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Ski Season Challenges in Kolašin: Awaiting the Snowfall

In Kolašin, Montenegro, the ski season is facing unexpected challenges due to a lack of snow, leading to numerous reservation cancellations. The Kolašin 1600 Ski Center, known for its vibrant slopes in January, is currently facing a quieter season.


Current Situation at Kolašin 1600

  • The slopes, usually bustling with activity in January, are now seeing sparse attendance.
  • Visitors, anticipating a lack of adequate snow cover, are bringing sledges instead of skis.
  • Despite being fully prepared with serviced machines, overhauled cable cars, and a ready staff, the ski center is waiting for its visitors.

Director’s Statement

Bojan Medenica, the Ski Center Director, highlights:

  • The center is fully equipped and ready for visitors.
  • The delay in the ski season is primarily due to the insufficient snowfall.
  • There is a high anticipation for snow, with weather forecasts indicating possible rainfall soon.

Pricing and Dining Experience

Dispelling rumors about high prices, the ski center maintains last year’s rates:

  • A breakfast costs between €6 to €10, while lunch starts at €8.
  • A 550-gram serving of kačamak is reasonably priced at €13, offering better value compared to larger restaurants.
  • Tea is priced at €2, and machine-made coffee at €2.20, ensuring affordability.

Local Tourism and Accommodations

  • The local tourist organization reassures that the current prices are unlikely to deter visitors.
  • Efforts to enhance the city center’s offerings are ongoing, despite continuing cancellations.
  • Accommodation prices remain consistent with last year, with two-person apartments in the city center available for €35-40.

Alternative Activities in Kolašin

Aside from skiing, Kolašin offers a variety of activities for visitors. The town, nestled in the heart of Montenegro, is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and traditional Montenegrin culture. Visitors can explore the Biogradska Gora National Park, one of Europe’s last three virgin forests, or enjoy the serene beauty of the Tara River Canyon. Cultural experiences like visiting local monasteries, trying traditional Montenegrin cuisine, and participating in folk music evenings are also available. Kolašin’s tranquil environment makes it an ideal spot for relaxation and exploration, even when the ski slopes are quiet.


In an effort to boost the winter sports tourism in Kolašin, local authorities are being urged to consider extending the school holidays, should the awaited snowfall occur soon.

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