Kolasin. Each of the items on our list has a distinct atmosphere and contemporary conveniences.

These vacation homes are more than simply a place to sleep. They are offering everything from romantic getaways to a warm embrace of rustic cabins that capture the town’s historic character. They will help you create happy memories while discovering the unspoiled beauty of Kolasin. These lodgings guarantee a relaxing time, whether you read by the fire or enjoy a cup of coffee while taking in the breathtaking views of the mountains.

So, let’s not wait and jump start on a virtual trip to Kolasin checking out the best rentals for your next trip to Montenegro.

Kolasin: Charming gem in the North of Montenegro

Kolasin is home to both pure natural beauty and a rich historical heritage. This little town was founded in the 17th century and has seen several empires come and go, leaving its cultural and architectural imprints. However, what makes this city special is the incredible, untouched nature that stands in its background.

Kolasin centre -  Deposit Photos
Kolasin centre –  Deposit Photos

Besides picturesque town centre with brutalist communist monuments, cosy charm and religius temples, the bothanical garden in close proximity is ultimate location to visit.

Naturewise, Biogradska Gora National Park, one of only three remaining European rainforests, is easily accessible from Kolasin. Fans of nature will find peace and quiet in the park’s incredible landscapes. Meanwhile, the Bjelasica mountain, with its incredible slopes, is home to some incredible ski resorts. White-water rafting adventures down the Tara River are also not far away, and they shouldn’t be missed.

This collage of different features makes Kolasin a one-of-a-kind spot for a vacation at the bottom of mesmerizing mountains and rivers that bring out the traditional allure of Montenegro.

Best Rentals in Kolasin

To explore the best rentals in Kolasin and elevate your stay in this mesmerising town, we bring you our top 5 property choices from the Vrbo site:

Family Suite

Nestled in the picturesque center of Kolasin, the Family Suite is a haven for a family to escape the bustling of everyday life. The property is a blend of modern comfort and rustic design. This alluring rental hosts up to six people in its two bedrooms, and a living room is also available for sleeping. It is well-equipped with all the essential amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay for all its guests.

Family Suite among the Best Rentals in Kolasin
Family Suite in Kolasin – Vrbo

With this interior, the Family Suite is one of the best rentals in Kolasin for a family or group of friends who want to take some time off and enjoy each other’s company. On top of that, the great position of the rental permits guests to reach every destination in a few minutes. An example is easy access to the town’s must-see destinations, such as the Memorial and Cultural Center. This area also offers various outdoor adventures, especially in the nearby mountains.

In this way, Family Suite makes a great choice for a big group getaway or a fun-filled family vacation.

Modern Home

A Modern Home is an inviting property that is the true definition of a relaxing escape. Thanks to its location in a quiet area, this is one of the best rentals in Kolasin for a romantic trip, as couples can have a relaxing atmosphere and spend some time with one another.

This adults-only apartment has one bedroom and private amenities, designed in the best contemporary comfort and classic style. This modern-looking apartment also has a very convenient location. This allows couples to discover the charming natural scenery of Bjelasica while the town center is a 10-minute walk away.

Modern Home in Kolasin
Modern Home in Kolasin – Vrbo

The special allure of the Modern Home really epitomizes couple’s retreat perfection, especially considering the cherished memories that will be created in this Montenegrin town.

Forest Paradise

Nothing speaks of a mountain vacation like an isolated rental suitable for family and friends. The Forest Paradise offers precisely this in its picturesque setting in Kolasin’s urban area.

Located close to the Botanical Garden of Dulovina, this splendid rental is a great spot for a larger group of people who want to get together and enjoy nature. It features three rooms and private amenities that can host up to seven guests. The terrace of this great rental is suitable for an early morning coffee or late night chant overlooking natural landscapes.

Forest Paradise in Kolasin - Vrbo
Forest Paradise in Kolasin – Vrbo

Its strategic location also grants guests easy access to the charming town and nearby slopes, which are only a 10-minute car ride away.

Thanks to all these factors, the atmosphere in Forest Paradise really matches the home-away-from-home vibes that all of its visitors adore.

Prestige Studio

Kolasin is home to a picturesque Prestige studio in Chalet Kolasin. It is famed for its peaceful atmosphere and authentic mountain-style design. The wooden interior gives off cozy vibes that match the breathtaking panorama visible from the studio.

Prestige is located just four minutes away from Saint Dimitrus Church, and it can host up to four people. This makes it one of the best rentals for a couple or group of friends, as the owners don’t allow kids.

Prestige Studio in Kolasin - Vrbo
Prestige Studio in Kolasin – Vrbo

This prime location allows guests to delve into the local culture of the charming town and explore the nearby incredible landscapes, or try some of the adventures the area offers, such as horseback riding.

With this offer, Prestige Studio is a stunning choice for a romantic weekend in the mountain air of Kolasin.

Mountain Boy

Mountain Boy is yet another of the best rentals in Kolasin as it is set in one of the main streets in the city. This inviting rental is a haven for those looking to immerse themselves in traditional Montenegrin mountain space.

The space accommodates up to eight people, featuring four rooms and three bathrooms. It includes all necessary amenities, nicely combined with a wooden interior, providing a cozy retreat amidst the picturesque scenery of Kolasin.

Mountain Boy in Kolasin - Best Rentals
Mountain Boy in Kolasin – Vrbo

Its convenient location also offers guests access to the attractions scattered around the city as well as the opportunity for an outdoor adventure such as walking in the nearby national parks or riding a chairlift at the ski resort.

Therefore, regardless of whether you rent it with friends or family, the Mountain Boy will give you a memorable experience of Montenegrin beauty.


Kolasin’s unmatched environment offers a lot of beautiful rentals that represent a world where contemporary conveniences meet rustic allure. These apartments are more than simply a place to rest your head, as they’re also gateways to the town’s relaxing beauty and dynamic culture.

Couples seeking privacy have it at Modern Home and Prestige Studio. At the same time, families seeking solace can check out Forest Paradise, Mountain Boy, or Family Suite. These vacation homes trully complete the experience of vacationing in Montenegro. Here, you can easily imagine yourself sipping coffee in the morning while gazing out over the mountain range that lies in the distance from the property you’ve selected.

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