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Jamie’s Italian: Coming soon to Porto Montenegro!

Get Ready to Explore the Tastes of Jamie Oliver’s Italian!

Exciting news for foodies and celebrity chef fans! Jamie Oliver, the famed chef and TV personality, is bringing his renowned restaurant, Jamie’s Italian, to our doorstep in Porto Montenegro. If you enjoy wonderful Italian cuisine and Jamie Oliver’s cookery shows, you are in for a genuine treat!

Jamie’s Italian: What’s All the Buzz About?

Jamie’s Italian is more than simply a restaurant; it’s a place to enjoy the wonder of authentic Italian cuisine prepared by a world-renowned chef. Jamie Oliver has built a name for himself not only on television, but also in the culinary world, with his emphasis on simple, delicious, and healthful food. And now we can taste his culinary inventions right here in Montenegro!

The Journey So Far

Before setting its sights on Porto Montenegro, Jamie’s Italian has just opened in Belgrade, where it opened its doors. The restaurant is part of a successful partnership with the local catering chain Kafeterija.

Marko Vukomanović, the co-owner of Kafeterija, shared his excitement on Linkedin about the restaurant’s success in Belgrade and the upcoming adventure in Porto Montenegro. It’s clear that a lot of hard work and passion has gone into bringing Jamie’s Italian to our shores, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

What to Expect?

When Jamie’s Italian opens in Porto Montenegro, we can expect a menu full of delectable cuisine, fresh ingredients, and flavors that will take us directly to Italy. Jamie’s Italian promises to provide something for everyone, whether you’re a pasta enthusiast, a pizza addict, or simply looking for a great dining experience. Our favorite has always been the delicious garlic bread.

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