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Montenegro Beer Fest 2024: A Symphony of Flavors and Sounds

Unleashing Summer’s Pulse in Cetinje

This July, the historic city of Cetinje will transform into a vibrant hub of music and merriment with the commencement of the fourth Montenegro Beer Fest. Prepare for a sensory extravaganza that combines the best of craft and commercial brews with an electrifying lineup of musical performances.

Opening Night: July 26th

Legendary Beginnings with Kerber

The festival kicks off with the legendary Serbian rock band Kerber, whose iconic sounds have captivated audiences for decades. Known for their powerful rock anthems, Kerber promises to set a high-energy tone for the festival.

Continuation with Buč Kesidi

Following Kerber, the stage will welcome Buč Kesidi, a dynamic pop-rock band known for their engaging performances and catchy tunes. Their vibrant energy is sure to keep the momentum going and get the crowd pumped for the headline act.

Headline Act: Dubioza Kolektiv

As night falls, the Bosnian powerhouse Dubioza Kolektiv will take the spotlight. Synonymous with high-octane performances and infectious rhythms, Dubioza Kolektiv is poised to deliver an unforgettable experience with their blend of rock, ska, and electronic music.

Closing with Voyage

To cap off the night, Voyage will bring their unique sound to the festival, ensuring that the opening day concludes on a high note. Their performance is expected to resonate well with the audience, creating lasting memories of a night filled with music and joy.

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Tickets and Special Offers

Tickets for the Montenegro Beer Fest are available since April 20th and can be purchased online at or at all Tobacco S Press outlets. Take advantage of the special early bird promotion, with ticket prices including unlimited consumption of a wide range of craft and industrial beers, as well as non-alcoholic beverages, until May 1st.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the rhythms of summer and enjoy the ultimate festival experience at Montenegro Beer Fest 2024. With such a stellar lineup and the beautiful backdrop of Cetinje, this festival is a must-visit for music lovers and beer enthusiasts alike. Don’t miss out on the celebration of the summer—secure your tickets now and join us in the royal capital of Montenegro for an unforgettable adventure!

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