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Best Boutique Hotel in Montenegro

Staying at a boutique hotel in Montenegro is genuinely one of the best ways to experience the country’s incredible hospitality. Most recently, boutique hotels have become a trend in the Montenegrin accommodation landscape, and the market has been booming. Many owners now choose this concept precisely to accentuate all the aspects of one’s stay. In this way, they seek to provide every guest with a great experience regardless of the region of Montenegro they are in. Additionally, the authenticity and local vibe is best answered in smaller establishments.

Because boutique hotels are popular and of exceptional quality, we have crafted a list of the best accommodation options in Montenegro. So keep reading and discover our best boutique hotels, which will improve your vacation or business trip.

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Why Choose a Boutique Hotel in Montenegro?

Travelers often choose boutique hotels for convenience, cozy design, and price range. However, in Montenegro, this whole experience is elevated. Most boutique hotels carefully design their interior and exterior to match the incredible landscapes and reflect Montenegro’s heritage and charm. Therefore, you can choose a century-old stone villa or a modern-looking tucked-in hotel.

Boutique Hotel & Spa Casa del Mare - Mediterraneo
Boutique Hotel & Spa Casa del Mare – Mediterraneo

This form of accommodation provides you with an intimate atmosphere away from the crowded hotel chains. You will undoubtedly be greeted with a warm atmosphere and distinct hospitality experience that reflects your surroundings.

These hotels often incorporate elements of Montenegrin architecture, design, and tradition into their decor and atmosphere. You might find yourself surrounded by antique furnishings and art that tells the region’s history. Besides this, boutique hotels in Montenegro often seek to make you feel at home with professional staff and various amenities at your disposal.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if the staff remembers your breakfast or drink order and suggests a list of itinerary items as they seek to showcase dedication so that your stay is flawless.

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Best Boutique Hotels in Montenegro

Boscovich Boutique Hotel

Boscovich Boutique Hotel is a 4-star establishment in Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica. This unique and cozy hotel is a few minutes from the iconic Millennium Bridge and historic Sahat Kula, making it centrally located. This is why many people choose it for their stay during a business trip, as it is only steps away from central government offices, embassies, museums, sports venues, and the green oases of city parks.

Exterior of Boscovich Hotel
Exterior of Boscovich Hotel

This hotel itself is designed to match the needs of its guests and reflect its surroundings. Therefore, it is a modern and polished hub in the urban city with luxurious rooms, quality services, and various amenities. As a guest, you will appreciate the variety of dishes from the European cuisine and the excellent cocktail bar, which is particularly popular during summer.


This, combined with the professional staff make Boscovich Boutique Hotel truly worthy of its name as superior service and comfortable accommodation that will make you come back to Podgorica.

Barjaktar Boutique Hotel

Barjaktar Boutique Hotel provides the ultimate hotel experience in the heart of Ulcinj. It offers a luxurious retreat just minutes from Mala Ulcinjska Beach and the historic Old Town. The incredible natural and historic setting presents an ideal backdrop for this elegant modern hotel with versatile amenities.

Exterior of the Bajraktar Boutique Hotel
Exterior of the Bajraktar Boutique Hotel

Barjaktar has numerous suites and rooms with incredible views, which attract visitors. Guests can also relax in the seasonal outdoor pool, spa with a sauna and hot tub, fully equipped gym, and on-site restaurant serving local and Mediterranean cuisine.

Interior of the hotel
Interior of the hotel

Finally, the amenities offered for relaxation and exploration make this hotel stand out. You can enjoy the hotel’s wine cellar and do a wine tasting. If you seek a more active vacation, Bajraktar Hotel provides tours to discover the scenic beauty of Ulcinj, making you want to return time and again.

Boutique Hotel Vissi d’Arte

A walking distance from Budva’s famous Old Town, Boutique Hotel Vissi d’Arte offers a tailor-made guest experience. This unique boutique hotel has been inspired by Italian hospitality with a Montenegrin twist, which is reflected in every corner of the premises.

Boutique Hotel Vissi d'Arte
Boutique Hotel Vissi d’Arte

The hotel’s rooms feature Hästen’s handcrafted beds, unrivaled comfort, other luxury amenities, and an incredible sea view balcony. This makes it a perfect location for relaxing while enjoying Mediterranean food prepared and served with love.

The hotel is also an excellent choice for short-term business trips as it provides an outstanding digital experience with advanced intelligent room technology. Food enthusiasts will especially appreciate the Lothar Gallery Executive Lounge and its carefully selected high-nutrition course inspired by art pieces.

Suite at the Vissi d'Arte
Suite at the Vissi d’Arte

This is just a final touch to the comfort and service Boutique Hotel Vissi d’Arte offers, making it an ideal choice for a visit to Budva.

Boutique Hotel Casa del Mare

The Boutique Hotel Casa del Mare brand truly provides the ultimate boutique experience. It features luxury and comfort divided into several accommodation options across Boka Bay. Each of the premises blends modern amenities with the charm of Mediterranean hospitality.

Boutique Hotel Casa del Mare
Boutique Hotel Casa del Mare

From Kamenari to Orahovac, Dobrota, and Budva, each location offers rooms with balconies and sea views and a private beach area with complimentary beach chairs and sun loungers. At your disposal are also the sun terrace and enjoy a small pool, sauna, and wellness facilities, all ensuring privacy and tranquillity.

Across all these locations, Boutique Hotel Casa del Mare ensures an exceptional stay thanks to the professional staff, making it a perfect choice for relaxation, exploration, and experiencing the beauty of Montenegro.

Spa at the hotel
Spa at the hotel

La Fleur Boutique Hotel

La Fleur Boutique Hotel is a contemporary gem in the heart of Tivat. It offers its guests a stylish retreat within easy reach of the city’s attractions. If you seek affordable yet modern accommodation, this hotel is ideal for you.

La Fleur Boutique Hotel
La Fleur Boutique Hotel

Private beaches, complete with a beach bar and restaurant, are available, providing the perfect spot to unwind and soak up the Mediterranean sun. Nine double rooms and six grandiose suites inspired by the beauty of flowers are available. There is also an on-site restaurant and the professional staff are at your disposal to provide suggestions and offer their services, so your stay is exceptional.

Interior of the hotel
Interior of the hotel

All this makes the La Fleur Boutique Hotel a great choice when visiting charming Tivat and its luxury marinas.

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