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Porto Montenegro’s Winter Games

Porto Montenegro, a luxury marina in the south of the country, is known not only for its entertaining summer events but also for its incredibly creative crew that keeps their guests entertained even during colder parts of the year. The Winter Games is one of their most recognisable events, attracting numerous visitors.

This, now a traditional event, occurs each February during the first week of the month and gathers numerous sports and winter activity enthusiasts. During the Winter Games, participants spend time taking part in various competitive disciplines or simply soaking in the sun and having fun with friends.

To learn more about this astonishing event, keep reading as we bring you all the insights you need about Porto Montenegro’s Winter Games.

Winter Games

The Winter Games, organised by Porto Montenegro and its crew, is a three-day event that occurs annually. This year, the event saw its sixth edition, and it was held from the 2nd – to the 4th of February 2024 on the slopes of Bjelasica mountain.

Winter Games in Kolasin
Winter Games in Kolasin

Tony Browne, Marina Director at Porto Montenegro, shared his impression:

“Our team at Porto Montenegro eagerly anticipates the sixth annual Winter Games in 2024, a marquee event that continues to grow in popularity each year. We warmly welcome our Porto Montenegro Crew Club members and visiting crews, captains, and owners from the global yachting community. Get ready for a weekend of friendly competition, fun, and games in the breathtaking Montenegrin mountains. Dust off your ski boots, and we look forward to welcoming you to Montenegro in February.”


The games traditionally take place in the heart of winter tourism, Kolasin. This marvellous northern city is 60 minutes from the Montenegrin capital, making it an easily accessible spot. You can reach it by car, train or bus.

Skiing on  Bjelasica
Skiing on Bjelasica

Kolasin is known as a cosy mountain city with warm and welcoming inhabitants and marvellous culture. Here, you will taste some of the best local specialities, such as homemade cheese and kacamak, a national dish.

However, what makes it ideal destination for exciting Winter Games is its mesmerising nature. It is set on Bjelsica mountain, which has some of the best natural scenery in the entire country. Packed with magical landscapes, numerous valleys, lakes and rivers, Bjelasica has plenty to offer.

This mountain is best known for its several ski resorts, which in total have over 45km of slopes for skiing, snowboarding, and other snow-based adventures and seven lifts to bring tourists to the mountain’s summits. The slopes provide superb seasonal snow conditions appropriate for varied experience levels.

This area, known as the ultimate skiing area, makes the perfect spot to enjoy all winter activities in Porto’s marvellous Winter Games. Their Kolasin 1600 ski resort is often chosen as the base for the Winter Games and a hub for fun times when the competition is over.


The Winter Games organised by Porto Montenegro Crew is part of the broader scope of their activities spread throughout the year. Some of their other popular events during summer include movie screenings, bowling tournaments, wine tastings during the winter, and attractive beach parties every Friday. Besides these, the Winter Games are the main event in colder parts of the year. It is designed to provide participants with different kinds of activities.

The Games include fun, competitive races such as ‘Fat Feet’ racing on wooden skis or various mountain sports experiences.

Participants are divided into teams that compete amongst themselves. At most, five members per team can take part in the games. This year will be 14 teams spreading the spirit of friendly competition. These include several international teams, the Porto Montenegro Crew Club and crews from the Adriatic, the wider Mediterranean, and beyond.

Atmosphere during Winter Games
The atmosphere during Winter Games

Besides ultimate enjoyment and spending time with your loved ones, the Winter Games also have great prizes for the best of the best.

Winners of 2020
Winners of 2020

Technical information

The Winter Games have been organised to provide all participants comfort and enjoyment. Therefore, the organisers made sure that all the tickets were accessible for affordable prices prior to the event. It is, however, important to note that Kolasin is very visited in winter, so book your tickets in time and make sure you arrive before the crowds.

For those eager to secure their spot at the Superyacht Winter Games, early bird registration before 10th January offers a discounted ticket price of €150. This inclusive fee covers participation, transportation, accommodation, meals, ski equipment and ski passes. Prices increase to €180 after 10th January and will be capped at €200 after 25th January.

Atmosphere during the events
Atmosphere during the events

The accommodation for all those who manage to secure their passes is arranged by incredible Porto Montenegro staff. Flights from Barcelona, the UK, and Istanbul may be coordinated separately. The use of Porto Montenegro’s ski resort for lodging is free until the commencement of the games.

Seaside Edition

On top of winter fun in Kolasin, the Porto Montenegro crew also organises on-site activities in the marina. In the UNESCO-protected Bay of Kotor, you can enjoy another competition on the last weekend of March. The Yachting Club is organising a sailing and decathlon competition in the beautiful Porto Montenegro marina. The idea is to bring together all the activities available to Porto’s frequent clients, even in the colder weather. This event is also a symbolic mark of the end of the winter season in a sporting and fun manner.

Final Remarks

Porto Montenegro is the symbol of luxury and pleasure in all its services. One of their most important and popular events is the Winter Games. The fun and commitment you experience during this three-day event will be a cherished memory. Therefore, we hope our blog helped you grasp the atmosphere that awaits you in Kolasin during the first week of February.

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