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How to find accommodation for digital nomads in Montenegro?

In recent years, Montenegro has become known as a true paradise for digital nomads in the heart of Europe. The country’s favourable position and well-established laws and regulations allow digital nomads a relaxed working environment and easy access to all necessary amenities.

Besides this, there are many other elements that make Montenegro a digital nomad’s dream country. Primarily, it is a very diverse country with a splendid cultural heritage where different religions and ethnicities come together. Its inhabitants take pride in the versatile and stunning nature, which is mesmerising to all visitors, and the incredible history that is visible on every corner as it seamlessly merges with modernity. On the coast, you can enjoy medieval fortresses and serene beaches on the Adriatic Sea, while on the north, astonishing mountains and lakes wait to be explored next to centuries-old religious objects.

Digital Nomads in Montenegro - Montenegro Guide
Digital Nomads in Montenegro – Montenegro Guide

Therefore, digital nomads here not only get an incredible work environment but also immerse themselves in incredible adventures that await them in Montenegro. Although these are important, digital nomads also care about the infrastructure for work. Thankfully, in Montenegro, there are numerous agencies, websites, and info points where they can gain the information they need for their stay and peaceful transition to a new country.

This is particularly true when it comes to finding accommodation in the country. Deciding where to settle, how to rent and how to look for accommodation is not easy. But don’t worry, we are here, so keep reading and discover the guide to finding the best accommodation for digital nomads in Montenegro.

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Where do Digital Nomads Live?

Every corner of Montenegro has something unique and different to offer visitors. Therefore, you cannot go wrong whichever city you choose. However, over the years, several digital nomad hubs have been established, which are often chosen by anyone new to the country and who wishes for the safest choice. These are urban settings with plenty of amenities and interactive surroundings to explore.


Budva is one of those hubs and the most chosen city for nomads. Its significant infrastructural development and well-established international expat communities make it an ideal spot for a new start in Montenegro. Budva is one of the tourist cities on the coast, featuring incredible nature, an astonishing Old Town, and historical monuments, all of which contribute to a great atmosphere. It is set at the centre of the Adriatic coast and features some of the best beaches in Montenegro.

When it comes to digital nomad needs, there are plenty of international businesses here which ease the transition, while English is spoken almost everywhere. There are plenty of spots with internet so the city is suitable for remote working or simply change of scenery.


Besides Budva, Tivat is another coastal city becoming a digital nomad hub with plenty of opportunities for freelancers and international expats seeking a home in Montenegro. One of the most exclusive amenities which make the city recognisable is Porto Montenegro Marina and its incredible Pine promenade. Besides these, Tivat also has numerous botanical spots and natural wonders to explore.

Here, the language barrier is less frequent, and the infrastructure is well established, which makes it a great spot to start the Montenegrin journey. As the international presence is significant, the city has been developing at a speedy pace in order to offer visitors numerous amenities worth their attention.


Finally, Podgorica is one of the ultimate destinations for settling in Montenegro. As a capital, Podgorica offers many opportunities for digital nomads as it is both the administrative centre and business hub, which makes it easier to resolve all details regarding a legal stay in Montenegro.

Besides being a convenient location, Podgorica has great opportunities for digital nomads with its well-established network of co-working spaces and working cafes, while the language barrier is less frequent than in other cities. On top of this, its central location allows exploring the country without any inconvenience, while the city itself has plenty of amenities that can be explored both in summer and in winter.

How to find accommodation:

As a digital nomad, finding accommodation is one of the top priorities, and the process is not always straightforward. Once you know which city you want to reside in and what you seek, you have several options for finding suitable accommodation in Montenegro. Depending on your preferences and whether you are already in the country or seeking to arrange everything before your arrival, there are both online and in-place options.

We have assembled a list of the most frequent options for searching for accommodation, with a few tips on which choices are the best if you are a newcomer.


Montenegro has plenty of real estate agencies that handle international and local accommodation searches. These agencies often specialize in certain cities and focus on clients’ preferences. However, some operate country-wide and can help you determine what can be the best solution for your specific case.

Agencies are best option for seeking accommodation on the coast
Digital nomads choose agencies for seeking accommodation

Choosing an agency is often the best option if you are not in the country and want everything ready before your arrival. The professional staff can help you negotiate a reasonable price from the owner for a modest fee and ensure that everything is ready once you arrive in Montenegro.

Based on your needs, numerous agencies offer both houses and flats and can advise on the best neighbourhoods or locations across the city where you choose to reside. Most of the agencies have English-speaking staff and online consultations, and they even specialise in services for digital nomads, which can be valuable if you are seeking accommodation abroad.

Some of the great agencies that operate across Montenegro are:


There are several websites that are worth exploring when it comes to booking accommodation in any of the chosen cities in Montenegro. This is also one of the most popular options among citizens as they seek to avoid agency fees. On top of this, it is a very convenient way to check out the offer and get familiar with real estate market in the country.

Websites are also great choice for accommodation search
Websites are also great choices for accommodation search

The offers on the websites are quite versatile, and they cover all cities in Montenegro, so you have plenty of options to explore. If you have already made up your mind about the specifics of your future home, the websites offer you a variety of filters to narrow down your search. This is a great option if you seek accommodation, whether you are already in Montenegro or have yet to make a trip.

Among the most popular websites, digital nomads seeking accommodation typically choose:

Social Media

Social media, primarily Facebook, is another excellent source of advertisements for accommodation. Digital nomads often choose Facebook groups or marketplaces for selecting their accommodation because there are a variety of options, and you are in direct touch with the owner. This is also the number one option for locals who rent their homes, as the groups allow flexibility and negotiation options.

Facebook groups introduce a unique offer of accommodations
Facebook groups introduce a unique offer of accommodation options

Another reason this is the most chosen platform for finding accommodation in Montenegro is that many people who advertise their homes on social media do not do it anywhere else. This allows exclusivity and versatility of options. Another advantage of social media groups for seeking accommodation is that you can advertise yourself. By writing a post, you can introduce yourself as a renter and elaborate on what you seek, which may ease the accommodation process. They are a great source of tips and tricks for foreigners, so don’t be shy about joining and following their feed.

The most popular Facebook groups for finding accommodation are:

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