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Best Ski Resorts in Montenegro

Welcome to Montenegro’s Ski Resorts Guide, where we’ll take you on an epic journey through some of the country’s most stunning winter sports spots. Despite its small size, Montenegro has incredible spots that provide skiers of all abilities with stunning natural landscapes. From Kolasin‘s ski resorts to Vucje, Hajla, and Savin Kuk – discover why these places stand out and why visiting is worth your while! Come along on this exciting adventure as we uncover the best ski resorts in Montenegro!

Ski resort Kolašin

Kolasin ski resort is the ultimate winter sports heaven in Montenegro, drawing skiers and snowboarders worldwide. Situated at an elevation of 954 meters, this picturesque ski resort provides an unforgettable experience for those who appreciate ecotourism, hiking, and skiing. Divided into two ski areas – Kolasin 1450 and 1600 – Kolasin offers 45 km of slopes suitable for all abilities. You can ride in a six-seater cable car equipped with built-in seat heaters, a sound system, and a Wi-Fi signal as you enjoy a view of breathtaking Montenegrin mountains.

Kolasin 1450

Are you searching for a beginner-friendly ski destination in Montenegro? Look no further than Kolasin 1450. Located near Kolasin, this area provides gentle and wide slopes ideal for experienced skiers and families with children. With eight ski lifts and six slopes extending 17 kilometers, visitors can enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and other exciting winter activities.

Ski resort Kolasin

The resort also provides a snowmaking system that extends the season from mid-December to mid-April, as well as other activities like rock climbing, rafting, snowmobiling, horse riding, and excursions to Tara Canyon and Moraca rivers. Kolasin 1450 offers affordable ski equipment rentals, ski schools, and other on-site amenities. Its proximity to some of Montenegro’s top hotels makes it a convenient and enjoyable destination for your winter sports experience.

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Kolasin 1600

Kolasin 1600 is an outstanding ski area situated atop Bjelasica Mountain in Montenegro, boasting four ski lifts and eight slopes that cover 28 kilometers in total length. It is perfect for intermediate and advanced skiers, offering steeper and more challenging slopes compared to its sister resort. Visitors can enjoy cross-country skiing, snowboarding, as well as other winter sports here. Kolasin 1600 is just 12 kilometers from Kolasin town center, 2 kilometers from Kolasin 1450, and 91 kilometers from Podgorica.


This resort village has hotels, apartments, a Troglava restaurant, and an Emergency Room. For the 2019/2020 ski season, adult ski passes ranged in price from 15€ for a one-day pass to 200€ for seasonal access. Apart from skiing, Kolasin 1600 offers a wealth of other activities to enjoy such as rock climbing, rafting, snowmobiling, horse riding, and excursions to the canyons of Tara and Moraca rivers.

Ski Resort Vucje

Vucje ski resort, situated in Montenegro’s central region, provides an unrivaled skiing experience. Although relatively small compared to other Montenegrin ski resorts, it boasts three lifts and three slopes with a total length of six kilometers. Ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers, Vucje offers sledding and snowshoeing activities as well as a snowboard park with 120-meter tracks, ski jumps, and walking tracks.

Ski resort Vucje

To get there by car from either Podgorica or Tivat, take the bus which departs every hour from either town. With two lifts covering 1.2 kilometers of ski slope length, plus hotel and restaurant facilities nearby – Vucje is definitely worth visiting! For those interested in exploring lesser-known ski centers, Vucje should be on your list!

Savin Kuk- Zabljak Ski Resort

Savin Kuk ski center, situated in Durmitor National Park, is a sought-after destination for skiers of all abilities. This UNESCO World Heritage Site features nine slopes with an overall length of 50 kilometers and five lifts that can accommodate 3,000 skiers. The resort is renowned for its challenging black trails and excellent snow quality, making it perfect for advanced skiers. However, beginners and intermediates can also benefit from the blue and red trails as they develop their skills.

Ski resort Savin Kuk

There are also plenty of chances to enjoy other winter activities like snowboarding and sledding. Night skiing under the starry sky should not be missed! Zabljak, Montenegro’s highest town, is just 5km away and provides easy access to the resort. At 2000 meters above sea level, Savin Kuk is accessible by two-seater cable cars and three ski lifts.

Javorovaca ski resort in Zabljak also offers two ski lifts, night skiing, and an experienced ski school. In the valley below the slopes, visitors can sled or toboggan alongside the slopes. Besides rental offices and a ski school, Savin Kuk also has restaurants and an emergency room.


Montenegro may be a small country, but it offers plenty to see and do for visitors. With its budget-friendly prices, it’s no surprise that Montenegro is becoming an increasingly popular winter holiday destination.

Kolasin 1450 and Vucje ski resorts are ideal for beginners, offering gentle slopes perfect for families with children, affordable ski equipment rentals, and ski schools. Advanced skiers will love Savin Kuk ski resort with its challenging black trails and exceptional snow quality. While Kolasin resort is the most popular, other resorts have their attractions – from breathtaking mountain scenery to varied ski terrain. So grab your bags, grab your ski gear, and head over to Montenegro to discover the thrill of skiing in the Balkans!

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