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Celebrities who visited Montenegro

Montenegro’s natural beauty and incredible culture have attracted many celebrities who choose to visit this gorgeous Balkan country. Whether for work, pleasure or as a destination to live in, Montenegro has attracted many famous individuals such as singers, actors, businessmen and even royalty.

Throughout history, Montenegro has been visited by the famous individuals such as Sofia Loren and Carlo Pontti, Gina Lollobrigida, King, then Prince Charles, and Queen Margaret of Denmark. The list goes on, as the communist heritage running deep in the country opened the door for Soviet Marshals Timoshenko, Grechko, Kiriljenko, and Jakubovski as well as cosmonaut Gagarin. Artists have also found time to enjoy beauty of Montenegro among which renowned authors Andre Malraux and Alberto Moravia, and the great Greek musician Mikis Theodoraki.

Sofia Loren and Carlo Ponti in Montenegro
Sofia Loren and Carlo Ponti in Montenegro

To uncover more of those who have spent their time on the coast of the Adriatic or climbed the Dinaric mountains in the north, keep reading as we bring you the list of celebrities who visited Montenegro.

Celebrity couples

Montenegro has been a well-known destination for many celebrity couples, among which the most famous ones include Angelina Jolie and Bred Pit, as well as Victoria and David Beckham.

Both of these celebrity couples chose Budva, as their hub on the Adriatic coast. Angelina Jolie visited the country in 2010 while still married to Pit. The actor is sentimentally tied to Montenegro, as this has been one of the destinations where he made his first movie. Both stars were mostly impressed by the Boka Bay and wild nature of the south.

At a similar time to the Jolie-Pit couple, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas also vacationed in Montenegro. They were so impressed by the area that the couple ended up buying a house in the marvellous area in Perast.

Viktoria and David Beckham, accompanied by their kids, also stayed in the southern part of the country, at Sveti Stefan. They shared their excitement and impressions of Montenegro on their Instagram page. During their time in Budva, they often chose numerous boat rides around the coast and designated beaches to fully relax and enjoy their vacation.

Beckham  during his vacation in Montenegro - splashnews. com
Beckham during his vacation in Montenegro – splashnews. com

Finally, Novak Djokovic, a well-known tennis player originally from Serbia, chose Montenegro as his wedding destination, organising a spectacular fiesta at Sveti Stefan. The celebration was filled with numerous celebrities from entertainment and sport.

Jelena and Novak Djokovic -
Jelena and Novak Djokovic –

Models in Montenegro

Vacationing in Montenegro has also been a choice for numerous fashion models and icons. Starting with Claudia Schiffer in the 90s and followed by Naomie Campbell and Adriana Lima.

Claudia was one of the first celebrities to visit the northern and southern parts of the country after the 90s sanctions ended. She promoted both natural wonders and mesmerising cities while sharing her admiration for the incredible hospitality.

Claudia Schiffer in Montenegro
Claudia Schiffer in Montenegro

Another runway diva, Naomi Campbell, stopped in Montenegro during her 2018 cruise around the Mediterranean and Adriatic. While enjoying the sunny coast of Boka Bay, she shared several photos with impressions around the country.

Montenegro has also attracted Andriana Lima, ex-wife of basketball player Marko Jaric. Her love for Balkan has continued after the divorce, as she often visited both Serbia and Montenegro. Among many of her trips, Adriana visited Kotor and Budva with her two daughters, where they had a marvellous time, as visible from her Instagram feed.

Celebrities on vacation in Montenegro
Adriana Lima in Montenegro – Instagram

Celebrity singers performing and visited Montenegro

Montenegro has been a known destination for some of the incredible concerts. The biggest names of world showbiz have set their stages on the country’s beaches, including Madonna and the Rolling Stones.

These superstars entertained the audience in Jaz, a stunning beach by Budva. Although here on business, they have also stayed for a brief vacation. During this time, Madonna and Mick Jagger shared how they enjoyed some of the best local dishes in Montenegro. They also loved soaking in the incredible Montenegrin nature.

Madonna during her concert in Budva -
Madonna during her concert in Budva –

Besides them, the music beats of Lenny Kravitz were also blasting from Budva, where the singer made a spectacular show. He was so impressed by the country that he returned on several other occasions including Kotor. This marvelous city also had the pleasure of hosting one of the best DJs, David Guetta. He performed at Club Maximus, but also he had a set on Budva’s Sea Dance Festival, where he entertained thousands of guests. He used this time to relax on Montenegrin beaches and spend some quality time in beautiful Boka.

Besides business, singers have also chosen Montenegro for pleasure, among which primarily Maluma. During his time in Croatia with his then-girlfriend Natalia, a famous singer visited Montenegro. The visit was not announced, so he kept a low profile and savoured some of the Adriatic’s gastronomic specialities and blue Adriatic water.

Maluma's Montenegrin vacation - Instagram
Maluma’s Montenegrin vacation – Instagram

Equally mysterious and well-hidden was the visit of Beyonce Knowles, who visited Montenegro in 2009. She has kept low-key while staying in the south of the country during her vacation in Europe. Beyonce spent her time enjoying the mesmerising nature and sipping coffee on the shore of Tivat.

Few Honorable Mentions

On top of this long list of celebrities, Montenegro has been a destination for other A-listers. These include former tennis players Maria Sharapova, Pamela Anderson and Jessica Alba.

Pamela Anderson has been a guest of the former banking mogul Atlas Group. She has shared how Montenegrins and their hospitality have been unmatched, which is why she will definitely come back. Gerard Depardieu, a famous actor known for his numerous blockbusters, also choose Montenegro for the business purposes. He has said that Montenegro could become his tax haven, which is why he has visited the country multiple times and made several investments. On one of the visits, he avoided Montenegrin honorary citizenship, making him one of the country’s most famous citizens.

Malkovich in Tivat
Malkovich in Tivat

Lastly, John Malkovich is also on the list of Montenegro’s frequent visitors. He even held one of his performances, the baroque opera in Tivat, during Rubix. Malkovich is a often guest in Boka Bay, which he claims is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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