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The Vladimir Vysotsky Monument in Podgorica

“I don’t like when the world is mad, When people are turned into machines, When the stars go out, and only darkness remains, And love is just a fairy tale dream.” – Vladimir Vyotsky

The Vladimir Vysotsky Monument in Podgorica stands as a testament to the deep admiration and affection the famous Soviet singer-songwriter held for Montenegro. The monument, located on the bank of the river Moraca, is one of the very few in the capital city of Podgorica.

Vladimir Vysotsky

Vladimir Semyonovich Vysotsky was a Soviet singer-songwriter, poet, and actor who had a significant and long-lasting influence on Soviet culture. He became well-known for his distinct singing style and lyrics, which included social and political commentary disguised in often amusing street jargon. Though the official Soviet cultural establishment mostly ignored his work, he was extremely popular during his lifetime and continues to have a huge influence on many Russian artists and actors.

Vysotsky was deeply fond of Montenegro and its people, once stating, “I regret in this life that I don’t have two roots, and I can’t name Montenegro as my second homeland.”

His admiration for Montenegro was mutual, and it is fitting that his statue stands tall in Podgorica as a symbol of the special bond he shared with the country.

The Monument

The monument’s grand opening occurred in October 2004 and was attended by the poet’s son, Nikita Vysotsky, who now oversees the museum named after his father. At the opening ceremony, the mayor of Podgorica remarked about Vysotsky’s voice inspiring hope for a better future and how millions of people, including many Montenegrins, heard him.

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The monument was designed by the Russian sculptor Alexander Taratinov, who also designed the monument to Alexander Pushkin in Podgorica. Taratinov portrayed Vysotsky standing on a low pedestal and looking down, holding his guitar, which he almost never parted with. The figure is depicted in motion, with one hand raised up, and is surrounded by a kind of pedestal that visually resembles a television screen or stage, giving the monument added symbolism.

Location of Vladimir Vysotsky Monument

The monument is located on the side of Jovan Tomashevich Street and can be easily reached from the Millennium Bridge or the Moscow Bridge. Next to the sculpture, there are several small pedestrian streets and a children’s playground. The pedestal bears the last lines from Vysotsky’s poem about Montenegro, carved in both Montenegrin and Russian.

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In conclusion, the Vladimir Vysotsky Monument in Podgorica stands as a reminder of the deep connection between the great artist and Montenegro. It is a beautiful tribute to Vysotsky’s legacy, and a symbol of the special relationship between the two countries. The monument is a must-visit for anyone who wants to pay their respects to one of the most influential artists of Soviet culture and the unique bond he shared with Montenegro.

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