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Green Bites in Budva: Top 5 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

Vegan-friendly restaurants in Budva are a new trend that makes it one of the best destinations to visit in Montenegro. Its stunning beaches, centuries-old history present in the Old Town, and incredible nightlife complement the stunning dining scene and make Budva a real gem of the Adriatic coast.

You will be delighted to discover various restaurants that specialize in a vegan diet if you are vegan. In contrast, numerous others have several items on their menu to cater for your dietary preferences. This way, you can enjoy delicious meals near the scenic coast.

Whether you are a local or a visitor to this charming coastal town, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the numerous vegan options. Stroll around and uncover the offer of cosy cafes and trendy bistros. To help you decide, keep reading and discover our top 5 vegan-friendly restaurants worth exploring.

What to Expect on Vegan-Friendly Menu in Budva

With a significant increase in demand for more healthy, and vegan-friendly options, restaurants in Montenegro have started to develop their menus to cater for these dietary preferences. Budva’s dining establishments are no exception as the number of vegan-friendly restaurants has increased. On top of that, many restaurants also adapted their existing offer upon request so they can transform certain dishes into vegan-friendly alternatives.

Budva culinary scene

With such a versatile offer, vegan-friendly restaurants become the highlights of the culinary scene in Budva. Now visitors can explore both the flavours of typical Mediterranean cuisine and also try other specialities, such as Italian or Asian dishes that are vegan-friendly.

You can find anything from plant-based burgers to astonishing risotto and salads with fresh, locally grown vegetables. Suppose you stumble upon a restaurant that doesn’t have that versatile offer. In that case, you can always ask if they can suggest something or adapt certain meals to your preferences. The majority of restaurants in Budva offer this option.

In this way, whether you’re a committed vegan or simply curious about the world of meatless meals, Budva can offer an exceptional experience to satisfy your taste buds.

Restaurants to Visit

Paradise food

Paradise Food is a vegan-friendly restaurant in Budva that serves organic, homemade, and vegan dishes. Their menu changes, and they typically publish daily menus created using fresh, locally produced vegetables. Therefore, it is worth checking out their offer and following the staff’s recommendations about dishes of the day. We suggest you try Cauliflower fajitas. If you like a bit heavier food, you must check out their Mexican beans, leaving you speechless.

Paradise food - Daniel Pekin
Paradise food – Daniel Pekin

We suggest checking out their USSR menu if you want to try something new and not common. This homage to the communist past is epitomised in a stunning cabbage dish typical for the Slavic region. In this way each time you visit Paradise food they will surprise you with something new and authentic.

Address: Jadranski Put, Budva, Montenegro Phone number: +382 69 332 603

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Located in the middle of Budva’s urban area, Green is one of the first Montenegrin restaurants that serve only organic and vegetarian cuisine. It represents an alternative to the dominant culinary scene, and its owners take pride in their authenticity. Green Restaurant provides something for everyone, whether looking for an excellent salad made from fresh vegetables seasoned with local olive oil or a more traditional dish like extraordinary black risotto, a true jewel of the Adriatic region.

Green Restaurant

In addition, Green also caters to different Italian delicacies that will blow your mind, so don’t be afraid to ask the wait staff for their suggestions. This will complete your meal at the Green restaurant while you are enjoying Budva’s beautiful sunshine on their cosy terrace.

Address: Iva Mikovica, Budva, Montenegro Phone number: +38269022722

Gluteria Getafix

Gluteria Getafix is a new concept in Budva. This restaurant brought a refreshment to Budva’s gastronomy that you must visit. Their offer relies on traditional recipes using gluten-free ingredients and providing healthy alternatives to dishes you love. They prioritise the production of pasta and pizza to make sure they are organic and healthy without worry of allergies.

Whether you love international cuisine and stunning salads this is the restaurant for you. We suggest also checking out their homemade risotto with vegetables which is one of their most wanted items. On top of that, Gluteria Glutedix provides various delicious sweets and healthy breakfast options that can satisfy your cravings and give you an incredible start to the day. While finishing your meal also make sure you view their various homemade juices that you can have to-go to make your day even better.

Address: Sveta Petka, Budva, Montenegro Phone number: +38267518300

Pasta Bar

Pasta Bar is a great Italian snack bar in Budva that caters for everyone’s taste. As their name says, this bar focuses on offering spectacular pasta dishes, from typical traditional tastings to some of the new and adapted Montenegrin recipes. Their marvellous cooks will happily suit your tastes and provide the best vegan option.

Pasta bar- vegan-friendly restaurant
Pasta bar

Their menu is very versatile, but for a vegan option, nothing will top their spectacular tomato sauce pasta that will blow your mind. Besides this, the bar also offers an incredible selection of salads you must try. The fusion of tastes and fresh ingredients locally produced give this dish a special flavour as this family-owned bar pays special attention to the quality of its ingredients. On top of that, the welcoming atmosphere will make you enjoy your meal.

Address: Petra I Pertrovica, Budva, Montenegro


Babaluu, the restaurant in the heart of the shopping area of Budva, is one of the great dining spots that locals and tourists love to visit. This is a typical Montenegrin-style restaurant with various items on its menu where everyone can find something for themselves. Therefore, the owners also thought of their vegan customers. Their menu includes delicious risotto with local vegetables and several salads that you can customise to your taste.

Babaluu restaurant
Babaluu restaurant

Besides this, you can also find brochettes and wraps, one of their most ordered items. Suppose you feel like you want some dish adapted or you need a suggestion. In that case, Babaluu’s welcoming staff can help you and adapt some of their dishes into vegan options just for you. In this way, you will experience true Montenegrin hospitality and exceptional service in this popular dining hub of Budva.

Address: TQ Plaza, Budva, Montenegro Phone number: +38269122000

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As you can see, Budva, a lovely town on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, is not only home to stunning natural beauty and fascinating historical sites but also a vegan’s dream. Budva has experienced a thriving vegan food scene because the city accepted the worldwide trend toward plant-based eating.

Vegans in this seaside paradise have their pick of restaurants serving anything from Mediterranean vegan dishes at Paradise Food to international fusion at Gluteria Glutefix. The fact that restaurants like Pasta Bar, Adriatic and Babaluu are ready to change their menus to accommodate vegans is evidence of the community’s openness and creativity in the kitchen, which is worth exploring.

This makes Budva the perfect destination for vegans and anyone interested in a plant-based diet because of its picturesque beaches and charming old town.

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