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Budva’s Cultural Revival: The Enchanting Ballet of ‘Shkodra

The residents of Budva are gearing up to showcase “Shkodra.” The event is slated for September 29 at 9 p.m., set amidst the churches in Budva’s historic Old Town.

Renowned Serbian choreographer, Miloš Isailović, previously associated with the Dortmund Ballet and the Bolshoi Theater, is revisiting Budva. This summer, following his involvement in the Adriatic Festival of Games, he collaborates again with the Tourism Organization of Budva Municipality. This time, the partnership extends to the National Library “Miroslav Luketić” Budva, emphasizing Montenegrin cultural heritage.

The “Ćirilicom” festival has seen significant growth, introducing six productions this year, marking its stature as the leading theater event in the Balkans.

The global debut of the ballet “Zidanje Shkodra” draws inspiration from a folk song of the pre-Kosovo era. This rendition will encapsulate the vision of a leading young choreographer from the region, also recognized as one of Europe’s emerging ballet instructors.

This heartfelt epic, documented in 1815 by Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, was translated into German by Jakov Grimm, who lauded it as a deeply touching folk song.

Seven performers from the Bitef dance ensemble in Belgrade will bring to life the emotions of this age-old song. The premiere is all set to captivate audiences on September 29, 9 p.m., in the Old Town of Budva

Profile: Miloš Isailović
Miloš Isailović is a distinguished Serbian dancer, choreographer, and educator. Born in Serbia, he displayed a keen interest in dance from a young age. After his initial training at the middle ballet school Lujo Davičo in Belgrade, he secured a scholarship to the esteemed Ballet Academy in Zurich. On his return to Serbia, he completed his studies at Lujo Davičo and embarked on his dance journey.

Throughout his early career, Miloš showcased his prowess in standard dances, jazz ballet, and show dance, clinching three national titles between 1998 and 2000. By 2005, he had earned the titles of national and world champion in contemporary dance and was also crowned the national classical ballet champion. He later ventured into teaching and choreographing modern and jazz ballet at the Dance Center.

Miloš has graced the stage in numerous ballets of the National Theatre in Belgrade, including renowned pieces like Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, and Giselle. He has also delivered solo performances in various ballets and dance shows.

Throughout his illustrious career, Miloš has garnered numerous awards. In 2005, he clinched third place in a contemporary duet at the International Ballet Competition in Berlin and first place for a solo choreography in Cesena, Italy. He has also secured multiple national titles in various dance forms.

As a choreographer, he achieved first place in modern ballet at the Dance Fest in Novi Sad, Serbia, in 2012 and was honored as the best young art performer in Serbia that year. In 2014, his choreography and production for the dance performance “Family Portrait” received widespread acclaim.

Beyond dance, Miloš is pursuing defected pedagogy at the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation in Belgrade. He imparts contemporary dance lessons at the Dance School Ris and has conducted workshops across the Balkans, Europe, and the US.

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