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The Bukumirsko Lake

Bukumirsko lake; Source: Discover Montenegro

The Bukumirsko Lake – introduction

Greetings and welcome! I’m ecstatic to show you one of the most stunning lakes in the entire Balkans, not just in Montenegro. In previous articles we have explored the coastal towns, such as Kotor and Budva, we move up north to explore this wonderful place – Bukumirsko Lake.

I have to admit this one is where my heart belongs because it reminds me of how beautiful it was to camp here with my girlfriend. I’m sharing the photos and videos we took later in the article!

Let’s start by locating it geographically. In the center of Montenegro, near the city of Podgorica, sits the breathtaking Bukumirsko Lake, a natural wonder. The Prokletije Mountains, which mean “Accursed Mountains,” are where the lake is located.

How to get to Bukumirsko Lake?

If you are in Podgorica and want to know how to get there, any of the locals will tell you to follow the route of heading straight to Montenegro’s tribal area, famously known as Kuci. There is one main road you need to follow and don’t worry about being lost, the road is clear and straightforward. More so, be ready to enjoy some beautiful prints of nature as you travel for about an hour and a half from Podgorica to Bukumirsko lake.

If you are coming from the south of the country, just make sure to get to Podgorica, and everything else is as simple as it gets. As we said, you can’t make a mistake!

How to get a memorable view of Bukumirsko Lake

As you can see, mountains and hills surround the lake.

You will feel grateful for the chance to be there because it appears to be a secret area that only a select few are aware of.

How can you experience this breathtaking view, exactly?

Well, if you ascend this hill overlooking Bukumirsko Lake, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the lake’s crystal-clear waters reflecting the surrounding mountain ranges.

It’s really peaceful and lovely since the only sounds you’ll probably hear are a gentle breeze blowing through the trees and the occasional far-off bird singing.

The vista of the lake and the surrounding mountains will open up as you ascend farther up the slope, with each step increasing how stunning and impressive the panorama is. The view from the summit of the hill will probably be absolutely magnificent and well-worth it!

When to visit Bukumirsko Lake?

Depending on your own interests and the activities you have planned, there is no one optimum time to visit Bukumirsko Lake. But, while determining when to go, keep the following in mind:

During the year, the climate in the region may be fairly changeable. With temperatures ranging from 25 to 30 °C (77 to 86 °F), the summer months (June to September) are often the hottest and driest.

Summertime is when most visitors visit Bukumirsko Lake, making this the busiest season. Visit in May, September, or October if you want a more sedate atmosphere.

The activities you plan to do at Bukumirsko Lake may also impact the best time to visit. If you plan to swim or go boating, the summer months are the best time to visit when the water is warmest. If you plan to go hiking or biking, the spring and fall months may be a better choice when temperatures are milder.

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Things to do when visiting Bukumirsko Lake


Source: Jasnina putovanja

Summer is the ideal season to swim in Bukumirsko Lake because the weather is lovely and the water is alluring and cool. The lake is a great spot to cool down and escape the summer heat because of its quiet freshness and crystal clear water.

The lake is shallow—about 25 meters (82 feet) deep—but you should proceed with caution because there aren’t any lifeguards on duty. Swim as far as you can in the lake.

The lake’s breathtaking natural surroundings only add to the fun of swimming there. Swimmers can stay close to the shore or venture further out into the lake to take in the breath-taking mountain vistas.


Here is the one I have been waiting for!

When we arrived, my girlfriend and I didn’t know how to set up the tent. After we chose a beautiful spot by the lake on a grassy area, we looked at each other confused because we didn’t know how to set up the tent structure. On the other side of the lake, on a low hill, there was a parked caravan. They turned out to be nice German tourists, who were more than willing to help us set up the tent.

Thank you, random German tourists!

We spent the night in a tent, and the whole night our little ”house” was bathed in the bright moonlight of a full moon. It was a beautiful, warm July summer night, so we went outside at some point and played music, danced, and drank wine.

The moonlight cast light on the surrounding mountains, which seemed frightening and fascinating at the same time. We woke up early in the morning to meet the sun. Am I wrong if I say that the more beautiful the place you are, the more beautiful the sun is?

The soft grass under the tent made a wonderful bed, though.

Walking and hiking

It is hard to adequately describe the feeling of walking around Bukumirsko Lake. It is a very lovely and serene location that will leave a lasting impact.

You’ll be astounded by the lake’s clarity when you start to walk around it. Something that will surprise you are the dense lines of trees and you won’t know whether to stare at the trees or the water!

Your lungs will be grateful as well since you’ll be able to breathe in some pure, fresh air while you go on your stroll, something your body will no doubt appreciate if you live in a major metropolis.

The sound of birds following you and the breeze touching your skin as you take in the aroma of the surrounding wildflowers and pine trees is also something you will remember for a long time.

You won’t get lost or have difficulties locating the route because the path around the lake is simple to follow.

You can also choose to hike and maybe challenge yourself with some more difficult-to-walk trails, that go across the nearby hills and mountains. If you do so, make sure you bring some quality footwear, water, and snacks!

The legend about Bukumirsko Lake

The rock that was thrown in the lake according to the legend; Source: NGO Green life

There are various legends connected to this lake. I will tell of the most famous one.

The lake was named after a non-Slavic, nomadic people who lived on the shores of this lake in ancient times. You assume that the people were called Bukumiri.

A dragon lived in the lake and it was causing problems for the locals, so they decided to get rid of it. They set fire to a bunch of trees on the rock above the lake and when the rock became red hot from the heat, they dropped it into the lake, which boiled from the heat.

A man on a white horse jumped out of the lake and cursed the Bukumir. He cursed them to kill each other. Over time, the curse came true and only stones remained around the lake.

One more version of this legends suggests that the Mother nature put another rock up a hill, alike the one that killed the dragon, in case the dragons shows up again and decides to terrorize people.

Why you should visit The Bukumirsko Lake

If everything listed in the article didn’t convince you to visit the lake, let us summarize why you should take action in your hands.

You will be astounded by its natural beauty. The Lake is bordered by mountains and trees and it’s a breathtaking place to explore. Just being there makes you feel different.

There are plenty of activities to do there, whether in a company or alone, and all of them are healthy for your body and mind. You can swim, walk, hike, camp, make barbeque (a traditional thing of Montenegro), and just hang out! I know everyone can find something that is perfect for them to do here.

The area around Bukumirsko Lake is home to a variety of wildlife, including birds, fish and on rare occasions, mammals such as bears and wolves. But, don’t get scared, there has never been a case where someone has been attacked.

In general, Bukumirsko Lake is a lovely and distinctive location that has something to offer to everyone. Whether you want to engage in outdoor sports, learn more about local culture, or simply take in the scenery, a trip to Bukumirsko Lake is guaranteed to leave you with fond memories.

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