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Unleashing Creativity: The First Regional Festival of Young Artists

A Celebration of Innovation and Artistry in Zagorič

The Association of Young Artists of Montenegro is proud to announce the first-ever Regional Festival of Young Artists, set to transform the military hangar in Zagorič into a vibrant hub of creativity from February 23 to 25. This event stands as a testament to the boundless potential of young artists, offering a unique platform for expression and innovation.

Festival Highlights

A Canvas of Possibilities:

  • Limitless Expression: The festival is designed as an expansive playground where the only rule is that everything is allowed, offering a fresh perspective on artistic freedom.

Noteworthy Events:

  • Opening Night Drama:
    • Psychosis at 4:48 by Nemanja Mijović, a poignant exploration of suicide, set for February 23, with an encore due to popular demand on February 24.
  • Electronic and Classical Fusion:
    • Performances by Lada Rei and Ana Rs, followed by the Montenegrin Youth Orchestra’s innovative rendition of Max Richter’s Four Seasons – a modern twist on Vivaldi’s classic.

Special Invitations from Igor Pejović:

  • A Call to the Youth: Igor Pejović, the visionary violinist and president of the Association, invites the younger generation to experience the fusion of classical art music with modern sensibilities in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

Day Two Delights:

  • Choreographic Elegance and Musical Energy:
    • The captivating Vrpca by Aleksandra Arizanović from Belgrade.
    • Electrifying performances by Petrikor and Pojačano Pošenje from Podgorica, and special guests Kanda, Kondža and Nebojša, and Turbo Trans Tourists from Belgrade.

Making It Accessible

  • Free Transportation: Available from Nikšić and Bar to ensure everyone can join the celebration.
  • Complimentary Entrance: Open doors to all, showcasing the festival’s commitment to accessibility and community engagement.

Supported by the Arts Community

The festival enjoys robust support not just from the private sector but also from the Ministry of Culture and Media of Montenegro and the Secretariat for Culture and Sports of the Capital City, highlighting its importance as a nurturing ground for young talent.

Join the Celebration

This festival is more than just an event; it’s a movement towards integrating classical and modern art into the fabric of everyday life. For more details, visit the official festival website. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled celebration of youth, art, and innovation.

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