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The World’s Best Cat Museum – Hands Down!

As soon as you enter the charming town of Kotor, Montenegro, it’s impossible not to notice the abundance of cats roaming the streets. From sleek and graceful to fluffy and playful, these feline friends seem to be an integral part of Kotor’s cultural fabric. But it’s not just their sheer numbers that catch your attention; it’s also the way the locals seem to take care of them. It’s not uncommon to see locals leaving out bowls of water and food for the cats, or petting and playing with them as they stroll through the town.

The history of cats in Kotor dates back hundreds of years, to a time when the town was overrun with mice and rats. To prevent a potential pest problem, people introduced cats to the town, and the subsequent establishment of the Kotor Cat Museum followed.

To this day, Kotor is home to a significant number of cats, and the town takes great care to feed and protect them. These feline residents are an important part of Kotor’s cultural heritage and a beloved symbol of the town’s history.

Kotor cat museum

Have you ever been to a museum dedicated entirely to cats?

I have, and it was an experience that any feline enthusiast would absolutely love. During my recent trip to Kotor, Montenegro, I had the pleasure of visiting the Cat Museum, a unique and charming attraction that celebrates all things cat-related – all for the princely price of €1.

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Tell me more about the Cat Museum, Kotor?

Located in the heart of Kotor’s Old Town, the Cats Museum is a charming and delightful museum housed in a former Orthodox monastery on the famous Kino Square. The Cats Museum, as the name implies, dedicates itself to cats, featuring exhibits and displays that highlight the cultural and historical significance of felines throughout the centuries.

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The owner of the Cats Museum of Kotor is Piero Paci, an Italian art expert, and an enthusiastic collector. He received a collection of over 1,500 cat-themed items, including greeting cards, souvenirs, photographs, postage stamps, and old books. This inspired him to open a cat museum in Kotor.

kotor cat museum
Well have you?

The sheer number of cat-related items in the collection struck Piero Paci so much that he decided to open a museum in honor of our feline friends in the charming town of Kotor. And thus, the Cats Museum of Kotor was born!

From all sorts of cat paraphilia to cat souvenirs, the museum is curated with care and attention to detail, and the museum staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It costs €1 – and is very much worth the trip.

But what sets the Cat Museum apart from other museums is its live cat population – although to be fair, Kotor has its fair share of cats. The museum houses a few cats that are free to roam the premises, and visitors are encouraged to interact with them. The cats are well-cared for and beloved by the museum staff, and they add a playful and whimsical touch to the entire experience.

Exploring the Museum’s Exhibits

The museum houses a collection of cat-themed exhibits, including pictures of cats doing human things like reading books and swimming (who knew cats could actually like water?). The museum also showcases medals from international cat shows, portraits of people with their beloved pets, and a collection of antique books, postcards, posters, advertisements, and stamps. It’s clear that this collection has been carefully curated and lovingly cared for.

Cat-Themed Souvenirs and Gifts

After exploring the museum exhibits, I made my way to the museum gift shop, which offered a variety of cat-themed souvenirs and gifts. From cat-shaped keychains and magnets to cat-themed clothing and accessories, the gift shop had something for every cat lover.

cat picture in kotor museum

I ended up purchasing a cat-shaped mug and a set of cat-themed postcards to send to my fellow cat-loving friends back home. The items were well-made and reasonably priced, and they served as a perfect reminder of my visit to the Cat Museum. Also, remember to bring cash as they weren’t accepting credit cards.

But the museum isn’t just about cats; it’s also about giving back to the community. The museum has a collection point for wet and dry food donations for the resident cats of Kotor. And for just €2, your four-legged friends at home can become official members of the Cats Museum of Kotor and receive a printable membership certificate.

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Q: Are the cats at the museum well-cared for?

A: Yes, the cats at the museum are well-cared for and beloved by the museum staff. They are provided with food, water, and shelter, and they are regularly taken to the vet for check-ups and medical care.

Q: Is the Cat Museum suitable for children?

A: Yes, the Cat Museum is a family-friendly attraction that is suitable for visitors of all ages. Children in particular will love the opportunity to interact with the live cats and learn about their behaviors and personalities.

Q: How long does it take to visit the Cat Museum?

A: The Cat Museum is a relatively small attraction, and most visitors can explore it in under an hour. However, if you are a cat enthusiast and want to take your time exploring the exhibits and interacting with the cats,

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