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Your Guide to Ferries in Montenegro

For years, ferries as a form of transportation through Boka Bay in Montenegro have been a signature element of citizens’ daily life. They provide a convenient and scenic way for locals to commute between towns on the Bay.

Besides being practical, they are often chosen for the experience they provide. During the ride, you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Astonishing mountains, a serene bay, and crystal-clear water complement your journey. Therefore, whether crossing the bay for business or pleasure, you will be surrounded by such breathtaking beauty.

Numerous tourists and visitors also choose this transportation option because of its convenience and beauty. This is evident, especially during summer months when huge crowds wait in line for their ferry. Due to the immense interest in the ferry lines of Montenegro, we have assembled the ultimate guide.

Keep reading as we craft the outline of the most important information you will need to navigate the ferry landscape in Montenegro. We will offer you the exact locations where you can take the ferry, where to purchase tickets, how to ensure a spot on a ferry, and what the schedule is during summer and winter. Additionally, we have included a few tips to follow if you opt for a ferry ride and a detailed description of what to expect during your journey.

So, let’s dive in.

Ferry Lines

A journey through the mesmerizing landscapes of Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor is truly an exceptional experience. However, if you want to enjoy a new take on this mesmerizing beauty, look no further than the ride on the iconic ferry. Currently, there is only one ferry ride operating: Kamenari—Lepetane. Besides this line, in the past, there were also international lines connecting Montenegro and Italy. These were operating from Bar towards Bari and Ancona. These routes are expected to be restored in the near future.

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Ferry Kamenari – Lepetane is a big part of Boka culture, and its role in locals’ lives is immense. This ferry line is used daily and represents a big element in Montenegro’s infrastructural network. Ferries here are affectionately known as the “trajekt” among locals. Often, you will get the information about it much faster if you ask for directions referring to the ferry under this local name.

Ferry fleet
Ferry fleet – Andrew Nechesin

Location: Kamenari – Lepetane

Ferry Kamenari – Lepetane is typically used by people who are driving from Budva to Herceg Novi or the other way around. By taking the ferry, you will save roughly 30km (via Kotor, Perast, and Risan). If not, the drive takes forty to forty-five minutes. From coast to coast, the distance is roughly 300 metres. In ten minutes, the ferry passes the strait. There are two designated ports, one on each side of the Bay, where you can access the ferry. They are located on the Verige strait between the villages of Kamenari and Lepetane on the Jadranska magistrala.

This ferry line operates four ferries, each able to accommodate 50 automobiles, plus an additional one that can accommodate 70 cars. Ports where you can access the ferry are also the only official ticket places, so make sure to purchase tickets before boarding the ferry. The controller will ask for the ticket beforehand and name the lot for your vehicle.

This short but scenic voyage serves as a time-saving solution. It is especially suitable for travellers who are navigating between the charming towns of Herceg Novi and Tivat. The ferry ride offers not only convenience but also an opportunity to immerse oneself in the breathtaking beauty of the bay.


Ferries operate multiple times per day throughout the entire year. The schedule changes depending on the season, but typically, there is a ferry departing every 30 minutes. In winter, the ferry operates from (05:00 – 00:00) while during summer (May to October), there are also night-time rides. This is making the ferry operational 24/7.

Boarding the ferry
Boarding the ferry

The schedule is as follows:

From Kamenari (near Herceg Novi) – 00:00, 01:00, 02:00, 03:00, 04:00
From Lepetane (near Tivat) – 00:30, 01:30, 02:30, 03:30, 04:30.

The line to board a ferry is typically long, especially during the summer months. Therefore, make sure you are armed with patience, as the process is very slow. We also advise you to come earlier if you have a meeting or other important event to attend that is time limiting.


Passengers enjoy complimentary passage if they are on foot. At the same time scooters and motorcycles can board for a nominal fee of €2 and cars for €4.5.

Larger vehicles, including those with trailers or caravans, are accommodated for €9. Further options cater to trucks up to 5 tons for €9, while those with additional trailers or larger trucks are charged €12. Buses are welcomed aboard for €14.5, with additional fees for trailers or heavy trucks at €21. For oversize vehicles, a fee of €25 applies.

Payment can be conveniently made by card or in cash. Nearby bus stops at ferry terminals facilitate seamless transit transitions, allowing passengers to continue their journey hassle-free via another bus, all at no additional cost.

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Things to Expect

With a swift crossing of just 5 minutes, the Kotor Bay ferry presents a perfect addition to any ‘around the bay’ day trip itinerary, allowing visitors to explore the diverse wonders of this coastal paradise seamlessly.

A ferry ride is a great way to enjoy the peaceful waters of the Adriatic and snap some amazing shots as the panorama from the deck is mesmerising. This is especially scenic in the sunset when the horizon gets red and orange colours that contrast the blue sea.

View from the ferry

During the ride, keep a keen eye out for the two enchanting islands of Perast. Even from a distance, their timeless allure is unmistakable, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your journey. This makes them especially scenic when you are crossing the strait.

Therefore, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a curious explorer, the Kotor Bay ferry promises a means of transportation and a memorable experience that showcases the unparalleled beauty of Montenegro’s coastal treasures.

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