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Dining in Tivat: 8 Best Restaurants to Explore

Boka Bay offers incredible culinary landscapes that must be explored through the best restaurants in Tivat. Set in the centre, this vibrant city offers spots to try everything from traditional Mediterranean cuisine to traditional Montenegrin meat dishes. What makes it stand out is a unique combination of spices and local cooking methods that give it an enchanting taste. Additionally, restaurants here offer international specialties such as Asian risotto with vegetables and Italian pasta completing Tivat’s offer.

Dining in Tivat
Dining in Tivat

With this diversified offer, meat eaters, pescatarians, and (maybe) vegetarians will have something to pick from. As a result, depending on your interests and budget, Tivat will almost surely have a restaurant to suit you. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the eight top restaurants to sample during your Montenegrin vacation.

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Top 8 restaurants in Tivat

Babi – Resto Bar & WINE

Babi—Resto Bar and Wine is the ultimate modern-style restaurant to enjoy when in Tivat. Located in the city centre close to the incredible promenade, this restaurant will tantalise your tastebuds and offer a distinct flavour to all items on its menu.

Menu at Babi
Menu at Babi

Here, you can enjoy a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes, including some gluten-free options. For carnivores, Babi stake and lamb chop are the ultimate choices for you. It is a true Montenegrin dish with a modern twist.

When visiting Babi, make sure to ask for a wine recommendation from their menu, as their superb staff will guarantee you dine and drink like a genuine connoisseur.

Location: 21c Palih Boraca, Tivat

Ponta Veranda

In close proximity to Tivat, in mesmerising Seljanovo, you can find Ponta Veranda restaurant. It is known for its ultimate blend of Mediterranean cuisine and true coastal spirit elevated by Montenegrin hospitality.

When visiting Ponta Veranda, get yourself ready for a very big portion of delicious meat – sorry vegetarians – such as lamb shish kebab or traditional pljeskavica and cevapi. You can also enjoy fresh fish from the sea and other seafood such as octopus, squid and sea bass.

Grilled octopus in Ponta Veranda
Grilled octopus in Ponta Veranda

The restaurant’s menu also includes various vegetarian alternatives, with the Greek salad being the most popular. Feel free to seek out gluten-free choices and request the best homemade bread and pita in town.

With this versatility and exceptional location, Ponta Veranda rightfully deserves to be on the list of the best restaurants in Tivat.

Location: Setaliste Seljanovo 9, Tivat


One restaurant is a part of an unmatched hospitality setting in luxurious Porto Montenegro. It stands out from its competitors with delicious meals, impeccable service and outstanding location. Their menu is packed with Mediterranean food, but you can also expect typical European food options.

Grilled stake - One in Porto Montenegro
Grilled stake – One in Porto Montenegro

One’s vision is to give new flavours to traditionally known dishes. Therefore, try the filet mignon, fish, or risotto, which have a unique flavour. We also recommend savouring some of their very famous soups and stews.

Check out their “house burger” as well or ask a professional staff member for a recommendation. To finish off a meal with style, don’t forget to try one of their delicious cocktails. If interested in burgers, read our article on the best burgers in Montenegro.

All menu items are served on the terrace, which offers an unrivaled view of the Adriatic, making One a completely complete experience.


Recoleta is the place to go if you are a “budget traveller” who enjoys meat. This fantastic restaurant in the heart of Tivat serves an outstanding meat cuisine that will leave you stunned. Their portions are massive, and you’re in for a real adventure.

Riccoleta meat menu
Riccoleta meat menu

From popek—beef schnitzel rolled with cheese and prosciutto—to delicious fried shrimp and seafood salads and continental food such as burgers and pizzas, all your cravings will be satisfied. Their grill skills are truly incredible, giving the seafood and fish a unique taste.

Besides the main courses, take a chance and explore their dessert menu and taste some of the best cakes in town. This will complete the experience and help you understand why Recoleta is one of the best restaurants in Tivat.

Location: CMHX+VV3, Tivat


Sidro restaurant is also on the list of great spots to grab a bite and enjoy some time. This traditional-style grill set in the Mediterranean atmosphere will leave you speechless. Here, you can try the best meat specialities on the coast and savour traditional Montenegrin food that is so talked about.

Mix meat platter - best restaurants in Tivat
Mix meat platter

From mixed meat dishes to grilled vegetables, sausages on the grill, and the distinctive cevapi with onions on the side, you will truly experience the country’s culinary traditions. Sidro also serves chicken meat, stuffed beef or pork pljeskavica, and vegetarians can enjoy their diverse salads. Make sure you don’t miss out on delectable dips that enhance the flavour of the meat.

Sidro is a locals favourite, and it is truly one of the rare remaining gems of traditional restaurants in Tivat, which makes it a place that shouldn’t be missed.

Location: CPH2+6P8, Tivat

Mala Barka

In one of the small bays of Tivat, called Kalimanj, you can find another traditional cosy restaurant called Mala Barka. This scenic spot is known for traditional fish dishes from Boka and the relaxing atmosphere near the sea.

Carpaccio and tartare in Mala Barka
Carpaccio and tartare in Mala Barka

The most famous alternatives are white fish carpaccio and shrimp tartare, while guests prefer freshly caught oysters. They also serve catch-of-the-day meals. Depending on availability, you can try squid, marinated local sea bass, or red snapper. If you are allergic or would like to make a recommendation, please contact the excellent team at Mala Barka, who will ensure your stay is perfect.

This dedication and Mediterranean vibe that is felt throughout your experience tells you why it is one of the best restaurants in Tivat.

Location: Kalimanjska 2, Tivat

MILÃ Restaurant Montenegro

Mila Restaurant gives a much needed dash of Asia to Tivat’s culinary landscape. Here, you will get a genuinely unmatched experience while sampling some incredible items from their menu.

Sushi at MILÃ Restaurant Montenegro
Sushi at MILÃ Restaurant Montenegro

Guests frequently choose Mila for a range of sushi options, with a special mention for Chef’s black tuna rolls. Furthermore, their rice chicken teriyaki and soba chicken are excellent choices for Asian-inspired recipes.

However, with its multinational menu, they hedge their bets by offering a wide variety of pizza and meat dishes. We recommend trying Tartufo pizza or the wonderful lamb chops that will astound you.

Therefore, if you want to try something new and unique, look no further than Mila, the ultimate Asian experience in the heart of Tivat.

Location: Kapetana Marka Martinovića 1 at Casa Manor Hotel, Tivat

Big Ben

Big Ben, named after the renowned UK clock tower, is another affordable alternative that will not disappoint and offers a diverse menu. Fortunately, there is very little British food in sight. This pizzeria sits on the Tivat promenade and has a floor terrace. As a result, you may enjoy your dinner while gazing out at the beautiful horizon.

This restaurant is best known for its pizza options, especially the Montenegrin prosciutto pizza. Additionally, their menu features Italian bruschetta, Montenegrin cold plater, and numerous meat dishes, such as rolled chicken and beef.

Big Ben's rolled chicken
Big Ben’s rolled chicken

You can also try several fish alternatives, such as fish stew and grilled catch of the day. If you have a sweet tooth, their waffles and pancakes with Nutella are the ultimate guilty pleasure and should not be missed.

All this offer comes at a really affordable price, which makes Big Ben one of the best restaurants in Tivat.

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