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Experience Early Bird Savings on the “Kotor-Lovćen” Cable Car

Special Pre-Season Ticket Offers

From May 1st to May 26th, the “Kotor-Lovćen” cable car is offering discounted ticket prices. Adults can enjoy a return journey for only 18.00 euros and a one-way ticket for 10.00 euros. Children have special rates too, with return tickets costing 8.00 euros and one-way tickets at 5.00 euros. There’s also a reduced rate for individuals with disabilities, available at 8.00 euros for a return trip and 5.00 euros for a one-way journey until May 26th.

Executive Director Shares Excitement

Marko Cus, the Executive Director, shared his excitement for the upcoming season: “We are excited to launch our season with these attractive pre-season prices. We’ve enhanced our offerings to ensure a richer experience for all our guests. Last year’s global praise has inspired us to further elevate the memorable experiences that showcase the natural beauty of Montenegro.”

Thrilling Alpine Coaster Rides

Don’t miss out on the exhilarating Alpine Coaster, the only one of its kind in Montenegro. For just 6.00 euros until May 26th, this coaster offers a thrilling descent along the Lovćen cliffs at speeds up to 40 km/h, presenting magnificent views of the Bay of Kotor.

It is really one of a kind – and must be part of any itinerary to Montenegro. If you are struggling with ideas for an itinerary, we have our very own 7 day itinerary to see the best of Montenegro.

Quick and Scenic Transport

The journey begins at Dub station in Kotor and travels up to Kuk on Mount Lovćen at 1,348 meters above sea level. The cable car can carry up to 1,200 passengers per hour, allowing for a swift and scenic 11-minute trip from start to finish.

A Collaborative Venture

This significant tourism infrastructure project is a joint effort between the Novi Volvox-LEITNER consortium. LEITNER, an Italian leader in ropeway systems since 1888, ensures the highest standards of safety and comfort, adhering to stringent international protocols.

Additional Information and Social Media

For further details, please visit You can also follow their updates on official social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

See You at the Top!

Join us for a spectacular ride and take in the breathtaking views of Montenegro from above. Don’t miss this opportunity for an unforgettable adventure!

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