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Best Boat Tours in Montenegro to enjoy this Summer

Boat tours are among the best ways to discover Montenegro’s natural wonders. This is often the favorite activity of tourists who seek to explore the country’s southern region. However, the north also offers several exciting boating opportunities which should not be missed.

If you wonder why visitors often choose boat trips, it is because they are also a convenient way to experience breathtaking panoramic views, hidden coves, and historical landmarks. During spring and summer, various tours are at your disposal, regardless of the region of Montenegro you are visiting. Thus, you could explore the river dams, take a scenic lake ride, or dive into Boka Bay’s mesmerizing beauty.

In this blog, we will navigate you through the best available boat trips at your disposal on Get Your Guide. We will highlight must-visit destinations, practical tips for planning your trip, and insider recommendations. From the iconic Bay of Kotor tours to the Southern Montenegro exploration to the Tara River canyoning, you are in for a serene boat ride.

So keep reading and discover some of the boat trips Montenegro has to offer. This way, you will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Montenegro Tours

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Boat Tours in Montenegro

Skadar Lake Scenic Cruise

Skadar Lake Scenic Cruise is the ultimate boating experience over the biggest lake in the Balkans. The scenic ride starts in the village of Virpazar, 20 minutes away from the capital Podgorica. Skadar Lake is a national park, so you are in for a genuinely mesmerizing ride. This particular scenic cruise will take you through the river Virštica. Here you can enjoy the flocks of birds, some of which are unique to this location. On top of this, you will be introduced to vibrant floors and lush greenery, as well as water lilies that are the symbol of the lake.

Skadar Lake cruise
Skadar Lake Cruise

As you reach Skadar Lake, you will enjoy the landscapes of serene water with mesmerizing mountains as a backdrop. You will continue the trip by cruising around the stunning landscapes, which will be crossed with the numerous historic localities. One of them is the remains of the old Grmožur fortress. Often referred to as Montenegrin Alcatraz, this abandoned 19th-century fortification once served as a prison.

Grmožur fortress
Grmožur fortress

As the boat ride continues, you head towards the delta of the river Morača, home to a rich bird reserve. Here, you will take a short break on the Vranjina peninsula, and if you wish, you can climb the hill to visit the medieval Monastery of St. Nicholas, which dates back to the 13th century. It offers panoramic views of the lake and its surroundings.

View from the boat tours
View from the boat tours

After exploring the monastery, you’ll return to the boat for a leisurely sail back to Virpazar. Throughout the entire journey, the tour guide will offer unique historical tales and legends that will complete your Skadar Lake journey.

Boka Bay Day Cruise

Nothing will mesmerize you as the cruise of Boka Bay. Starting from either Kotor or Perast, the Boka Bay Day Cruise is a speed boat adventure that offers an unforgettable experience of the Adriatic coastline.

Once the boat sails away from the Kotor’s port, you can see the charming Venetian village of Perast. The first highlight is a visit to the iconic island of Our Lady of the Rocks. This picturesque location is known as the ultimate tourist attraction as it features a historic church and centuries-long tradition.

View from the boat tours on the Old Lady of the Rocks
View from the boat tours on the Old Lady of the Rocks

After a stop near Perast, the boat tour continues to visit Porto Montenegro, Porto Novi, Forte Rose, and Mamula Island. These unique landmarks in Boka Bay complete the experience of this natural wonder and ensure that you are genuinely introduced to all the localities this region offers.

Mamula Fortress seen from the boat
Mamula Fortress seen from the boat

Further on, your next stop is the breathtaking Blue Cave. It is known for its deep blue water, which has a sparkling effect on the cave walls. Here, you will have time to jump into cold water, refresh yourself, and have some time to swim and enjoy the natural beauty.

Blue cave swim
Blue cave swim

On the way back, you will stop at the former Yugoslavian submarine tunnel for a unique photo opportunity. This historical site offers a glimpse into Montenegro’s past. All these masterful locations, on top of flexible departure times, allow you a personalized and immersive three-hour experience of Montenegro’s coastal gem.

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One Day Tara Rafting Trip

The ultimate boating journey in the North of Montenegro is a Tara Canyon Trip. This adventure offers stunning Tara River exploration and an adrenalin rush you won’t forget. The river is renowned as one of Europe’s finest locations for rafting. It is also one of the largest sources of drinkable water, and a UNESCO-protected canyon.

Rafting on Tara boat tours
Rafting on Tara boat tours

The tour starts with an arrival at the picturesque Rafting Camp “Divlja Rijeka” before noon. All participants are greeted with a welcome drink. As you take in the serene surroundings, the team will distribute the necessary rafting equipment and prepare for departure. You’ll then be transported to the starting point at Brštanovica. This is a quiet, alluring location deep within the canyon of the Tara River.

Natural wonders along the way
Natural wonders along the way

Once you are on the boat, you will start the adventure through one of the world’s most beautiful and deepest canyons. Throughout the rafting trip, you’ll experience the thrill of the rapids, the beauty of the canyon, and a pure adrenaline rush. As you navigate the 17 km stretch of the river, you can fully grasp the power of the Tara River. The tour will also take you to a few spots designated for swimming, pleasure activities, and taking pictures.

Relaxing activity in Tara
Relaxing activity in Tara

On the way back you will get the opportunity to relax and enjoy the natural wonders of this region. This will certainly be one of the most memorable experiences in one of nature’s most spectacular settings.

Kotor’s Blue Cave Expedition

The Azure Wonders: Kotor’s Blue Cave Expedition is a luxurious boat tour that will take you to one of the iconic locations in Montenegro, the Blue Cave. It is formed at the base of a 100-meter cliff on the Luštica Peninsula and offers a unique experience with deep, dark blue water reflecting on the cave ceiling and its porous rock.

Blue Cave
Blue Cave

During the boat ride, besides mesmerising landscapes, the tour will ensure you have some time to dive into the inviting blue water. You will be able swim in the cave and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere on deck.

Upon returning, the tour will briefly stop at Mamula Island, a notorious prison known during both World Wars. You will also enjoy the old Yugoslavian army base called “Pristan” and stop at one of the three submarine pens used during the Second World War to conceal and repair submarines.

The Azure Wonders: Kotor's Blue Cave Expedition
The Azure Wonders: Kotor’s Blue Cave Expedition

After Blue Cave, the tour stops at Our Lady of the Rocks, an island created in the 15th century as a monument to the sailors from Perast. You will also see landmarks such as Saint Matthew’s Church, the Ladies Temple, the abandoned village of Old Stoliv, and the narrow Verige Passage, which is only 300 meters wide. The tour also takes you through the Bay of Tivat and Herceg-Novi and past the new yacht marina, Porto Novi, where the journey ends.

This way, the tour ensures you visit alluring spots along Boka Bay, which will complete your travel itinerary.

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